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Best cookware set

Editor's Pick
Caraway Cookware Set
Best Nonstick
Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC)
Best Budget
T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set (12 PC)

The best cookware set is the Caraway Cookware Set. There are countless cookware brands in the market that offer a range of pots and pans made from different materials that are unique in their own right. Some home chefs prefer the ease of cooking that comes with nonstick pans, while others enjoy the look and cooking quality of copper cookware sets. No matter what you prefer, there is a type of cookware out there for you that fits your cooking style and requirements.

I have worked in the cooking industry for over 2 decades and have also dedicated over 50 hours of in-depth research about the best cookware sets in the market that make cooking and cleaning afterward a lot easier. I have also used multiple styles and designs of cookware from different brands such as Abbio, Caraway, All-Clad, Sardel, Misen, etc., in the past 30 years to pick the very best option, be it stainless steel cookware, nonstick cookware, cast iron cookware, carbon steel pots and pans, aluminum cookware, etc.

In this article, we bring to you the very best cookware in the market. You will learn how each of these top brands stack up in terms of budget, nonstick properties, oven safe features, durability, longevity, and more.

Top Picks for Best Cookware Sets

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List of 7 Top Rated Cookware 2022

1. Caraway Cookware Se

No other cookware set comes close to this incredibly appealing Caraway set. Its sleek, rustic, minimalist design makes it stand out among other pans. But, it isn’t just pretty to look at, this is also a nonstick cookware set and comes with a premium interior ceramic coating. Its superb construction ensures that your pot or pan heats evenly and you can use these to cook a variety of recipes, no matter how complex.

This cooking set is the ideal ceramic cookware that comes a fabulous nonstick pan, dutch oven, sauté pan, and a sauce pan. Not only is it a perfect all-rounder for all tasks cooking related – be it simmering, boiling, searing, sauteing, baking, etc., – but it is also suitable for induction cooktops.

Thanks to the mineral based ceramic interior, you don’t need to use excessive amounts of fat to cook your food. Since it is naturally slick, all you need is a few drops of oil or butter to get the perfect crisp or sear. It is also extremely easy to wipe clean with a wet sponge or damp cloth.

This Caraway cookware set is completely free of PTFE, such as Teflon, PFOA, PFAs, and other harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, and toxins. When we tested these pots and pans under high heat, they did not release any strong, harmful fumes that may otherwise leech into your food when cooking in Teflon pans.


2. Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC)

If you enjoy cooking in a nonstick cookware set, then look no further than this stunning Misen 12 PC set. This cookware comes equipped with a range of pots and pans that are perfect to fulfill all your cooking demands.

This Misen cookware set is constructed with three-layer DuPont platinum with ceramic outer coating and an extremely durable cooking base that is nonstick and does not scrape off or scratch easily. It also comes with extra durability that can last from 2-5 years, longer than any ordinary Teflon pan. This is thanks to its nonstick surface meshed with a unique plasma primer that makes it more resilient than its competitors.

This set is fully induction friendly and comes packed with sauciers, nonstick pans, a saute pan, and a rondeau. The 8 QT stockpot also comes with ultra tall sides for additional space and a great capacity for stock making as well as boiling and steaming foods.

This cookware is also oven safe up to 450° F and it is PFOA-Free!


3. T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set

This T-Fal induction compatible cookware is the perfect selection for those looking for a variety, durability, and longevity, all under an affordable price tag. It comes fully packed with a handy egg pan, 2 saucepans with lids, a stainless steel steamer inert, a stockpot, and 2 nylon tools for easy cooking. All this comes with an incredibly affordable price tag, making this a superb choice for those who want to enjoy a convenient cook experience without breaking the bank.

This T-Fal set is also completely scratch-resistant, durable, and its nonstick interior is toxin-free! It is constructed with hard titanium that can withstand hard stains as well as every day demanding use.

In addition, it comes with an anti-warping, even heat base and a patented thermo spot technology which ensures even heat conductivity and distribution to your foods. You can also benefit from its thermo spot indicator in the middle of the pans that turns solid red when it is perfectly preheated and ready for a delicious and sizzling cooking session.

Equipped with vented lids and riveted stainless steel handles with a covering on top to keep them comfortable to the touch, this set can be used on high heat and you never have to worry about spilling food out, thanks to its durability and sturdiness. The glass lids also allow you to keep an eye on your food and it traps heat and moisture to perfectly cook your food all the way through.


4. Made In Stainless Steel Set (6 PC)

This Made In cookware set is the best choice for those looking for a stainless steel option to cook food. It comes with 2 handy frying pans, a saucepan, and a stockpot, making this a perfect foundation for those who are new to premium cookware or for those who are looking to kickstart their home cooking journey.

Thanks to its stainless steel build, it provides even heat distribution. It is also extremely slick so you don’t have to pour tons of oil or butter to cook your food and keep it from sticking to the bottom. It is also easy to clean these pots and pans.

All the items in this set are fully induction friendly and the 5-ply design is manufactured in the U.S. and Italy. This stainless steel cookware is also oven-safe up to 800*F.


5. HexClad Hybrid Cookware Set (7 PC)

This Hexclad cookware set can withstand the most rough everyday use without showing signs of wear or tear. Thanks to its excellent durability and hybrid construction, this set is is completely dishwasher safe, oven safe, and you can even cook using metal spoons and other utensils as these Hexclad pots and pans do not scratch easily.

Hexclad offers you the best of both worlds by combining stainless steel with nonstick properties as well as a unique patented hexagon interior with a try-ply construction. The first layer consists of sturdy stainless steel following by premium aluminum middle that helps with even heat conduction and distribution.

Furthermore, this cookware set is completely PFOA-free and induction friendly!

You can check about Hard Anodized Vs Nonstick comparison on our blog!


6. Made In Copper Set

This stunning Made In copper cookware set is our top choice for this list thanks to its extremely impressive conductivity that matches with only those pots and pans found in the best restaurants.

It comes with Made In’s signature features such as the stay-cool handles, superb stainless steel interior cooking surface, and a user-friendly ergonomic design for easy maneuvering and handling.

Its superior heat conductivity is due to its composition of 90% premium copper and 10% stainless steel. It is also extremely versatile and can cook almost all recipes including stocks, risottos, pastas, etc. This set includes a 1.9 QT saucepan with lid, a 5.2 QT rondeau with its lid, and a 5.2 QT saucier with lid.


7. GreenPan Paris Pro Cookware (11 PC)

Ceramic coating is known for its non-toxic properties and nothing tops this GreenPan set when it comes to non-toxic, healthy cookware sets. This terrific set is a brilliant choice for those health conscious individuals who want to invest in their diet and overall well-being.

It includes 8″, 9.5″, and 11″ frying pans, a 1.5 QT and a 3 QT saucepan with lids, a 3 QT sauté pan with lid, and a 5 QT stockpot with its lid. Additionally, all the items in this nonstick cookware are free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, making it a super healthy choice for you, your family, and the environment!

We tested it with metallic utensils while cooking in it and as its diamond infused surface makes it extremely durable, we did not find any scratches. After we carefully tested it in our labs, we also noticed that it comes with a hard anodized body that is completely scratch-resistant and can withstand daily, rough use. You can check for anodized cookware reviews on our blog.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cookware

Before you invest in a cookware set, there are a variety of factors you should consider so you are sure to buy the best option for you. With so many brands and varieties of cookware in the market, it can get quite confusing and daunting when picking the right cookware for your kitchen and your cooking needs, but so long as you check these important factors, you can buy the best option and the best ceramic pans available in the market.


The first important factor to consider is the type of cookware you are looking for. Some prefer stainless steel pans, cast iron, copper core over nonstick, carbon steel, ceramic, etc. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. It is important to ask yourself what kind of foods you usually cook and whether you understand the proper care needed to keep your pans from signs of deterioration.

Heat Conductivity

Some pans perform better when it comes to heat conductivity and this is because of their construction and the type of metal used in their construction. Better heat conductivity means that your food will be heated quickly and evenly. Good cookware will react to the temperature changes and will retain heat for longer. Copper core is known to heat up quicker than stainless steel for instance.

There is a separate category for the best cookware for induction cooktop.


This is the single most important factor is determining which cookware you purchase. A good rule to follow is to buy the best cookware you can afford. There are varieties in the market that cost a lot, but there are also alternatives that you can pick instead if you are on a budget. This also depends on the construction material. Carbon steel cookware sets are more expensive than stainless steel pots.


Check user reviews as well as manufacturer guidelines on how you should store your cookware to make it last longer. Buying cookware that warps or stains easily is only a waste of your precious money.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the best pots and pans in the market, keep on reading! Read more on legend cookware vs all-clad.

FAQs About the Best Cookware to Buy

The best cookware for everyday use is often nonstick cookware as it is easy to maintain and cook different recipes in without worrying about cleaning touch stains or food glued to the bottom. Food easily washes off the pan without the need to scrub hard to chuck your pans in the dishwasher.

Sometimes chefs may use nonstick pans but since the pots and pans in a restaurant are subject to repeated wash cycles, high heat exposure, etc., most chefs prefer using steel or cast iron when cooking. The latter is nonstick as well as resistant to scratching or peeling like nonstick cookware.

Chefs use stainless steel pieces as they are practically indestructible and offer superior heat distribution. They also keep your food from sticking to the bottom if used correctly.

Yes, you should throw away traditional Teflon pans if they as they are scratched and the PFOA coating may begin to leech into your food when exposed to heat. New Teflon varieties often come with PFOA-free coating so they will last you a bit longer and are safer than traditional varieties.

Our Verdict

The best cookware is undoubtedly the Caraway Cookware Set for its superb versatility and aesthetics. Its naturally slick coating needs very little oil to cook your food in and it is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain compared to come other varieties of cookware.

The next best pick is the Misen Nonstick Cookware Set (12 PC) which is our top choice for nonstick cookware. It comes with multiple top layers that keeps your nonstick coating intact for longer and with proper care, you do not need to replace these pans for a long time. They are also toxin-free.

Our third top pick for this list is the T-Fal Professional Nonstick Set (12 PC) which comes with all kinds of cookware as well as handy tools and utensils which complete your cooking set and fulfill all your culinary needs. This set stands out for its outstanding affordable price tag.

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