18 Scandinavian Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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When it comes to interior design, a bedroom isn't always for an amateur interior designer. Ranging from the bed, choosing the nightstand, and thinking about storage for your clothes and belongings, there's so much you have to consider.

You want to create an all-white Nordic style or hotel room but don't know-how. If you're looking for clean lines, simplicity, light, and airy while still maintaining a sense of calmness and relaxation in your bedroom, then Scandinavian bedroom decor is perfect for your home.

Along with a common culture and language, the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark share this decorating style that is light, airy, simple, and clean. Let's take a look at the different ways you can create this relaxing space in your own home.

1. Peaceful Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian bedroom decorating style borrows from the country's history and sensibility. Since many residents of Scandinavian countries reside in small apartments, they have to find ways to maximize space and light. That's why this Scandi style is popular worldwide, not just in the chilly north. The peaceful bedroom captures the serenity of real Scandinavian decor.

Peaceful Scandinavian Style
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2. Lighting is Key in Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian bedrooms might be some of the best-decorated rooms in the house. One reason for this is because of the lighting needs of Scandinavian residents; they need to maximize natural light and add simple lighting fixtures such as bedside lamps or overhead chandeliers. This helps to create a restful atmosphere, which is what Scandinavian designs are all about. 

So, when thinking about your Scandinavian interior, make sure you provide several types of natural lighting. This will not only create a restful atmosphere but will also help with mood-building purposes.

3. Color it White

Many Scandinavian bedrooms start with the color white. White is a reflection of light and also works very well with other colors. If you choose to paint your bedroom walls white, it is best to leave at least one wall in a different color; this will add depth and interest to your room while maintaining an overall feeling of simplicity and relaxation. 

Color it White
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The leaning wall ladder is a popular decoration in Scandinavian bedroom design, so when painting your walls, paint the leaning ladder in white color. The ladder can be used in different ways in your bedroom, including storing your robe, a throw blanket, a faux fur rug, and other fabric items.

4. Mid Century Furniture

A great feature of Scandinavian bedroom decorating ideas is Mid-century furniture. This style features clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism. Mid-century furniture can be tricky to pair with other designs or concepts.

Mid Century Furniture
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The best way to introduce the concept into your home would be by choosing a specific room like your bedroom, where you can easily incorporate this type of furniture without worrying about clashing with other styles.

The sleek look of this furniture can work well with the minimal aesthetics of Scandinavian homes. You can also buy a mid-century nightstand, a mid-century bed, and a mid-century dresser to achieve this look in the bedroom.

5. Canopy Bed in a Scandi Bedroom

A modern canopy bed with a dark wood finish is the perfect piece to use to introduce this design concept into your bedroom. The monochromatic colors of the room and simplicity of the design of the bed will create an interesting contrast and fit right in with Scandinavian bedrooms.

6. Black Walls

A bold design choice like a black bedroom wall can work well in a Scandinavian style bedroom. Since Scandi style appreciates neutral colors such as black, brown, white, and beige, this high-contrast interior is great for the bedroom. 

Black Walls
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Also, people like it as dark as possible when they sleep at night, and the black-painted walls can help you achieve this ideal sleeping situation. Make sure your bed and walls are lighter colors like beige and white to prevent creating an ugly black box.

7. Muted Colors

The ceiling, the floor, and the furniture should be in lighter colors than black if you want to create a Scandinavian bedroom. Most Scandinavian bedrooms are created using muted colors like dark purple, pale pink, and faded blue. There's also a Scandinavian blue, which is very popular in Scandinavian kitchens.

8. Bring in Natural Light with Large Windows

Bring in natural light with large windows to create a more spacious feel. This is what Scandinavians are known for, their love of nature and the outdoors. Make your bedroom full of life by bringing in natural sunlight. 

Bring in Natural Light with Large Windows
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To complement this, ditch heavy curtains and use adjustable window treatments such as blinds and shutters instead. If your windows are not large, try to enlarge them with sheer curtains.

9. Consider a Fireplace in the Bedroom

Most Scandinavian bedrooms have a fireplace as it was originally intended as a room for firewood. In this age of gas and electricity, the fireplace is more for aesthetics, with some models even holding candles.

10. Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom

While the Scandinavian decor is generally pared down and minimalist in feel, it doesn't mean that there's no room for personality, warmth, and touches of other decorating themes. The Scandinavian bedroom has a cottage vibe while maintaining the limited palette, clean lines, and airiness typical to Scandi style.

Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom
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11. Neutral Wood Beds and Headboards

Scandinavian bedrooms often have beds with headboards made of wood. However, other materials can be used for the headboard, including metal or wicker, but wood is most common. But both neutral wood bed and headboard are great Scandinavian bedroom design choices.

It will warm up the bedroom while keeping in line with a minimalist aesthetic. There are no fancy elements with this bed. It's functional and simple, with two nightstands on either side of the bed that blend well with white walls behind them.

12. Go All Out with Textures

A blend of cozy textures is essential for creating the ultimate Scandinavian bedroom. The room must be warm, inviting, and comfortable so that you can relax better at night. By adding soft cushions and pillows to the bed, you get a cozy reading nook where you can curl up with a book or watch television in comfort after a stressful day at work.

13. Abstract Wall Art

Many Scandinavian interiors feature black and white artwork. There are no representational works in Scandinavian homes. So, stick to abstract shapes and minimalist forms when placing art on your wall. You can opt for drawings, paintings, and sculptures; be sure to keep it minimal and abstract.

While you'll often find a gallery wall of smaller black and white artwork, it's always good to big with one large artwork. The larger pieces will add a zing of excitement, while the muted color will keep the overall vibe soothing.

14. Create a Cozy Reading Corner

A beautiful Scandinavian bedroom is often one where you can curl up and read your favorite book while enjoying the comfort of soft pillows, sheepskin throw, fur, cozy blankets, and a steaming cup of homemade tea. This kind of space allows you to get lost in your books while cozying up with loved ones or friends.

15. Go Slightly Bolder with a Colorful Scandi Bedroom Scheme

Now, this doesn't mean painting the walls bright red or yellow. A Scandinavian bedroom usually sports muted colors like light blue or grey. You can still achieve that light and airy feel of a modern Scandinavian design while adding a playful touch to your decor with traditional folksy prints and rich tones such as mustard and burnt orange.

16. Maintain Open and Airy Spaces

The typical Scandinavian room leaves plenty of open space between pieces of furniture. This gives the room an airy, fresh vibe and prevents any cramped and cluttered feel during the dark winter days.

17. Small Scandinavian Bedrooms

When you're working with a small space, it's best to go with simple modern furniture. Twin beds and small side tables can be a great addition when working with a small bedroom design.

18. Add Rustic Touch to Your Modern Bedroom

Love the country charm of large, wooden slatted beds? Pair it with a sleek modern dresser and bedside tables for styling contrast. Choose a stand-out piece of vintage furniture to make your bedroom look more rustic and modern.

FAQs about Scandinavian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

What is a Scandinavian bedroom?

Scandinavian ideas originated from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. A Scandinavian bedroom design has many different vibes, depending on the design route you choose.

What makes a Scandinavian bedroom?

Scandinavian bedrooms, just like the rest of their interiors, have a minimal amount of color. These bedrooms feature all dark walls, a dark wall, and richly colored textiles about comfort, coziness, and textures.

Final Thought about Scandinavian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As you can see, Scandinavian bedroom decorating ideas are very popular not only in the chilly north but worldwide. This decorating style is easy to implement, and the results are very appealing. So, if you’re just learning how to decorate your bedroom, consider the Scandinavian decor and you’ll love it.



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