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Depending on where you live, your average kitchen size is going to vary dramatically. Depending on the size of your home and whether you live in a house or apartment, the size of the kitchen could be anywhere from 70 square feet to 200 square feet or more.

If you're somewhere like NYC, your kitchen may just be a part of your living room!

If there's one thing the United States has a lot of, it's land. As a result, our home size (and in turn kitchen sizes) are some of the biggest in the world. Here we look at the average kitchen size in the US for different types of homes, as well as explore the floor plan of different kitchens.

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What is the average size of a kitchen in square feet?

The average size of kitchens in the US is 225 square feet.

This is taking a sample from numerous different home styles, including homes built 50+ years ago and new houses built in recent years. Depending on the era and style of a home, the kitchen space will vary dramatically. The size of the space obviously dictates how long a kitchen remodel takes.

While 225 square feet is the national average size of a kitchen, here's how is breaks down by house style:

  • 70 square feet for a small kitchen in apartments & condos
  • 151 square feet for single-story homes
  • 175-200 square feet in multi-story homes
  • 238 square feet for a large kitchen is larger homes
  • 180-440 square feet is the average kitchen size in new home designs

So while the average size of the US national kitchen is 225 square feet, it varies greatly depending on your home style, space, and when it was built.

You may also see the figure 100 square feet (10 x 10) thrown around a lot. This is a square footage benchmark used by the cabinets industry, though kitchens will usually be larger than this.

Average kitchen size in meters

The average kitchen size in meters is 20.9 square meters. If you're from somewhere where square footage is not commonly used, it may be helpful to know average kitchen sizes in square meters instead of feet for your next kitchen remodeling project.

Here's the average kitchen sizes in meters instead of square footage:

  • 6.5 square meters for a small kitchen in apartments & condos
  • 14 square meters for single-story homes
  • 16.25 – 18.58 square meters in multi-story homes
  • 22.11 square meters for a large kitchen is larger homes
  • 16.27 – 40.87 square meters is the average kitchen size in new home designs

Standard size kitchen

What is a good size for a kitchen?

The size of your kitchen depends on your needs. Do you want a lot of food preparation area? Do you want a dining area included? Do you want a lot of cabinets or space for entertaining large groups of people? It all depends on your design and what you might want to incorporate.

You also need to think about whether you want an open concept design or if you prefer to stay more traditional.

Most new homes in the US have average kitchen space of 180-440 sq feet, with the average kitchen size coming in at 225 sq feet. If you're looking at a new house with lots of floor space, you should be looking at 250 sq feet or more. If you've got a smaller condo or apartment, it could be 100 square feet or even a mere 70 square feet.

How big is too big for a kitchen?

The largest kitchens to tend to find in modern US houses are 720 square feet in size. However, this is much more space that many people want or need.

While there's no such thing as a kitchen being “too big”, most people don't need anything bigger than around 440 sq feet… but you do you!

Are kitchens getting smaller?

Yes, kitchens are getting smaller and taking up less space in the US. Kitchens peaked in the 1960s, when food preparation and cooking at home was a large part of the classic nuclear family.

Today as cooking can be replaced with takeout apps and the dining area is more frequently replaced with a restaurant, cafe, or sofa, the average kitchen has shrunk by 13% compared to the 1960s.

What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

Whether you're working with an open or closed concept design, here are the most common types of kitchen layout:

The Galley Kitchen

Inspired by the galley of ships, the galley kitchen features two parallel lines of cabinetry and countertops facing each other. As such, this kitchen design works best for a small, narrow room.

The One Wall Kitchen

Typically found in small condos and apartments, the one-wall kitchen features everything you need along one wall, including all the counterspace, cabinets, sink, and food prep areas. These kitchens are often at one end of a dining room or living room.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

Ideal for both small and large kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen makes use of two perpendicular walls on a corner. Here you can play with different cabinet and countertop placements, making it easy to cook and clean.

The U-Shaped Kitchen

As the name implies, this kitchen style follows 3 adjoining walls in a “U” shape. Great for larger kitchens, this style allows you to have many cabinets, but avoid too much wall cabinetry or it may feel suffocating.

The G-Shaped Kitchen

Also called the peninsula kitchen, this is variation on the U-shaped kitchen where a part of the countertop juts out into the space. It might be used as a breakfast bar or casual dining area.

The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen comes in various designs, but it always incorporates an island into the space, helping to break up the kitchen so it's easier to cook and walk around with multiple people.

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