20 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

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You want to add a mirror to your home decor but don't want to commit to a permanent solution. Mirrors are a great way to add interest and dimension to any room, but they can be expensive and require commitment if you go with a framed option.

However, most mirrors come with a plain and boring frame that can be tough to jazz up. Plus, if you're not the handiest person around, framing a mirror can seem like an impossible task.

Check out these three DIY mirror frame ideas that use materials you can find at home improvement stores. These frames are easy enough for anyone to make and will give your mirror a custom look without the permanence of traditional framing. Read on!

1. A DIY Round Wooden Mirror Frame

This round wood mirror frame will make a perfect gift for any home. A little handiwork and a lot of creativity go a long way when it comes to making a DIY round mirror frame. The tutorial takes you through every step of creating this piece.

A DIY Round Wooden Mirror Frame
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2. A DIY Rustic Full Length Mirror Frame

This rustic wood frame is perfect for a large mirror. An old barn board and some creativity are all you need to make this simple yet impressive project. This quick and budget-friendly tutorial turns any full length mirror into a rustic dream. The weathered wood and thick frame add a touch of farmhouse chic that blends seamlessly into any decor.

3. A DIY Two Toned Round Mirror Frame

A few inexpensive materials and a little creativity go a long way when it comes to creating this two-toned round mirror frame. You don't have to go all out and make a rounded frame when you can use a wooden chopping board as your mirror's base. The color block frame looks lovely painted in muted pastels, but you can also go with brights or graphic black and white too.

4. A DIY Mosaic Tile Mirror Frame

Learn how to make a customized mosaic mirror frame that makes an unusual but welcoming gift for newlyweds or anyone who's just redecorated. With this easy tutorial, you'll learn how to customize your mirror frame with mosaic tiles, grout, and sealer.

A DIY Mosaic Tile Mirror Frame
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5. A DIY Wind Chime Mirror Frame

Transform a set of wind chimes into a gorgeous rustic-style sunburst mirror frame that's one of a kind! Designed to take full advantage of the natural properties and rustic texture created by the welded-wire chimes, this project is straightforward and doable for even a beginner welder. You can also change the energy of the location entirely by going for a feng shui wind chime.

A DIY Wind Chime Mirror Frame
Image credit: https://i.pinimg.com/

6. Multi Facet Guilt Mirror

This absolutely gorgeous mirror frame is surprisingly simple to make. You'll need to follow this easy tutorial and get yourself a glass cutter and paint. You'll need a mirror, a glass cutter tool, a metal ruler and a marker, safety gear, gold spray paint, and clear spray paint. It's super easy and super beautiful.

7. A DIY Gilded Sunburst Frame

Here's a great idea for home decor. It has an artistic touch which makes it perfect to frame any special art piece, like your child's drawing or even your favorite painting. If you decided to add some color to the gilded paper, you'll definitely need more than one sheet of paper to have enough cutouts.

A DIY Gilded Sunburst Frame
Image credit: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/

A small makeup mirror becomes a glam statement piece that adds drama and elegance to any room. The look also gets a textural touch by stringing small beads onto the wooden sticks before spray painting.

8. PVC Pipe Mirror Frame

If you want a more modern look for your mirror, this is a great DIY project. You can attach the mirrors with a glue gun or some other adhesive materials that can support their weight of it. The tutorial also specifies pipes of the same size but for some ad,ded fun, you may want to pick a few different circumference sizes of a PVC pipe to make it a little more unique.

9. Easy Driftwood Mirror Frame

Want to try something unique? Then this easy driftwood mirror frame is a perfect choice. All you need are the driftwood pieces and some clamps, extra mirrors of your size preference, and tires or other heavy objects that can act as weights. The super-easy instructions for making this beautiful frame are using driftwood, painter's tape, a hot glue gun, and some glue sticks.

10. Easy Jute Mirror Frame

This is a very easy frame to make, yet super effective and beautiful. And it can be used for different kinds of mirrors. All you need are two big spools of jute, a foam wreath, and a round mirror. You'll also need some cardboard and a hot glue gun to put them together. This is also the perfect mirror frame craft project for someone not handy with saws and cutting.

11. Egg Carton Flower Frame

If you're not picky about what your mirror frame looks like, this might be the craft project for you. It doesn't require anything fancy or special. All you need is some old egg cartons, a plain mirror, a 12-cup egg carton, hot glue, and scissors.

There are no precise measurements for this one, so you can easily customize it to fit small or large mirrors and suit your taste and decor. Just grab the instructions and follow these simple steps to create this beautiful frame.

12. A DIY Window Pane Mirror

It's hard to believe that this project got its start at a dollar store. Small rectangular mirrors, a sheet of plywood, and your favorite paint color will help you transform this mirror into something special.

13. A DIY Arched Mirror

A small mirror can still have a big impact. The arched shape paired with light wood on this DIY mirror frame will charm your space and give your room a touch of rustic elegance. And because the mirror is easy to transport, it works perfectly whether you're doing your makeup or adding it to a gallery wall.

14. Pottery Barn Inspired Paneled Mirror

Nothing says high-end design like Pottery Barn. And because this DIY version looks so much like the real thing, you might even fool your guests into thinking it's the real thing. The story behind this project is an interesting one – it started with a creative plan to create a floor-to-ceiling bookcase for their massive family library.

To create the frame, you'll need mirror tiles, plywood for the foundation, brass nailhead tacks, adhesive, and molding. It's easy and fairly fast to make, just allow plenty of drying time before hanging.

15. Metal Sunburst Mirror Frame

Using the frame of an old mirror, this creative DIYer created a gorgeous sunburst mirror using only spray paint and metal wire. The initial design for this was to make a lampshade out of it, but I think it turned out so cool that no shade is required. You'll need some metal wire hangers, a simple circular mirror from the dollar store, and some scrap wood.

16. A Double Framed Mirror

This tutorial will turn a plain bathroom mirror into a beautiful double-framed geometric mirror frame. Matte black paint gives it a more contemporary effect. If you really get into it, you can also add some trim around the mirror for added flare if you really get into it.

17. A DIY Round Rainbow Mirror Frame

If you love colors and the rainbow, this rainbow-colored round mirror frame is perfect for you. You can even customize it with your own choice of colors and make the whole thing more eye-catching by adding a flower vase in front of it. The tutorial explains everything clearly, so it would be easier to replicate. It's a mosaic craft made from plywood, a round mirror, a collection of mosaic pieces, and beads in the color scheme.

18. Succulents Mirror Frame

This beautiful mirror frame option is a unique way to add some color and texture to your home. You'll need two wooden frames, and one should be larger than the other, a little bit of chicken wire, some wood pieces to create an actual frame, some paint, a staple gun, and the mirror and succulents.

19. A DIY Antique Gold Mirror Frame

This is another glamorous mirror frame option that can transform your room. You'll need an old vintage-looking frame, acrylic paint in the color of your choice, gold leaf primer, a wide brush or roller for the paint, and some items to decorate it with like ribbons, beads, charms. Silicone bead trim will give it dimension and texture, while chalk paint and wax give it an antiqued look.

20. DIY Squiggle Mirror Frame

You'll need a mirror, ruler, pencil, painter's tape in various widths, spray paint (color of your choice), and sponge rollers. Put the painters tape around the mirror, starting with either an inch or two away from each end at alternating angles until you've got it covered but leave about three inches straight on the top and bottom.

Spray the tape with your color of choice and let it dry. Take off the painter's tape while leaving the mirror frame because it should be tacky enough to keep its shape without help. Now you have a lovely stripey frame for your mirror.

FAQs on DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Do mirrors work well to decorate your room?

One of the ways to learn how to decorate a room is learning how to use mirrors creatively. Mirrors not only reflect light in your room, but they also decorate your room to a great extent.

Can you frame a frameless bathroom mirror?

Yes, you can frame a frameless bathroom mirror by putting a wide border of painter's tape to cover the front side and paint the back with color.

How do you put a boarder on plain mirror?

Take the plain mirror and cover all sides with painter's tape. You can use any color or pattern you like, including stripes to make, it looks even more interesting.

Final Verdict on DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

As you can see, there are so many choices when it comes to a mirror frame, and you don't have to spend a lot of money if you pick a simple one. The whole project is really easy, but the effect is very stylish. If you have plain mirrors that need some attention, this might be just what your house needs. Plus, if you’re looking at how to brighten a dark room, then mirrors can be a great option as well.


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