Heather Hardy

Heather Hardy

Heather is a professional writer with a background in real estate and home renovation. She enjoys research and contributing to DIY publications. She also writes informative and comprehensive buying guides on kitchen and home products for Kitchen Infinity

Heather likes to do deep research on whichever topic she choses to write on so that our visitors can take important buying decisions based on her research. 


Heather worked in real estate and home renovation industry for more than 6 years before joining Kitchen Infinity as a full time writer. She brings with her hands on experience of several home renovation projects that she was part of. 


Heather holds a degree in sales with a focus on real estate sales. She has also done several courses on home renovation to help increase real estate value for her clients. 

You can connect with Heather at her email: heather@kitcheninfinity.com

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