5 Types Of Kitchen Blinds

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When you're looking at kitchen blinds and window treatments, there are a lot of different things you need to take into account.

From the color of the room to the function of the blinds, practicality has to meet aesthetics with kitchen-based window blinds.

But what are the best window blinds and shades for kitchens? And how do you know which products should go in your own home?

Here we look at a selection of 5 common types of blinds for your kitchen and help you to choose the best products for you.

First Things First – Are Your Kitchen Windows In The Splash Zone?

Before we look at the different window treatments on offer, you need to know whether your windows are in the splash zone or not.

The splash zone refers to windows that may:

  • Get splattered by food or liquids
  • Be above the sink
  • Be near spitting pans on the stove
  • Be near moisture or steam constantly

If you've got a kitchen window in the splash zone, you need to opt for materials like PVC and faux wood, as these materials are much easier to wipe clean than their fabric and wood-based counterparts.

Vinyl roller shades and faux wood shutters are ideal for windows in the splash zone. You could use products made from wood or fabric, but they'll be much more difficult to clean and maintain.

5 Types Of Kitchen Window Treatments To Try

Suited to a wide range of kitchens and design styles, here is a selection of draperies, curtains and blinds styles to consider for your home's new kitchen.

1. Roller Shades

Minimal with clean lines, roller shades are very common blinds due to their modern aesthetic and ability to roll up (as the name implies) and stay out the way.

If you're working in a kitchen with a lot of mess and splashes, roller shades can be amazing as they easily roll up and away to the top of the window frame, staying away from mess closer to countertop level.

You can get a roller shade blinds set in many color and fabric options, including fabric and PVC-based materials.

roller shades blind
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

2. Roman Shades

Usually made from fabric, roman shades are great for kitchens where you want the blinds to be the focal point of the room.

Often dark and patterned, these unique window shades naturally attract attention and draw contrast to lighter colors in the room.

On the other hand, lighter-colored roman shades can have an almost Japanese feel to them from an interior design perspective.

Roman Shades
Credits: https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo

3. Faux Wood Blinds

Usually made from some kind of PVC, faux wood blinds are horizontal blinds in a low-key style that's great for drawing visual attention to other parts of the kitchen.

If you want window treatments that are designed primarily with privacy and function in mind, then these blinds are perfect for you. BUT let us warn you that these blinds tend to give a darker hue to your space so it's very necessary that you have adequate lighting in your kitchen.

These blinds come in many different shades of “wood”, as well as striking color options like black.

Due to their fake wood material, these ones are fine for a kitchen splash zone and you'll be able to clean off the greasy stains and food splatters just fine.

4. Woven Wood Shades

Sometimes called “bamboo shades”, woven wood shades are textured and provide the focal point of the kitchen in many people's homes.

These unique blinds have an almost exotic feel to them – like the kind of window treatments you would expect to find in a Balinese hotel.

There are numerous color and style options for these shades, but if your kitchen is messy, then this fabric-esque material is not an ideal option for those circumstances.

5. Cellular Shades

Looking to save money on utility bills for your home? Cellular shades might be worth a try! If privacy is your only goal then you can hang curtains over these blinds. 

Made from very durable material, cellular shades or “honeycomb shades” are designed to block and filter UV light, helping to insulate your kitchen and reduce electricity costs.

The slats contain pockets of air which are great for heat insulation and noise reduction, so they're a great way to give yourself some extra privacy, for example.

As you'd expect, these blinds are available in many different colors and styles, so you might just hit the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic preferences.

cellular shades in kitchen
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

What Kind Of Blinds Are Best For Kitchens?

The best blinds for your kitchen depends on the style of your home, the focal point of your kitchen, the splash zones in the space, and the size of the windows you're looking to dress.

Don't be confused about how much smaller should blinds be than the window?

If you're dealing with a messy kitchen, then PVC blinds might be best as the slats are easy to clean. However, if the look is your main concern, then decorative bamboo shades could give the results you're looking for.

Whichever ones you end up choosing, we hope you find the right products for you!

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