Beach House Kitchen Design Ideas: Creating a Coastal Haven in Your Kitchen

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We all wish that the beach is never too far away, and such a beachy vibe can be brought into any home with a little effort.

There are a few key elements that need to be considered when designing your beach house kitchen. Read on to find out more about these beach house kitchen design ideas, and how you can create a coastal haven in your kitchen.

Beach House Kitchen – A beach is never too far away

Beach house kitchen design ideas need to include beachy elements within the space. One of these beach-inspired features is a beach hut in your home. This can be any corner in the kitchen that could accommodate storage and display, such as a kitchen island or wall shelving unit. A beach hut will also help you feel closer to the outdoors by providing beach-themed decor and functional storage.

Another beachy touch is incorporating that summer feeling with beach prints, such as beach scenes or tropical flowers. Luckily for us, we have this option everywhere from the internet to wall art stores like Ikea; so you don't need a lot of space to find something perfect for your beach house kitchen. 

One more way to infuse some coastal vibes into your home is by using natural materials – think driftwood countertops, cedar cabinets, and bamboo flooring.

Another thing to consider is your kitchen color – a color that automatically makes you think of the beach.

For example, turquoise is a favorite beachy hue, and it can be incorporated into your beach house kitchen through blue glassware or even cabinet renovations including matching cabinet doors to create an oceanic feel.

The next step for beach house designs is deciding on countertops: granite or marble are both great options. Granite is versatile enough to fit any style, while marble adds a touch of elegance with its natural beauty but could also become slippery when wet – so consider this before making your choice; just remember safety should always come first.

coastal beach house kitchen
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Consider these beach house kitchen design ideas

Beach prints such as seas scenes or tropical flowers could also give that summer feeling – there's no shortage of options for this.

Natural materials are also beach-inspired and can be used to make your beach house kitchen feel more like a beachy haven. For example, bamboo flooring, cedar cabinets, and driftwood countertops create the perfect beach atmosphere.

Planning the layout of your beach house kitchen will help you visualize how everything looks together before making any final decisions on colors, furniture, etc. This way nothing gets wasted if what you envisioned doesn't turn out as expected.

It also means that you can change things up whenever you want without having to rip out any walls or spend a ton of time and money on kitchen renovations.

beach house kitchen
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Incorporate your beach house design in your kitchen

Beach huts are also great as they provide an outdoor feel within our homes by serving as windows; so we get that feeling of being closer to nature even if it isn't outside. 

To further create a coastal haven in your kitchen, you could consider colorful kitchen appliances. 

This means that you could go for beachy-themed decor such as a wicker lamp that gives off that beach vibe as well as have beach prints hanging on the walls – the sky is really the limit when it comes to setting up a beach house kitchen.

Elements to consider when designing your beach house kitchen

Wall colors

The wall colors of your beach house kitchen are important since they will dictate what beach vibe you have. As mentioned, if your color is turquoise then this automatically makes you think of the beach.

Another option would be to use grey or white which are versatile enough to fit any style but can also create a more modern beach look. 

These colors don't evoke an outdoorsy feeling as natural materials do – so it depends on what type of beach house feel you're going for when deciding on wall colors; just remember that safety should always come first and too much color might not provide the best visibility in case there's an emergency – especially at night time where we need lamps with clear glass shades.


You may want different furniture in your beach house kitchen than what you have at home since these won't get used as much due to lack of space. 

For example, a bar stool is perfect for beach house kitchens because not only does it offer more seating options but also creates an inviting feel in the kitchen thanks to its friendly and casual shape; just be sure that such stools are sturdy enough so children don't tip them over.

Cabinets and handles/knobs

The kitchen cabinets in your beach house kitchen should also have beachy-themed decorations such as beach prints, bamboo flooring, cedar cabinets, or driftwood countertops.

Kitchen Cabinets

Achieve a coastal vibe in your beach house kitchen

The key to designing a beach house kitchen is making sure that everything has a beachy feel. The best way to do this is by incorporating beach-themed decor which includes things like furniture made for beach houses such as bar stools, or appliances in bright colors.

You can go as your imagination takes you when it comes to creating a coastal haven using all of the elements discussed above – at the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference.

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