Kevin Farrugia

Kevin Farrugia

Kevin has been a household enthusiast for a long time and loves to follow the latest trends in kitchen and house decoration. He also is an avid writer, who enjoys composing everything from blogs to articles. Kevin has been writing professionally for 5 years now, with numerous topics and niches covered.

Kevin loves interior design and has a very good eye for trendy and unique interior design ideas. He not only implements those in his own house but also writes about them for Kitchen Infinity


Kevin Farrugia has worked as a handyman for 15 years and is an experienced freelance writer and has been writing for different online publications for more than 5 years. 


Kevin Farrugia graduated from the University of Malta with a bachelor of science in Business and computing and a master's degree English Literature. 

You can connect with Kevin at his email:

Latest Articles By Kevin Farrugia:

Drano Vs Liquid Plumr

With the instructions on both Drano and Liquid Plumr being very similar, it’s easy to see how people might get confused with these two products.

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