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10 Best Fireplace Screens to Buy in 2023

Best Overall
Deco 79 Contemporary Geometric Designed Metal Fireplace Screen
Best Compact
Amagabeli Fireplace Screen
Best Modern
Pleasant Hearth Preston 3 Panel Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen is an essential accessory to enjoy your fireplace safely and comfortably. Available in a range of styles and sizes, fireplace screens protect the room from heat and sparks generated by a fire.

We have reviewed the best fireplace screens to buy in 2023, we hope you will find the perfect one for your home. Keep reading.

1. Deco 79 Contemporary Geometric Designed Metal Fireplace Screen

By design, a fireplace screen sits directly in front of your fireplace. This offers a measure of protection and can also take away from the beauty of your fireplace and its ambiance. Consider a glass fireplace screen to solve this dilemma and give your fireplace a more modern look.

The Deco 79 Contemporary Geometric fireplace screen offers an unhindered view of the flame while protecting against sparks and embers. Made of tempered glass for safety reasons, it features a thick steel frame and legs with a black iron finish. This fire screen is sturdy and simple and is an ideal way to safely showcase your fireplace with less worry.

It’s also a good option as a fireplace for children or pets since it’s heavy enough to stay put and can’t easily be shifted or moved out of place. Note that the glass may become hot from the fire, so keep children a safe distance from the fireplace screen.



2. Design Specialties Fireplace Screen Pond Design

A mesh fire screen allows for the transfer of heat while guarding against escaping embers. To protect your rugs and furniture from burn marks, the Design Specialties Fireplace Screen firescreen is an excellent option. It features 23 gauge steel wire mesh, with an 8 x 8 grid per square inch.


Embers caused by moisture or sap being released from the wood are blocked by the mesh screen, minimizing the risk of fire, damage, or injury for a wood-burning fire. For a fireplace screen to provide adequate protection against sparks, it needs to cover the opening of your fireplace. This model comes in nine different sizes to match the dimensions of your fireplace.



3. Amagabeli Fireplace Screen

Amagabeli Fireplace Screen is a wonderful choice. It is suitable for all fireplaces, including a gas fireplace or a wood burning fireplace. The screen has a flap door that you can open and close to adjust airflow into the room. It’s made from high-quality steel mesh with an 8 x 8 grid per square inch.

No matter if your fireplace is big or medium-sized, the wrought iron-made screen is perfect for its coverage. Not only the screen looks smart, but also, it offers ash and ember protection, enhances home decor, and offers unwavering safety for the household. The steel construction stands to guarantee its durability, and the powder-coated metal mesh is again an awesome feature.


4. Pleasant Hearth Preston 3 Panel Fireplace Screen

This is a great fireplace screen with a handsome look to match. If you are searching for a screen that perfectly fits your hearth, then the Pleasant Hearth Preston 3 Panel Fireplace Screen may be your first choice to make. Its black metal construction offers a beautiful design for enhancing the home decor and exhibits durability.

With a steel frame and three wire mesh panels, you can open the fire screen in front of your gas or wood burning fireplace to protect the rooms from embers and sparks. The black iron finish is basic enough for most decor schemes, and the mesh panels allow for heat transfer.

It’s easy to fold the screen away when you need to tend the fire or clean up ashes. The design also makes this fireplace screen easier to store since it takes up less than curved fire screens or large single panel screens. The center panel is 24 inches wide, while each side panel provides an additional 14 inches of coverage. This entire fireplace screen is 31 inches high.


5. Pleasant Hearth AN-1012 Fireplace Screen

Wrought iron fireplace screens have the advantage of being much heavier than fireplace screens made of other materials. This makes them less easy for children, pets, and adults to knock over accidentally. The design of this particular is created using solid iron bars. This is the best screen you can buy for your beautiful stone fireplace and shield your home from burning wood.

As a result, there are no sharp edges for babies and kids to catch themselves on. Another advantage is that there are no molded elements where dirt, soot, or ash can collect. The fireplace screen is relatively tight, preventing sparks and embers from escaping the fire but without blocking the fire’s heat.



6. Plow and Hearth Small Steel Crest Fireplace Screen

This is a small fireplace screen with the minimum measurements of 22 inches x 14.5 inches and a height of 30.5 inches. It can protect areas surrounding smaller fireplaces, such as in an apartment building. It has also been designed to fold down when not in use for space-saving purposes.


Two hinged doors make fire tending easier and safer, and it will be easier for you to lift and move the screen back and forth. Arched doors are made with handles and are held closely by a magnetic latch. The square tubular steel frame is lightweight, rigid, and strong. The front feet are built with an attractive scroll design, and the back feet add additional stability.

The rich black fireplace screen is highlighted with hand-burnished accents for beauty with or without a fire. Tubular steel and heavy duty mesh, portable, resilient, enduring structure, and the durable powder coat finish is an added protection.



7. Pleasant Hearth Harper Arched Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen with doors is a convenient option since it provides easy access for tending the fire or cleaning up ashes.  Instead of moving the screen out of the way, you can open one or both doors for access to the firebox.

This fireplace screen with doors stands out as one of the most options available since it uses a latch to secure the doors. Most other fireplace screens rely on magnets to hold the doors close, but experience has shown that the magnets may fail after repeated exposure to high heat.


This industrial but stylish option from the pottery barn solves that problem with a simple latch, although the iron may become hot from the fire, so use caution when touching the handle or screen when the fireplace is in use.


8. Scrollwork Small Fireplace Screen

This scrollwork fireplace screen is a good balance between minimalist and decorative. It combines traditional style cast iron scrollwork with a modern steel frame. The overall result is a fireplace screen that would not look out of place in most homes.

There are two adjustable feet. The feet can be moved to different points along the length of the screen, which ensures that no matter how wide the opening of your fireplace is, the rear fit will fit within it.



What to Look for in a Fireplace Screen


Fireplace screens come in a number of different styles, including modern, traditional, and antique. Decide which style matches your purpose for a fireplace screen. For example, if you have a narrow hearth, a single panel style fireplace screen can fit snugly against the fireplace opening.

If you need frequent access to the fireplace to add logs, tend the fire, clean up ashes, then a fireplace screen with doors is a great option. If you want to enjoy the full effect of the fireplace surround and flames, then a glass fireplace screen is best.


Depending upon your needs and purpose, you might need a fireplace screen made from wrought iron or brass. If you live in a humid climate and want to protect the fireplace opening from getting too moist, a glass fireplace screen would be best.

If you have young children around who may bump into the fireplace screen, opt for one made from glass. If you are looking to add value to your home, invest in a metal fireplace screen with intricate designs and ornate patterns.


The three main reasons for using a fireplace screen are to prevent sparks and embers from flying out of the fireplace opening, protect pets or young children who may get too close to the fireplace, and keep your furniture free from ember burns.

If you live in an area where flying sparks may land on adjacent properties or trees, then it is best to opt for a screen with mesh panels that stop any debris from escaping. If you are not too worried about this factor but want to block pets or children from coming too close to your hearth, then a beautifully crafted metal screen with ornate patterns and designs should do the trick.


Safety and security should be your chief concerns when choosing a fireplace screen. A good quality fireplace grate will last you for years and not rust or corrode in any way, ensuring that no hot coals can escape and thus reducing the risk of accidents.

FAQs on the Best Fireplace Screens to Buy in 2023

Just like it’s important to regularly clean your brick fireplace, the screen needs regular attention as well. Make sure you use safe household cleaners as well as use non-abrasive material to avoid scratching the surface.

The primary purpose of a fireplace screen is to protect the hearth from flying sparks and embers, but it also acts as a barrier between you and the flickering flames. Furthermore, if you have pets or children at home, a grate protects them from coming too close to the fire.

Even though a gas fireplace doesn’t have the risk of escaping sparks or embers, you should still use a fireplace screen. There are several reasons for this, including if you have a gas log set in your wood burning fireplace, a screen prevents flammable objects from winding up in your fireplace.

Yes, you can mount a TV above a fireplace, but make sure you’re careful not to damage your screen in the process.

Final Thought on the Best Fireplace Screens to Buy in 2023

As you can see, there are many types of fireplace screens that can make your place look not only appealing but also add some aesthetics to your home. With these clues, you can buy the best fireplace screens for the best quality impact and functionality of the fireplace.

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