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Best cookware for induction cooktop

Editor's Pick
Caraway Cookware Set
Best Nonstick
Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC)
Best Budget
T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set

If you’ve got an induction cooktop, then you may want to do some extra research to find the best induction compatible cookware set for your kitchen. After all, not all cookware sets match the induction cooking surface, so it is crucial to pick the right choice to get the most out of your cookware for induction cooktop.

As a food expert with professional cooking experience for over 10 years, I have tested and compared a variety of cookware sets – both traditional and modern – to find the best choices available in the market for different cooking surfaces. I have over 15 years of experience reviewing all types of pots and pans. I have also dedicated more than 50 hours researching and testing different cookware and stovetops to find the best option out there.

Previously, we have introduced you to the best cookware for electric cooktops and the best pots and pans without Teflon, but in this article we will we digging deep into the best cookware for induction cooktops and what you should invest your precious money in. Keep reading to find out more!

Induction Cookware Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 9 Top Rated Cookware for Induction Stovetops 2022

1. Caraway Cookware Set

Editor’s Pick for Best Caraway Cookware Set

Feast your eyes on the incredibly appealing Caraway cookware set that is our top pick for the best induction cookware sets. This cooking set is the ideal ceramic cookware that comes a fabulous nonstick pan, dutch oven, sauté pan, and a sauce pan. Not only is it a perfect all-rounder for all tasks cooking related – be it simmering, boiling, searing, sauteing, baking, etc., – but it is also suitable for induction cooktops.

When we tested this cookware in our lab, thanks to its mineral based ceramic surface, it requires very little fat to cook your food in, making it a far healthier option than most cooking sets in the market. Additionally, it is easy to wipe clean with a cloth or a sponge and does not require any form of aggressive scrubbing.

This Caraway cookware set is completely free of PTFE, such as Teflon, PFOA, PFAs, and other harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, and toxins. When we tested these pots and pans under high heat, they did not release any strong, harmful fumes. These are notorious for leeching onto your food and when reacting with heat, these release fumes that may result in breathing problems, coughing, etc.

It is perfectly safe to use on your induction cooktop and thanks to its great design, it ensures that all the heat is evenly distributed to your food.


2. Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC)

Best Nonstick Cookware for Induction Cooktops

While there may be unlimited nonstick pots and pans and other induction compatible cookware in the market, nothing quite beats the quality and durability that comes with this fantastic Misen cooking set. You can also check the Greenpan comparison chart on our blog.

It provides you with everything you will need for some serious cooking. This Misen cookware set is constructed with three-layer DuPont platinum with ceramic outer coating and an extremely durable cooking base that is nonstick and does not scrape off or scratch easily. In fact, it comes with extra durability with 2-5 years of use. The nonstick surface is combined with a unique plasma primer that helps this set to outperform its competitors.

As we tested it, we noticed that this induction cookware comes with ample nonstick pans including sauciers, a saute pan, and a rondeau, as well as tools for most tasks. The 8 QT stockpot is equipped with tall sides and good capacity for stock making, boiling, steaming, etc. It is also easy and quick to clean with just a soapy sponge.

This cookware is also oven safe up to 450° F and it is PFOA-Free!


3. T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set

Best Budget-Friendly Cookware for Induction Cooktops

This T-Fal induction compatible cookware is the perfect selection for those looking for a variety, durability, and longevity, all under an affordable price tag. This 8 PC set includes egg frying pan, 2 saucepans with lids, stockpot, stainless steel steamer insert, and 2 nylon tools for easy and convenient cooking. Nothing beats the price for this induction compatible set.

Not only does it include all the necessary cookware, but it is also stunning to look at and keep in your kitchen cabinets. As we tested it, we noted that its scratch resistant, durable, nonstick surface is toxin free and built of hard titanium reinforced nonstick base that can withstand rigorous use with gooey, sticky messes.

In addition, it comes with an anti-warping, even heat base and a patented thermo spot technology which ensures even heat conductivity and distribution to your foods. You can also benefit from its thermo spot indicator in the middle of the pans that turns solid red when it is perfectly preheated and ready for a delicious and sizzling cooking session.

This T-Fal induction cooktop set is also equipped with riveted handles and vented lids. The handles stay cool to the touch even when cooking on higher heat and they are sturdy, so you never have to worry about spilling food. The glass lid maintains visibility while also trapping heat and moisture for cooking your meals.

All this at an extremely affordable price is just irresistible!


4. Abbio Cookware Set (5 PC)

Best Scratch-Resistant Cookware for Induction Cooktops

Looking for durable cookware that is ultra scratch-resistant? Look no further than this Abbio 5 PC cookware set that is specially engineered for demanding, rough daily use. This set also combines the perfect induction compatible nonstick pots and pans as well as stainless steel cookware.

You don’t need to spend your precious money on several different pots and pans; all you need is the right cookware set that is compatible with your induction cooktops. This modern and sleek Abbio cooking set is just the right option for you. It includes large and small nonstick skillets, a stock pot with lid, a sauté pan with lid, and a sauce pan with lid as well.

We carefully tested this set and all 5 pieces feature Abbio’s fully clad construction which ensures even heating, great nonstick properties, a smooth cooking surface. These also come with a high-temp silicone hot pad for you to serve your meals on when your pan is straight out of the oven as it is oven-safe.

Abbio’s construction of this induction cooking set is not only fabulous to look at but it combines the best of both worlds: nonstick and stainless steel. The stock pot, sauté pan, and sauce pan are stainless steel, while the frying pans are nonstick.


5. Hexclad Specialty Bundle Cookware (3 PC)

Best Versatile Cookware Set for Induction Cooktops

As its name suggests, this Hexclad cookware set is truly special! It is the perfect kit for a anyone who loves cooking as it comes equipped with the most necessary pans needed to cook most, if not all types of foods. This specialty bundle is designed specifically to fulfill all your cooking requirements without spending too much money on a number of pots and pans that may stay in your kitchen cabinets collecting cobwebs.

Its versatility isn’t the only thing that makes this cookware set a special bundle; it is a collection of the most popular and bestselling Hexclad cookware. This set comes with a 12″ griddle pan that is perfect for a big, weekend breakfast fiesta. You can cook fried eggs, omelettes, fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, stacks of pancakes, and sausages, as well as a variety of other items. In fact, you can even grill chicken breasts, kebabs, shrimp, sandwiches on it and enjoy the creative cooking experience.

It also comes with a Hexclad 14″ wok that is simply perfect for the most delicious stir-fry, pastas, noodles, soups, etc. The massive surface area for cooking makes it ideal for when you are cooking for the entire family or a gathering.

The 1 QT hybrid pot is the next addition and it is ideal for simmering and making your stocks, sauces, reheating soups, boiling water, etc. It is a necessary addition to your kitchen and cooking routine.

Its truly hybrid versatility, simplicity, and excellent temperature control make it a fine induction compatible cookware that is also dishwasher safe and super easy to clean. In addition, it is oven friendly up to 500*F and is 100% PFOA free, which makes it a terrific choice for healthy cooking.


6. Amazon Basics Frying Pan Set (3 PC)

Best Frying Pans for Induction Cooktops

One of the most used and in-demand cookware item is the frying pan. Good quality cookware set doesn’t always have to be ultra-expensive, especially if it is durable stainless steel. These Amazon frying pans are an essential buy for your kitchen if you are on the hunt for an easy, stress-free cooking surface that makes the whole process fun!

These three frying pans are stainless steel, making them almost invincible and able to fully resist and combat corrosion. They are easy to clean and maintain and do not dull over time after many uses. Additionally, they don’t react with food the same way a lot of nonstick cookware does, and these can also withstand high heat.

With excellent heat conduction, these frying pans ensure good heat distribution on our induction cooktop and the smart design makes them spill-proof. Its ergonomic handle prevents spills or and the universal lid fits all your pans perfectly, while also making most of your storage space.

This Amazon frying pan cookware set is safe against metal utensils so you never have to worry about any chipping or scratching on the bottom surface. It is also dishwasher safe.


7. Duxtop Professional Cookware Set (19 PC)

Best Stainless Steel Cookware for Induction Cooktops

If you’re on the lookout for a good quality stainless steel cookware set for your induction cooktop, then we recommend this Duxtop set which comes equipped with utensils and a variety of pots and pans that will fulfill all your cooking requirements. You can practically cook all types of cuisines and recipes, thanks to the numerous types of different pans it comes with.

This cookware is made of premium food grade 18/10 stainless steel with a heavy bottom that is equipped with impact-bonded technology which will last you a long time. It also preserves the flavor and seasoning of your foods.

Thanks to its special construction and the heavy guage impacted-bonded aluminum encapsulated base offers quick and energy efficient heating. Additionally, it comes with a traditional straight side, dip-free pouring design that keeps your food contents secure within. The stainless steel rivets keeps the handle firmly glued the pan and it remains cool and comfortable during cooking.

Another impressive quality for this cookware set is that it comes with 19 stainless steel pieces that are perfect for all foods and recipes.


8. Momostar Induction Cookware Set (3 PC)

Best Starter Cookware Set for Induction Cooktops

If you are new to cooking and are looking for high quality, affordable started cooking set for your induction cooktop, then this Momostar 3 PC set is a great place to start! Not only does it come with all the necessary pans you may need for a variety of recipes, but it also looks sleek and stylish when stored in your kitchen cabinets and are induction friendly.

This set includes a 10″ frying pan, a 10* sauté pan, and a 2 QT sauce pan with a lid. It is completely oven safe so you can even make your pasta bakes, lasagna, and breads in them as well! There is no need to transfer the food to a different oven safe baking dish and add to the pile of dirty dishes for later when you can directly transfer it in the oven.

Additionally, this great starter pack cookware set for your induction cooktop is 100% PTFA, PFOA, and cadmium free. This makes it a healthier option compared to other nonstick cookware. These pots and pans also heat up quickly and evenly and require less fat to cook your food in.

You can wash them in your dishwasher to save time as well!


9. CAROTE Nonstick Granite Cookware

Best Granite Nonstick Cookware for Induction Cooktops

This ultra-stylish, classic designed, and aesthetically pleasing CAROTE granite cookware is a treat for the eyes! While it has a granite finish, it is also nonstick and easy to use with all kinds of recipes.

This set is SGS approved and also provides 100% protection against PFOS, PFOA, to keep your food healthy and chemical free. In addition, all the pieces in this set are easy to clean and the rivetless interior keeps the food or sauce from sticking to the crevices and those hard-to-get-to sides. All you need is to wipe it clean with a paper towel and rinse with water which saves a lot of time when doing your dishes.

Previously, we have talked about the best cookware for electric stove tops. If you like this comparison, make sure you give it a read as well.

This set includes a 9.5* frying skillet, 11* frying skillet, 2.3 QT casserole dish with a lid, 4.3 QT casserole dish with lid, 6 QT casserole dish with a lid, and a 1.5 QT sauce pan with its lid. Thus, this collection can be used to cook a variety of recipes on your induction burner.

This magnetic stainless steel base cookware allows the nonstick granite to work perfectly on the induction hob. Additionally, each piece undergoes a multi inspection process to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Cookware for Induction Stovetops

Induction Compatibility

It goes without saying that before you spend hundreds of precious dollars on the best cookware for your induction cooktops, it is paramount to first check whether it is even induction compatible. For cooking sets to work with induction stoves, they must contain ferromagnetic materials, which indicates their properties to work efficiently on a induction hob. The easiest way to determine this, in case you have been gifted cookware is by placing a magnet inside and checking if it sticks to the bottom of the pan. If it does, it it compatible with your induction cooktop. If it doesn’t, or if it is weak, then it might to work with an induction range.


One of the key elements to note before purchasing a cookware set for your induction stove is he weight of the individual pots and pans. This is because your induction cooktops have a glass surface and an extremely heavy wok, dutch oven, saute pan, or even fry pan may crack or chip the glass top. Most cookware websites will indicate the weight of each piece in the set so you can check it beforehand.


Induction ranges can be expensive, which is why you shouldn’t skimp on money when it comes to quality cookware for it. Platinum, high end quality can be pricey so keep that in mind before you start searching for a cookware set. You can also find cheaper varieties but bear in mind that these won’t last you long and the low price equates to poorer durability and lower quality construction.

Heat Distribution

It is important to invest in good quality induction cookware that also ensures even heat distribution. Without this handy feature, you may notice that your meals are unevenly cooked, cold, or lukewarm in the middle, or plain hard from the corners because it hasn’t been cooked evenly. Good cooking pieces for your induction stove are good heat conductors and distributors.


Nonstick or granite nonstick cookware can require a little extra maintenance and effort to get the most out of them. This is because most nonstick and granite pans come with a nonstick coating and primer on the bottom and corner surfaces to keep the food from sticking to it. To keep this long term, you may have to wash your cooking sets by hand to avoid chipping, cracking, or peeling of the nonstick surface. Take the time to find the right cookware for your induction stovetop so that you know the time you will need to invest in the maintenance for it. Some stainless steel varieties are perfectly dishwasher safe so sometimes it may be a better alternative.

The best cookware for induction cooktop is the Caraway Cookware Set.

FAQs About the Top Induction Friendly Cookware

The answer to this depends on the type of induction oven you own and the manufacturer, but a rule of thumb is to not exceed 45 to 50 pounds of weight per burner.

No, these special ovens are specifically designed to withstand the heat from the stove and the glass is extremely resilient against it.

Yes, induction stoves are completely worth it, thanks to their unmatched temperature control and sleek design. While it may take some time getting used to them, they come with far more advantages than electric or gas stoves, adjusting better to temperature changes and taking little time to cool down after you are done cooking.

Previously, we have talked about best cookware for gas stove , Greenpan comparison chart and best cookware for electric stove tops.

Yes, you can use cast iron pans on induction stoves as they come with ferrous metals that contain iron and induction stoves require a magnetic layer to generate heat. Thus, these will work just fine on your induction cooktop.

No, it is not hard to clean an induction stove. You can simply use paper towels or a damp cloth to wipe it down after it has cooled. They are designed to cope with spills and stains and can be easily cleaned with a cloth, paper towel, or even a sponge.

Our Recommendation

Our top recommendation for best cookware choice for an induction stove is the Caraway Cookware Set for its aesthetic appeal, and smooth ceramic nonstick coating which alleviates the cooking experience and will last you a long time. It is also unlike most other nonstick pans that easily begin to chip after a few uses.

Our second best pick is the Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC) which is an ultra-modern design with a thick bottom and a sturdy nonstick coating that can withstand rough use and offers longevity.

Our final pick is the T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set as it comes with a variety of pieces and costs very little. It is extremely budget-friendly and fulfills all cooking requirements and tasks.

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