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At Kitchen Infinity, we not only Install Kitchens but we provide up-to-date, practical information and inspiration to help make your home live it's the best life. We publish information on kitchen decor, renovation, DIY, bathroom, outdoor tips and more. From how to guides to expert reviews, Kitchen Infinity is your trusted advisor on everything for the home.

With thousands of articles, photographs, and access to the best decorators and remodelers in the industry, Kitchen Infinity offers the most comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling and home Improvement resources for authoritative information in the industry: 

Kitchen Infinity is an independent website and not related or beholden to any product, manufacturer, or supplier.


On a monthly basis Kitchen Infinity helps over 100,000 readers tackle their next project. Our editorial list is over 1,000 strong and we love providing our loyal readers with infinite possibilities for their home. We work with certified expert writers and have one of the most thorough editorial process in the industry to make sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information. 


Kitchen Infinity is committed to providing accurate, quality online resources for homeowners. Our writing is done by industry specialists and reviewed by staff with experience in remodeling. 

We believe in sustainable products and sustainable building and do our best to always suggest environmentally friendly ways of living. We are an inclusive company.


The Kitchen Infinity team works with the best thoroughly vetted contractors to create custom cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, storage solutions, lighting, tile flooring, and a whole lot more. Our contractors are experienced in a wide range of kitchen design skills, ensuring that we always have an expert on hand to detail your new kitchen perfectly. No job is too big or complex for us!

We offer free consultations for new customers whereby a team member visits your home to look at your kitchen layout and talk about potential options for a kitchen remodel. After the consultation, you’ll receive a free estimate to give you an accurate idea of the price for the project.

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So, if you live in NY, NJ, CT or SC and you’re looking for a kitchen remodel, get in touch with Kitchen Infinity today at (888) 875-0726 or shoot us an email for a business partnership here: [email protected]

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Our Advertising Policies

Due to the time and expense of providing the highest quality editorial process for Kitchen Infinity, we do allow display ads on our website as well as sponsors who provide more options for our readers. While we do not have direct control over display advertising, we do thoroughly vet all of our partners and any sponsored links that we may earn commissions from. We do not recommend products that we don't agree with or that one of our experts hasn't thoroughly researched or tried ourselves. As an Amazon Associate, we earn compensation from qualifying purchases, meaning, if you click a link from our website and buy something, there is a chance we may earn a small commission.  Because our reputation for excellence, we strive to only provide recommendations for product that fits the needs of the consumer.

We put this information front and center because we believe in being open and honest with our readers so that we can provide the best possible experience to our readers.

Our team

The Team That Brings Kitchen Infinity To Life

Dean Scaduto

Co-Founder & Sr Editor

Dean Is The Cofounder of Kitchen Infinity and responsible for approving the editorial calendar. Dean is a classic connector and takes pride in pairing homeowners with the best advice, guides and products to create a more comfortable home where the heart is. Dean is a graduate of Harvard University and received his master's degree at Columbia. He is an active real estate investor and is regularly involved in home renovations. Dean was awarded the 40 under 40 award for his work at Kitchen Infinity by Pro-Remodeler.

dean Scaduto

George Kocher

Co Founder & Editor

George is a Co-founder of Kitchen Infinity and serves as an editor, making sure that the approval process for each piece of content is stringent so every editorial that makes it to our readerships is top-notch and delivers true value. George is a Cornell University Graduate and grew up in the construction and kitchen renovation industry with his parents who are developers and owners of Kocher Construction. George is also a founder in Infinity Epoxy Floors a specialty flooring company.

Emily Perez

Head Of Digital PR

Emily is a proven online PR strategists focusing on environmentally sustainable and socially conscious companies. Emily currently serves as the Head of Digital PR for Kitchenifinity.com and handles all press inquiries.

Dino Paccino

Dino Paccino


Dino is a lifelong writer and home improvement, specialist. He enjoys bringing cutting-edge information on home renovation and remodeling to Kitchen Infinity.

Ben James


Ben is an experienced content writer with a passion for kitchen remodeling. He loves writing about latest kitchen designs & trends so that he can educate our readers make the best decisions possible when it comes to kitchens.

Kristina Perrin

Kristina Perrin


Kristina is a stay-at-home-mom and an expert chef. When she's not cooking or experimenting with new recipes, you can find her writing about her favorite kitchen appliances on Kitchen Infinity blog.

Jim Spencer


Jim has been in the construction business for over 12 years with plenty of experience working on client projects, from start to finish. From kitchens to bathrooms and more, he writes on a wide variety of topics surrounding home improvement. 

Mark Weber

Mark Weber


Mark started out as an electrical engineer before he became a licensed bathroom remodeling contractor. He loves writing about bathrooms and remodeling in his spare time, as it relaxes him to think of something besides work. 

Kevin Farrugia

Kevin Farrugia


Kevin has been a household enthusiast for a long time and loves to follow the latest trends in kitchen and house decoration. He also is an avid writer, who enjoys composing everything from blogs to articles. Kevin has been writing professionally for 5 years now, with numerous topics and niches covered.

Heather Hardy

Heather Hardy


Heather is a professional writer with a background in real estate and home renovation. She enjoys research and contributing to DIY publications.

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