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Best Commercial Blenders | What is the Best Commercial Blender?

Best Commercial Blender
Blendtec Stealth 885
Quietest Commercial Blender
Vitamix Quiet One Blender
Best Budget Commercial Blender
CleanBlend 2001

Choosing the right commercial blender that can process high volumes of drinks for your business without chasing your customers away with its noise can be a difficult task.

For this article, we spent hours testing and researching some of the best commercial blenders on the market. And based on performance, our best commercial blender Blendtec Stealth 885 blender. The Blendtec Stealth 885 came with a powerful 3.8 HP motor that produced the smoothest smoothies. Despite that power, it wasn’t noisy because of its sound enclosure.

Now we understand that you’d want to explore other options to make your choice, so here’s a roundup of our best 8 commercial blenders.

Best Commercial Blenders Top Picks and Quick Summary

  • 1. Best Commercial Blender - Blendtec Stealth 885

    This blender comes with an impressive 3.8 HP motor for making smoothies, dips, soups, and processing tough food items. It also allows you to create custom food programs for quickly whipping up your customers’ favorite beverages.

  • 2. Quietest Commercial Blender - Vitamix Quiet One Blender

    The Vitamix – The Quiet One doesn’t bear its name for no reason. It’s our quietest blender with its advanced soundproof technology, making it a wise investment for bars and commercial centers. It’s also very powerful in preparing delicious juices.

  • 3. Best Budget Commercial Blender - CleanBlend 2001

    Most commercial blenders come with high price tags: the Cleanblend 2001 proved to be the best valuable blender on our list.

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List of Top Rated Commercial Blenders

1. Blendtec Stealth 885


For owners of smoothie shops looking for the best blender to serve their customers the best-tasting smoothies, you can rely on the Blendtec Stealth 885.

First, the workhorse comes with an impressive 3.8-horsepower motor for blending smoothies and other drinks in 14 seconds or less. But most importantly, our tests showed that the Blendtec Stealth was great at crushing ice and processing frozen drinks, fruits, and vegetables. You can also blend hot soups with it.

The whole unit is made of impact-resistance plastic as a mark of its durability. The container’s 96 ounces capacity will is designed to prepare drinks for a large number of people per time – impressively, it can make 200 cups of drinks per day. The Blendtec Stealth 885 blender comes with two WildSide jars to quickly mix different recipes without having to spend time washing one for repeat use.

Whether you plan to use it in a café or busy kitchen, you can rest assured that the 42 pre-programmed settings will let you blend your favorite drinks and food to perfection with the touch of a screen. The backlit display also aids the easy operation of this blender. Also, as a tech-focused company, Blendtec made it possible to create custom food programs and store them in the blender for repeat use.

It comes with an innovative sound enclosure that covers the blender and dampens its noise so you can quickly whip up delicious drinks without disturbing your customers.

On the flip side, while we loved the soundproof enclosure, it made the blender bulky.


2. Vitamix Quiet One Blender


While it’s commonplace to see blenders feature noise-dampening technology, the Vitamix Quiet One takes it a step further. It comes fitted with a thick plastic sound enclosure that covers the blender and traps sound. The rubber foot also reduces the sound of vibrations, making it the quietest blender on our list. Now let’s explore some of the other features that make it one of the bests.

The Vitamix Quiet One packs 3 Horsepower in its powerful motor, making it capable to blend and mix some of the toughest ingredients like nut butters and spreads. However, it’s better suited to preparing drinks rather than food. So it’s been described as the best smoothie blender.

You can also control the blender manually or automatically: the speed control allows for manual food prep while the 6 pre-programmed settings and 34 available settings make it easy to quickly blend your ingredients to perfection. We also like that it features push button controls rather than those with control knobs.

It also has a 48-ounce blending capacity which is smaller than the Blendtec Stealth but enough to fit most of what we wanted to prepare in one blend. The design of the new Vitamix advance container with a no-drip pour spout makes it easy to collect drinks in bowls or cups.

While this blender is designed for commercial use, some home chefs may want to use it for domestic cooking. Keep in mind that using this blender at home voids the warranty.


3. CleanBlend 2001


4. Waring MX1500XTX Commercial Blender


One of the top brands making some of the best blenders is Waring. Their commercial models, especially the Xtreme blenders are some of the most sought-after.

The Waring MX1500XTX is the most coveted Waring Xtreme blender. First, it comes with an impressive 3.5-HP motor to pulverize your fruits, vegetables, nut butters, ice cubes, etc., at high speed. The razor-sharp stainless steel blade also aids in the faster blending of this food processor.

However, for most blenders, more power means more noise. Well, that’s false for the Waring MX1500XTX. It has a sound enclosure that dampens sound: although it’s not as developed as those used in the Vitamix Quiet One and Blendtec Stealth 885, it does a good job of ensuring you don’t scare your customers away with your blending.

Another feature that makes this Xtreme commercial bar blender great for bars and shops is its 64-ounce BPA-free pitcher which is large enough to process large volumes of food.  Aside from the capacity, the design of the jar ensures a better flow of your ingredients when blending.

And finally, the LCD screen and manual pre-programmable controls make this blender intuitive to use. And to crown its features, the Waring MX1500XTX is more affordable than our top Blendtec and Vitamix models.


5. Blendtec Total Classic


One of the most powerful blenders on this list is this Blendtec Total blender.

While this one doesn’t have a sound enclosure like our top Blendtec Stealth, it’s one of the best blendtec blender being budget-friendly on this list. It also comes with a 90-ounce WildSide pitcher like the Stealth 885 for processing large volumes of produce in one go.

Despite its cheaper price, it packs a 3 HP motor making it suitable for heavy-duty use in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Its fast blending makes it great for processing hot soups and frozen beverages. And with its six presets, you’ll be able to do anything from making smoothies to blending soups with just the push of a button.

This model features manual controls and ten variable speed settings for faster blending. With this high speed, it can be used as a milk frother when blending hot coffee and other protein drinks.  Like other Blendtec blenders, this one has the self-clean feature.

On the flip side, this blender wasn’t as easy to use as the other models we tested. And there were no extras like a tamper for thick recipes or stainless steel blades.


6. Vitamix 62826 Vita-Prep 3 Commercial Blender


Unlike the Vitamix Quiet One designed for processing beverages, the Vitamix Vita Prep 3 is a more versatile appliance. You can use it in preparing virtually all the types of recipes you can whip up with your household blender.

What we don’t like about the Vita Prep 3 is that it doesn’t come with presets or a countdown timer like The Quiet One. But in our, test, we observed it was one of the easiest blenders to use as the settings were basic – a knob for selecting from the 10-speed settings and a switch.

It has a 3-HP motor like most of the blenders on this list. But its power and blades are more efficient at cutting through tougher foods than most others.

The pitcher is a 64-ounce BPA-free jar for preparing large volumes of items at a time. Although it’s compatible with 48 and 32-ounce blender jars.

Finally, it has a 3-year warranty like most of the other heavy-duty blenders. This is just a basic blender, except that it’s more versatile than many of the others.


7. Hamilton Beach HBH650 Tempest Commercial Blender


The Hamilton Beach HBH650 is one of a kind. It belongs to a special group of Hamilton Beach Blenders that are recognized as commercial high-performance blenders. This is different from the brand’s bar blenders.

The HBH650 has a powerful 3 HP motor to blend frozen fruit, nut butter, smoothie, and other frozen drinks. We can call the HBH650 a beverage blender as it doesn’t really do a good job in processing other tough ingredients. Despite the power, we observed that it never overheated as it came with overheat protection to guard against this.

One feature we found interesting in our test was the jar pad sensor. This turned off the blender when we mistakenly positioned the pitcher incorrectly. In our test, we found the control panel was also intuitive to use as it featured a pulse function and a knob with 2 speeds: nonetheless, we’d have preferred if it were a push-button or touchscreen control.


When we tested for blending performance, we liked the wave action method which it used to pull food down to the blades. While this resulted in a smoother blend, the force caused the lid to pop off, so take precautions and place your hand on the lid to avoid having your soup splatter all over the place.

While the unit performed well in our tests, we didn’t think it was worth the price. There were no presets, so the operation was manual. And we thought Hamilton Beach could have done better with the design.


8. Bamix Professional G200 Gastro Pro 2


We’re rounding off our list with an immersion blender.

While you may not think immersion blenders are powerful enough for working in spaces like restaurants and cafes, they have a place in these settings. Immersion blenders can be used to make small batches of soups, shakes, salsas, etc. All you have to do is dip them in the bowl or container and blend away.

One of the most appealing features of handheld blenders is that they’re lightweight and easy to use: this Bamix G200 comes with only 2 settings for continuous or pulse blending. While the 200-watt motor may not seem strong enough to process any food, that’s all this tool needs to help you make delicious purees for your customers.


The long neck also means it can blend your soups without making a mess of your space. Plus this length puts the motor at a safe distance from getting in contact with any liquid. It also has four interchangeable blades, and you can get all this goodness for less than $300.

Finally, as a mark of its quality, it’ll serve your kitchen for 10 years. And it may interest you to know that Bamix is the first company to make handheld blenders, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best product on the market.


Factors to Consider when Buying The Best Commercial Blender

If you’re looking to buy a new commercial blender for your business, here are the top features you should look out for to make an informed decision.

Commercial vs household blenders

Household blenders are cheaper and more versatile than commercial ones, so should you get a household blender for your bar?

Well, commercial blenders are designed to be more powerful than household models: this is because they have more powerful motors. While household blenders tend to last longer than commercial units, commercial units handle more tasks, so they have overheating protection and water infiltration apparatus.

Also, the blades of commercial blenders are different from those of household blenders because they serve different purposes. Commercial units are finer because they’re designed for making milkshakes, smoothies, soups, frappes, and different juices and cocktails. Household blenders, on the other hand, have wider use: they can process other kinds of ingredients for cooking.

Blending power

The primary feature to consider when getting a blender is its performance. At the least, you want your blender to be able to use your unit in juice bars to blend the basics like smoothies, soups, and sauces from frozen fruits, veggies. You also want the motor to be powerful enough to crush ice cubes and process tougher recipes like nut butter.

To process these recipes, you need a commercial-grade blender with a minimum of 2 horsepower peak and 1200 watts. We recommend you get a model with 3 horsepower as you can do a lot with that extra power.


Price plays a big role in determining the kind of commercial blender you should buy. The most expensive blenders tend to be more durable and have more appealing features like electronic controls, quieter operation, and more pre-programmed functions. While cheaper models usually come with lesser warranties and are less intuitive to use.

Operating noise

Blenders are noisy appliances, and you don’t want to scare your customers with the noise. So consider a model with a sound enclosed system to dampen the noise and create a peaceful environment for your customers.


A blender’s warranty, sometimes, is a mark of its quality and durability. Since you’ll be crushing solids and other tough ingredients for a large number of people, you’ll require a blender that can withstand heavy use and wear and tear. A blender with a 2-year warranty will be a good place to start. And getting a high-end model like the Blendtec Stealth 885 will prove to be a long-term investment.

Blender jar and capacity

When choosing a heavy-duty blender, pay attention to the size as you’ll be processing drinks for many customers daily. So go blenders with sizes ranging from 64 to 90 ounces. More importantly, is the material it’s made of. Blender jars are made mostly of made of plastic or glass. There are some models with stainless steel pitchers, which are more durable: however, they don’t let you see their content.

Glass jars make their blenders heavy. Plastic jars are lighter-weight: however, ensure yours is made of BPA-free plastic.


If you’re looking for a blender that’s easy to operate, opt for a model with electronic controls as they’re more intuitive than models with knobs. Also, models with electronic control panels tend to offer more features and pre-programmed settings than those with knob or toggle controls.

Also, considered the number of presets your unit comes with as it’ll determine how fast and easy it’ll be to whip up drinks for your customers.

Types of Commercial Blenders

There are three types of commercial blenders: food blenders, bar blenders, and immersion blenders.

Food blenders are great for making large volumes of thick drinks and processing food items. And they can handle many daily blending operations.

Bar blenders are great for making drinks: hence, they don’t have the high performance of food blenders.

Immersion or handheld blenders are designed for smaller tasks like chopping soft foods and making dips and creams that don’t require the use of a full-sized blender.

FAQs about The Best Commercial Blenders

Yes, you can use your household blender in a commercial setting. However, a household blender is not designed for heavy use and won’t last as long as a commercial blender will. Secondly, using household models in a commercial setup like a restaurant or bar will void their warranties.

Our Recommendation

The Blendtec Stealth 885 blender is our top pick for the best high-performance blender because of the exceptional performance it showed in our tests. It had the most powerful motor and was able to blitz through fruits and vegetables in speed time.

By now, it’s no doubt that Vitamix commercial blenders are some of the best there is, and the Vitamix Quiet blender was a close second best: many thanks to its impressive performance and quiet operation. The CleanBlend wasn’t as powerful and quiet as the previous two, but it proved to be a great bang for the buck. You can also check best blender for dorm aswell.

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