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Top 15 Best Built-In Wine Cooler Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023

Best wine cooler
Kalamera Dual-Zone
Best wine fridge
NutriChef 15-bottle
Best value
Wine Enthusiast 24 Bottle

Getting the best built-in wine cooler that’ll optimize space and fit into your kitchen cabinet can be quite confusing.

Regardless of how daunting that may be, one thing is sure; you’re a wine collector or enthusiast who wants to enjoy his wine collection at the best possible cellar conditions.

With that in mind, we undertook days of extensive research to bring you the 15 best built-in wine coolers with the most coveted features. They’re highly functional, can fit all budgets and kitchen cabinets (including other spaces), and are customer favorites.

We made sure to test each of your options.

Let’s get chilling!

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Our Top Built-In Wine Cooler Picks

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15 Best Built-In Wine Coolers Reviews

1. Kalamera 46-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Cooler (Best built-in wine cooler)


When Amazon rates a wine cooler as the best built-in wine cooler, it means the kitchen appliance is worth it’s salt.

First, the Kalamera 24-inch wine fridge stands at a reasonable height – 24 inches – that make it suitable to be tucked under the kitchen counter. And if you haven’t got enough space under-counter space, the wine cooler can also feature as a freestanding unit.

Next up, coming with a storage capacity of 46 standard Bordeaux wine bottles, this might just be the best wine cooler for you if your wine collection is not very extensive.

We also love that the Kalamera wine cooler has dual temperature zones for storing mixed wines at optimum temperatures. So you can serve your favorite white wines in the cooler upper zone and store or age your red wines in the warmer lower zone.

And if you’ve got wines like Viognier that require slightly warmer temperatures, the digital dual-zone temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature settings.

The built-in dual-zone cooler has also got a temperature memory function to restore the cellar to its set temperature should there be a power failure – this feature is lacking in many wine fridges.

But that’s not all: this Kalamera unit is simply a box of impressive features.

This dual-zone Kalamera model also comes with a safety lock feature to keep your kids and other unauthorized fingers out of your prized collection.

As with other Kalamera wine fridges, this unit uses state-of-the-art compression cooling to keep the cellar temperature consistent and stable. It also cools your red and white wines quietly and with minimal vibration. And it comes with a reversible door hinge depending on the space that best fits your wine cooler.

The thick tempered glass door and soft blue interior LED lights protect your vintages from harmful UV rays and preserve your drinks’ pristine taste, flavors, and aromas.

Finally, the Kalamera wine fridge has stainless steel finish that makes it look elegant and blends with most kitchen designs. And the beechwood shelving also provides wiggle room for accommodating bottles of other shapes and sizes. It’s also tried and tested which ensures your wine labels won’t peel off.

Compared to another evaluated model, the Kalamera 46-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Cooler is a larger capacity wine cooler that offers dual-zone temperature control, while the NutriChef 15-bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator is a smaller capacity cooler with a single temperature zone.


2. NutriChef 15-bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator (Best single-zone wine fridge)


If you’ve got a small wine collection, there probably won’t be the need to splurge on a moderate-sized wine refrigerator, just yet.

In that case, you’ll need a small wine cooler, and one of the best built-in wine coolers for serving your vintage is the NutriChef 15-bottle wine fridge

With a storage capacity of 15 standard-sized wine bottles, this under-counter wine cooler is great for storing your ready-to-serve red or white wine collection.

It comes with a single-zone cooling compartment that has a digital control panel for adjusting the wine cooler to the optimum temperature for storing your whites and reds.

This compressor-based wine fridge also features 4 sliding wire racks to grant you easy access to your collection. And at the bottom is a standing rack that can carry other sizes of wine bottles.

Two of the top features we love about this unit are its compact size and sleek design. These make it compatible with both under-the-counter and freestanding installations.

Also, the interior blue LED lighting gives the NutriChef wine refrigerator a peaceful ambiance while protecting it from dangerous UV rays. And the airtight glass door prevents the wine cooler from expelling its moisture. And the door also has an automatic lock feature to restrict unwarranted access.

We also love that the wine cooler operates quietly and vibration-freely to give you a smooth cooling experience.

The good thing is that you can get all these features for less than $300. So, the Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door Dual-Zone Compressor Wine Cooler offers a larger capacity and dual-zone temperature control like the NutriChef 15-bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator, but with a different door design.


3. Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door Dual-Zone Compressor Wine Cooler (Best Value)


At under $500, the Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door refrigerator can easily be called the best built-in wine cooler.

While it doesn’t hold as many bottles as our top pick Kalamera, its compact size makes it suitable for installation under or atop the counter. You can also place it anywhere in your living room so you can easily reach for a bottle of your favorite wine.

We also like that the soft-touch control located at the front allows you easily set the optimal temperature without opening the fridge.

And the dark stainless steel exterior makes it look great in almost any space it’ll sit.

Finally, it features scalloped wire shelves that’ll make it difficult to accommodate bottles larger than 750ml Bordeaux bottles. Compared to the WineBoss 15″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator is another smaller capacity cooler with a single temperature zone, but it can hold up to 28 bottles, the Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door Dual-Zone Compressor Wine Cooler is a dual-zone option that’s also bigger.


4. WineBoss 15" Wine Cooler Refrigerator 28 Bottles


This is another quality kitchen appliance from one of the best refrigerator-making brands – WineBoss.

However, this model we tried has got an even more appealing and stylish design and provides more versatility.

The construction of the built-in wine cooler makes it perfect for freestanding and under-counter installation.

Another impressive feature worth pointing out is its energy efficiency; it saves 25% of the energy previous models would have used up. Despite this, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

You can also independently adjust the temperature on both chambers with intuitive touchscreen controls. And finally, the soft interior LED lighting further beautifies the WineBoss wine cooler.


5. Ivation 24-bottle Single-zone Wine Fridge


The Ivation 24-bottle wine cooler is one of the best wine coolers for wine lovers with a small wine collection.

Now if you’ve just discovered your enthusiasm for wine tasting and you’re not yet a serious wine collector, you may not need a wine cooler as large as the EuroCave or as small as the NutriChef.

This Ivation wine cooler will adequately cool your small wine collection.

The first distinguishing feature of this single-zone cellar is the matte finish of the glass door. This unique design makes it more appealing. The Thermopane heavy glass door also does a lot more to protect your collection from dangerous UV light; thereby retaining the original taste, flavors, and aromas that the vintners intended.

Another cool feature we love about this wine cooler is that it’s not engineered to only serve whites and reds; you can also store your champagne bottles in it. So whether your collection contains Pinot noir, Chardonnay, or champagne, you can chill the mixed wines in this cellar.

It also comes fitted with pull-out wire racks for easy access to your collection.

Furthermore, the dedicated wine fridge also has soft interior lighting to illuminate the chamber and help inspect your collection without opening the cellar.

With a footprint of 17 inches, you can tuck this built-in wine cooler into your kitchen cabinet. It also offers enough versatility to be installed as a freestanding unit.

The unit also uses compression cooling technology. Although it runs almost noise-freely and with minimal vibration. The fan circulates the cold air evenly all around the cooler.

The Ivation single-zone cooler also provides the optimum environment for chilling and serving your red and white wines. The temperature ranges from 41 – 64°F. The temperature in the chamber doesn’t fluctuate and the unit is properly insulated.

And finally, the LCD digital display also helps you easily control and lock the settings. So, the Ivation 24-bottle Single-zone Wine Fridge is a medium-capacity cooler with a single temperature zone, similar to the NutriChef.


6. NewAir 29-bottle Wine Cooler


The NewAir AWR-290DB is another small wine fridge for wine enthusiasts with small wine collections.

The first impressive feature of this wine cooler we tested is its compact design. Its 15 inches footprint means it can fit nicely under the counter or any nook in a small kitchen.

Despite its compact build, it’s got a bottle capacity of 29 standard-sized 750ml Bordeaux bottles. And it features dual zones for serving your red and white wines. Simply use the upper warmer zone for chilling your whites and the lower zone for chilling and aging your reds.

It’s also got a stainless steel construction that will fit the decoration of most kitchens. And there is customized interior blue LED lighting to illuminate both compartments and lock UV rays out. The tinted glass door also protects your drinks from harmful UV rays.

And the unit comes with adjustable wooden shelving that slides out to grant you easy access to your wine collection.

Another thing we love about the NewAir unit is that it delivers an almost vibration-free and quiet operation regardless of its compression cooling technology. Plus it’s energy-efficient so you’ll be cutting on your power bill.

However, the deal-breaker for some customers was that the NewAir AWR-290DB built-in wine cooler had compressor failure.


7. Aobosi 24-inch Freestanding & Built-in Wine Cooler


If you’re looking for some of the first-class wine coolers on the market or just one of the best built-in wine coolers, look no further than the Aobosi models.

And as it has the same bottle capacity of 46 bottles as our top pick (the Kalamera 46-bottle wine refrigerator), this Aobosi 24-inch dual-zone wine cooler is a reliable wine storage.

But one feature we love about this built-in wine cooler is that it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen. Second, its front vent makes it compatible with under-counter and freestanding installation.

Furthermore, despite using compression cooling technology, it offers an almost noiseless one with minimal vibration.

The built-in wine cooler also has dual cooling zones for long- and short-term storage of your favorite red or white wine. The upper zone that houses the white wines can also chill your champagne bottles.

Like the first Kalamera wine refrigerator, this under-counter wine cooler also has interior soft blue LED lights to keep UV rays out of the unit. And the airtight tempered glass door helps you inspect your collection without opening the fridge.

And the beechwood shelving makes it easy for wine lovers to access their prized collection. It also provides better flexibility in accommodating larger-sized wine bottles than wire racks.

The Aobosi built-in wine cooler also has a temperature memory function to restore the under-counter wine cooler to its initial temperature in the event of a power cut.


8. EdgeStar 30-bottle Built-in Wine Fridge


Enough of dual-zone fridges, this single-zone cooler will prove to be just what you need if you’ve got an extensive collection of white or red wine.

First, its compact size and front ventilation mean you can install it anywhere either as a standalone or an undercounter unit without the fear of overheating.

Secondly, if you’re a serious wine collector who favors red to white wines or vice versa, this dedicated single-zone cooler can accommodate your 30 most loved bottles. But if you favor a dedicated unit with a larger bottle capacity, you may be interested in the 53-bottle model.

The compressor-based wine cooler is also energy efficient and delivers exceptional functionality. It runs quietly and only produces minimal vibration that won’t alter the taste, flavors, and aromas of your wines.

This unit also uses a carbon filter to clean up the air in the chamber and protect the integrity of your drinks. And the LED digital display enables you to easily set the appropriate cellar temperature to age your wine.

The built-in wine cooler comes fitted with 7 wood shelves that easily slide out and won’t damage the labels of your wines.

The tinted glass door protects your collection from UV rays without obscuring the cooler’s content. It’s got interior blue LED lights that help illuminate the chamber.


9. VINERIE Elegant 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerators


If you’re looking for more versatility and capacity than the VINERIE wine cooler can offer, this appliance we tried out will be a great choice.

First, it’s a compact dual-compartment unit that gives you the flexibility to store a variety of wines. You can chill your white wines in the upper zone and chill your red wines in the lower zone. The temperature is fully adjustable, and you can switch it from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The front ventilation system also makes it flexible so you can either install it as a freestanding or built-in unit.

Like many of the other double-zone wine fridges on this list, this Phiestina model features two cooling zones; an upper cooler zone and a lower warmer zone for chilling your whites and reds respectively.

The reversible door hinge also makes for a flexible installation to further suit your needs.

The VINERIE 28-bottle wine fridge also comes fitted with wood shelves that easily slide out smoothly to release your drinks to you. They also grant you the versatility of creating space to fit larger-sized bottles in the chamber.

And if producing too much noise is a big no-no for you, you’ll love this refrigerator. This built-in wine cooler operates noise-freely and with little vibration that won’t harm the taste, flavors, and aromas of your vintage.

And finally, the temperature memory function makes this kitchen appliance a smart choice to have at home.


10. Antarctic Star 28-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Fridge


At only 15 inches, the Antarctic star is one of the smallest built-in wine fridges that’ll be suitable for your kitchen. Plus it’s got ample space to accommodate 28 Bordeaux wine bottles and host a few friends and family.

But that’s not all. It’s also a dual-zone unit making it versatile to preserve and serve your collection. Where the Antarctic Star differs from the other dual-zone coolers on this list is that both cooling zones work at the same temperature.

Both the lower and upper zones cool drinks at adjustable temperatures ranging from 41 – 68°F. So if you’ve got a wide variety of only whites or reds, you can store them in both zones.

However, this wine cooler is not for you if you’re a serious wine collector as you’ll probably want something with a larger capacity. But if you’re tight on space, you can get this slim wine fridge and install it either under the counter or as a freestanding unit in any other nook.

The exterior is constructed using stainless steel, and there’s a double-paned tempered glass door to lock out UV rays. The blue LED lighting also enhances the Antarctic Star’s look while protecting your collection.

The compressor-based unit also comes with an activated charcoal filter to preserve the integrity of your wines. Plus there’s a door open alarm.

Unlike other similar compact coolers with wire racks, this Antarctic Star model comes with 6 durable and sturdy beech wood shelves that easily slide out.

And if you’re irritated by little persistent disturbances, we are, too. That’s why we love this cellar’s low vibration and almost noiseless smooth running.

The digital display is also intuitive to use and controls both cooling zones independently.

Finally, like most other wine cellars on this list, there’s a safety lock feature to keep unauthorized hands away from your collection.


11. Phiestina 30 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator


If you’re a wine enthusiast who enjoys variety, then a single-zone wine cooler won’t just do.

And that’s where wine coolers like this Phiestina dual-compartment wine refrigerator come in. This built-in wine cooler features dual cooling zones that allow you to stock up on both wines and canned drinks including soda, alcoholic beverages, and water.

The left cooler zone is designed to accommodate your canned beverages. And the right compartment has a wide range of temperatures for serving your favorite red and white wine.

So if you’re having a small party or family get-together, this 2-in-1 wine cooler has enough room for chilling 18 standard Bordeaux bottles and 57 canned drinks.

But its capacity is not all there is to this built-in wine cooler.

The kitchen appliance we tested is made of stainless steel that’ll accent your kitchen. And its 24-inch footprint and front ventilation system make it versatile for freestanding installation. You also don’t have to bother about the unit overheating.

The compression cooling system also ensures your drinks cool very fast. We also like the almost noise-free and low-vibration operation. The intuitive soft-touch digital display is also easy to use, and both cooling zones have dedicated controls.

The soft interior blue LED lighting and dual-pane tempered glass door make the appliance look lovely. However, their primary function is to protect the pristine flavors, taste, and aromas of your wine.

And finally, the split zones come with safety locks to deny your children and other prying fingers access to your drinks.


12. Bodega 31-bottle Built-in Wine Cooler


This Bodega built-in unit is very similar to the EdgeStar but it offers more wine storage.

First, it’s best for wine collectors that favor one type of wine over mixed wines. This fridge allows you to age 31 bottles of your favorite wine in optimal condition. And there’s also wiggle room to fit larger bottles into your cellar.

Second, it’s a dual-zone wine cooler that allows you to also install it as a standalone unit. With a footprint of just 15 inches, one word that describes this cellar is “Compact”. So if your cabinet hasn’t got enough space for its installation, you’ve got options.

It’s also got blue LED lights and a tempered glass door to keep harmful UV light away from the chamber. And the wooden shelves make accessing your drinks easy. And it comes with digital controls to easily set up the unit’s temperature.


13. Avallon 23-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Cooler


This is another compact cellar that’s designed to fit in small spaces like the Bodega and EdgeStar.

First, we like the minimalist construction of this Avallon fridge. However, its design makes it rather expensive.

Where this Avallon wine fridge does better than its Bodega and EdgeStar competitors is that it’s a dual-zone unit, unlike the other two single-zone coolers. Notwithstanding, you can still use the cellar as a single-zone model if that’s your desire.

We love that this dual-zone cellar comes with a lot of customizable options; you could even get a single-zone model of this fridge. And depending on your preference, a right- or left-hinge door is available for you to choose from.

And you can also make room for champagne and other larger-sized bottles by taking out some racks.

The heavily tempered glass door has an argon layer to further protect and preserve your collection. And LED lighting also protects the interior from UV rays. There’s also a carbon filter to make sure your wine chills in optimum condition.

And with a 23-inch footprint, it’s compact enough to be a built-in cellar or a freestanding one.


14. Lanbo 44-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Compressor Wine Cooler


With a capacity of 44 standard Bordeaux wine bottles, this Lanbo wine cooler is a unit for serious wine collectors.

The unit has two cooling zones; an upper zone for chilling your ready-to-serve whites, and a lower area for serving your favorite reds.

This built-in wine fridge has a footprint of 24 inches, making it compatible to be tucked-in the kitchen cabinet. This also makes it possible to install it as a freestanding unit without being bothered it’ll take up too much floor space.

This built-in wine fridge also uses compression cooling technology like most of the other best built-in wine coolers on this list.

And one common problem with compressor-powered wine coolers that we test out is their noisy operation and disturbing vibration. However, this Lanbo model eliminates these worries with its quiet operation and minimal vibration. It also cools your items evenly.

Another cool feature of this wine refrigerator is its temperature memory function that restores your cellar to its set temperature in the case of power failure.

The 44-bottle wine cooler also features a digital display to adjust the temperature settings to the optimal condition for chilling your drinks.

And the double-paned tempered glass door locks in its moisture and locks out unwanted UV rays. And soft blue lighting also elevates the look of this built-in wine fridge.

We also like that this model comes fitted with sliding beech wood shelves that provide enough wiggle room for chilling wine bottles of other sizes. Plus they won’t tear the labels of your wine collection.


15. Lanbo Dual-zone Built-in Wine and Beverage Cooler


While this Lanbo model may not be the best built-in refrigerator, it’s got some cool features worthy of recognition.

First, this unit isn’t only a wine cooler like the other built-in wine fridges. It’s got two cooling zones; the left compartment for chilling your ready-to-serve wines and a right compartment for chilling canned beer and other beverages.

So you probably won’t need another chiller for your canned drinks when hosting guests or small parties.

However, you can only store either your white or red wine in the left cooling zone as you can’t serve both drinks at the same temperature.

The good thing is this unit is very flexible: so instead of storing cans in the right zone, you can store your whites. And we love that both cooling zones have their digital temperature controls.

Keep in mind that the left compartment has sliding wood shelving while the beverage section has metal shelving.

This high-performance built-in wine cooler that we tried uses compression-based technology to chill your drinks evenly.

The exterior is also constructed with stainless steel like the other built-in wine coolers. And the tempered glass door is designed using two panes. This also makes it UV-resistant.

Unlike most of the other best wine fridges, this one spot white LED lighting. However, there were rare complaints that the light didn’t stay on for long.

Furthermore, its front ventilation system makes it perfect to be installed anywhere in the kitchen as a freestanding unit or as an undercounter refrigerator.

Another major selling point of this Lanbo dual-zone wine cooler is that it’s not as expensive as many other models that function like it.

It comes with a security lock to restrict access to your collection. And there’s also a carbon filter to further preserve the flavors and aromas of your wines.

However, the deal-breaker for us is that it runs loudly.


Buying Guide: Factors to Consider when Choosing The Best Built-in Wine Cooler

Wine fridges don’t usually come cheap. And while most wine coolers may appear to have similar features, they’re different.

Here, we’ll show you the factors you need to consider before deciding on one option from the list of the best built-in wine coolers.


Built-in wine cooler

Built-in wine fridges are designed for under-counter installation. You can check the best under-counter wine fridge on our site

But they don’t just fit under any kitchen counter. The best cabinet for them is a wine fridge cabinet as it’s got a dedicated space with the right dimension to accommodate your wine cellar.

However, if you don’t have such a cabinet, you can install it in your regular cabinet; however, you’ll have to measure the space provided and get a wine cooler that fits the measurement.

Freestanding wine cooler

A freestanding wine cooler is more versatile than a built-in model as you can install it anywhere. The good thing is that most of the built-in wine fridges on this list are flexible enough for standalone installation.

You can also have a look at the Avalon wine storage refrigerator which is also one of the best wine coolers.

Countertop cooler

These models are usually small and are perfect for serving a few bottles of wine. Their size makes them great for installing on the countertop. Some built-in wine coolers are also versatile for countertop installation.

Cooling Technology Type

There are basically two types of cooling systems that wine fridges use; compressor and thermoelectric cooling technology.

While a thermoelectric-based wine cooler has some pretty cool features, the compressor-based model is the best for a built-in wine fridge making it the best wine fridge 2023.

Compressor wine coolers

Compressor wine fridges are very powerful and effective as they compress air and try to maintain a stable temperature in the cooler’s interior.

These fridges can also cool a large collection, and it cools drinks over a wide range of temperatures. Another reason compressor coolers are highly sought after is that the external temperature doesn’t affect their function.

However, these units are usually large, heavy, and aren’t energy efficient.

Thermoelectric wine coolers

Thermoelectric wine coolers are also wine coolers with amazing features, however, they aren’t as powerful as the compressor-based cooler based on our evaluation.

Thermoelectric coolers are easily influenced by the ambient temperature, can only hold a few bottles, and usually take quite a long time to chill.

That said, they’re very versatile and lightweight as they don’t have compressors. They also run quietly and vibration-freely and are more energy-efficient.

Single or Dual Cooling Zones

A single-zone cooler is best for wine collectors that need a dedicated fridge for either their whites or reds. These coolers have only one cooling zone and aren’t very versatile.

A dual-zone cooler on the other hand is more versatile and comes with two independent cooling zones for storing your favorite whites and reds. This unit is best for collectors with a mixed collection.

Experts have talked about the best wine coolers dual zone on our blog.

Storage Capacity

The number of bottles your built-in wine cooler can handle at a time and its footprint goes hand in hand.

If you have a small kitchen, you may require a unit with smaller storage. However, if you’ve got a larger kitchen, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Also, determine how many bottles are in your collection now and how that number can grow over time. Keep in mind that the standard bottle size used for wine refrigerators is the Bordeaux bottle. Also, if you’ve got a collection of 18 bottles, you should get a fridge that can accommodate more than 18 bottles.

Experts have talked about the massive wine enthusiast classic 200 wine cellar on our blog.


A built-in wine fridge typically costs around $300 to several thousand dollars. And while you may want to get a built-in wine fridge with a generous capacity, these models are usually more expensive.

Those with special features also cost more. But if you’re spending a decent amount of money on your collection, investing in a top-quality wine cooler is a worthwhile investment.

Extra features

The best built-in cooler usually comes with add-ons such as touch control panels, safety locks, and LED lights.

While these can drive the cost of your appliance up, they make your cooler a real delight to use.

Wine Cooler Installation Cooling Technology Type Single/Dual Cooling Zones Storage Capacity Price Extra Features
Kalamera 46-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Cooler 4/5 4.5/5 Dual-zone 5/5 3.5/5 4.5/5
NutriChef 15-bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator 4.5/5 3/5 Single-zone 2.5/5 4.5/5 3/5
Wine Enthusiast 24-Bottle French Door Dual-Zone Compressor Wine Cooler 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 4/5 3.5/5 4/5
WineBoss 15″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator 28 Bottles 4.5/5 3/5 Single-zone 4/5 4/5 2.5/5
Ivation 24-bottle Single-zone Wine Fridge 4.5/5 3.5/5 Single-zone 4/5 3.5/5 3.5/5
NewAir 29-bottle Wine Cooler 4/5 3.5/5 Single-zone 4.5/5 3.5/5 3.5/5
Aobosi 24-inch Freestanding & Built-in Wine Cooler 4.5/5 4/5 Dual-zone 4/5 4/5 4/5
EdgeStar 30-bottle Built-in Wine Fridge 4/5 4/5 Single-zone 4/5 3/5 3/5
VINERIE Elegant 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerators 5/5 4/5 Single-zone 2/5 3/5 3/5
Antarctic Star 28-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Fridge 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 3/5 4/5 3/5
Phiestina 30 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Beverage Refrigerator 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 3/5 3/5 4/5
Bodega 31-bottle Built-in Wine Cooler 4/5 4/5 Single-zone 3/5 4/5 3/5
Avallon 23-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Wine Cooler 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 2/5 3/5 3/5
Lanbo 44-bottle Dual-zone Built-in Compressor Wine Cooler 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 4/5 3/5 3/5
Lanbo Dual-zone Built-in Wine and Beverage Cooler 4/5 4/5 Dual-zone 3/5 4/5 3/5


Our top pick for the best built-in wine cooler in 2023 is the Kalamera dual-zone cellar that’s got the perfect size to accommodate 46 bottles of wine. This has been tried and tested and also serves your wine in optimum conditions. Although you may need a more compact cooler or one that’s dedicated to storing one type of wine. Whichever it is, this list has a wine cellar for everyone.

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