Actionable Feedback Policy

Kitchen Infinity encourages meaningful conversations between Kitchen Infinity readers, reviewers and Kitchen Infinity employee and contractors.

We are dedicated to communicating and working with our readers based on their ideas, concerns and other reviews.
Readers can help us create a specific story or coverage line, address questions a story may pose, recognize similar or undercovered topics, and teach us new and diverse sources, experts, and perspectives. We believe that news organizations are responsible for communicating with the public about the ideals, problems, and ideas of the times, and that news organizations have a lot to gain in return. In reality, feedback can be actionable:
  • An individual story or line of coverage is further established.
  • Help answer any questions a story may pose.
  • Help recognize similar questions or concerns that the audience is debating or is worried about, including demographic segments of the audience.
  • Bringing modern, diverse sources and experts.

We commit to interact with the readers in several ways.

  1. Contact Us
    page that lists all editorial writers with checked mailto links, providing specific facts, email addresses and telephone numbers to our readers where they can ask questions or submit grievances.
  2. Forum

    A given platform dedicated to debating the coverageand/or ideology of a news outlet, often providing links to third party social media platforms ( Facebook), where readers can have a more direct and informal interaction with the Kitchen Infinity team.

  3. Complaints

    A dedicated link / form for grievances, conveniently accessible from any article page in the Kitchen Infinity index, providing our users with a direct feedback system to report any mistakes, suggestions or requests for modification for each post.

  4. Comments in the Channels

    Giving the ability to comment on each post, on the Channel where the post is being host. The Channel Manager oversees all commentaries. Kitchen Infinity has the right to edit or cancel reader-submitted comments, messages, and content.

  5. Author data
    Verified author social profiles (when available) linked to author pages on the Kitchen Infinity website making contact information (permanent social ID) accessible on the platform.
  6. User feedback stories

    In particular, a key element of our editorial standing is the direct feedback system which is easily accessible from any Kitchen Infinity article or blog post. Kitchen Infinity provides its users with a direct feedback system, conveniently accessible from any article or blog page in Kitchen Infinity, to report any mistakes, suggestions or modification requests for each post.

  7. Article updates
    Articles revised based on comments feedback from the audience.
  8. Audience polls

    Online viewer surveys with reported results to take decisions about product (new features) and editorial (new subjects to cover).

  9. Community Managers, Content Managers and Central Team
    Kitchen Infinity make contact information accessible on the main staff member ‘s email portal, when necessary and secure.
We are proud to uphold this accountability as priority, in line with the essence of our open platform.

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