Abigail Clemente

Abigail's extensive experience as a content creator in the home decor and interior design industry makes her a valuable asset to our team. With almost 6 years of full-time content writing experience, she has honed her skills in crafting engaging and informative content that resonates with audiences.

During her time as a content creator, Abigail has had the opportunity to work with several big names in the home decor and interior design industry. This experience has given her a deep understanding of the latest trends and techniques in the industry, as well as the ability to produce high-quality content that speaks to the needs and interests of her target audience at Kitchen Infinity.


Abigail has been working as a professional content creator since last 6 years and has the experience of producing hundreds of extremely helpful and articles for her readers. 


Abigail Clemente graduated from the University of the Philippines with a bachelors of science in Applied Mathematics and English. Abigail is passionate about architecture and has completed several courses on interior design and home decor from some of the best online design schools. 

You can connect with Abigail at his email: abigail@kitcheninfinity.com

Latest Articles By Abigail Clemente:

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