Glass Title Backsplash

backsplash that is glass

Nothing is more beautiful than having translucent glass on your kitchen backsplash. It’s bright, reflective look is ideal for contemporary design styles.

Glass tile is a versatile and lovely addition to any kitchen. The light they reflect makes your kitchen appear larger and more open to give a spacious feel.

Since water and food are everywhere in a kitchen, glass tile is a perfect choice. It is impervious to water and is simple to clean with a quick wipe of a wet cloth.

Many homeowners choose glass tiles for their backsplashes to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Many tiles come from recycled materials, and they are recyclable when they finish serving your home. Manufacturing glass tiles also requires about half the energy needed to make ceramic tiles. Be sure to also check our guide on the pros and cons of granite backsplash between 4-inch and full height.

Let Kitchen Infinity give you the space of your dreams with a stunning glass tile backsplash. If you fancy this style of backsplash, then you might also enjoy marble tile backsplash and corian® tile backsplash.

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