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TOP 6 BEST Electric Fillet Knife [Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022]

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For anglers, fishermen, and anyone working with fishing tools, having a fillet knife is more of a necessity.

And filleting gets even better when you use an electric fillet knife.

First, it helps you fillet fish in a much shorter time. And secondly, their efficiency improves the size and quality of your fillets.

However, the best electric fillet knife does more than cut fish. It’s durable and won’t get dull easily; it’s comfortable to use, doesn’t overheat all the time, and puts you in control all the time; and it’s versatile enough to cut through all sorts of fishes and other items.

In this article, we’ll show you a list of the 6 best electric fillet knives in 2021 and the factors you need to consider when getting a great fillet knife.

Our Top Electric Fillet Knife Picks

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The 6 Best Electric Fish Fillet Knives Reviews of 2022

1. Serrated Carving Electric Knife Set By Chef PRO


Beginning our list is the Serrated Carving Electric Knife Set By Chef PRO– a broad-spectrum electric fillet knife option.

With over 8,000 reviews, this electric fillet knife is one kitchen appliance you’d surely want to wield.

This filleting knife comes with two high-quality stainless steel blades to help you undertake any and every cutting task in the kitchen; a thin blade for neatly carving meat, and a thicker one to cut through hard-crusted bread.

The ergonomic design of the electric knife ensures both right and left-handed people can comfortably make smooth cuts and have a firm grip while at it.

It’s got its two release buttons in front of its motor; making it easy for you to operate it. And to further make the appliance more user-friendly, the on and off control trigger is one-touch pressure activated. While the safety lock is the other button.

The electric knife also has a 4-ft long power cord that offers you freedom of movement as you work in the kitchen.

Another thoughtful addition by the manufacturer is the solid hardwood butcher block storage case for housing the blades and base of the electric fillet knife.

And to further assert itself as the best electric fillet knife for your kitchen, the durable blades are super sharp and attached to a powerful motor with a controllable speed.

Whatever your cutting needs are, the Serrated Carving Electric Knife Set By Chef PRO is up to the task.


2. Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife (Best cordless knife)


The first cool feature that makes the Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife rank among the best electric knives is the ergonomic design of the handle.

The looped, non-slip grip handle fits securely in your hand and makes filleting fish a breeze. The blade material and handle also feels lightweight giving you more comfort. With its safety lock and trigger guard, The Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is definitely a safe tool.

Their lithium-ion battery has the longest-running battery life of any electric fillet knife. And this fish fillet knife comes with two of these Lithium-ion batteries. Each battery has an LED indicator to show how much power remains of your batteries.

And then the blades are phenomenal. The Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife comes with four blades. Each blade material is durable and has a dual-riveted design to make filleting smooth. Plus it’s constructed with carbon stainless steel and coated with titanium nitride to resist corrosion.

The reciprocating blades include two flexible blades for filleting small to medium size fish (7 and 9-inch E-flex) and two stiffer blades for filleting medium to large size fish (9 and 12-inch E-stiff). The appliance makes cleaning fish easy as it’s got a ventilation system that helps maximize its motor power and torque quality.

So whether you need a filleting knife with an extended run time, unmatched versatility, that’s safe and comfortable to use, the Bubba Li-ion Cordless Electric Knife is your best bet.

It might be quite expensive but it’s a decent bang for your buck.


3. Mister Twister 120V Electric Fillet Piranha Knife (Best budget-friendly fillet knife)


The Mister Twister 120V Electric Fillet Piranha Knife is another budget-friendly but powerful knife with a well-thought-out design.

First, the construction of the blade is such that it’s designed to be slim to easily cut through fish and other items with great precision (regardless of their sizes). Overall, the knife is lightweight and built to prepare both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Another interesting feature of the Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife is its filleting speed and the amount of control it affords you. The CRM rating ensures you can push the fillet knife easily to complete the maximum cutting cycles in the shortest possible time.

As for the control, the Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife gives you that firm grip you’ve always desired. And the powerful motor produces just enough torque strength to comfortably fillet your fish without feeling fatigued.

However, the major drawback with the Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife is that it’s better suited to cutting meaty parts of fishes or softer fishes and meats.

One other thing that anglers love about Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife is the length of the cord which gives you enough reach to comfortably fillet your catch.

Oh, and the price makes it a good steal.

The Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife is all about comfort and ease of use. If you’re an angler who mostly fillet tough-skinned saltwater fish, the Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife may just be the right choice for you.

The remarkable knife provides you with great strength and is easy to control.


4. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife


The Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife is a pro knife with impressive torque power.

The powerful motor is such that it can run for a long time and comfortably fillet fish. Plus the knife gives you unmatched control over your cutting activity so that your results come out looking nice and flawless.

The knife has got lots of vents that allow for easy and advanced airflow to reduce overheating and vibrations. This feature and its heavy-duty capability are the major functions that make this Rapala tool arguably the best electric fillet knife.

Though corded, the 8-ft power cord allows you the freedom to move around while cutting your fish. And the ergonomic design of the handle will make cleaning your catch bliss.

Another cool feature of the Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife is that its stainless steel 7.5-inch blade is dishwasher-safe. And it’s easy to remove and replace it.

Cleaning can be fun, and this Rapala blade does just that. Its impressive power makes filleting a breeze, and for that, it deserves to be ranked among the best fillet knives every pro fisherman should own.




The first thing we love about the Chef PRO Pro Electric Knife is that it comes with 2 stainless steel replacement blades for various filleting tasks. And if you prefer, you can order the titanium blades.

The very sharp blades are corrosion-resistant, so you can use them to fillet saltwater and freshwater fish.

With each blade designed to cut a specific group of fish, you can use the larger blades to prepare big fishes like tuna, while the smaller ones can fillet smaller fishes like trout.

The Chef PRO Pro Electric Knife is one of the best filleting knives professional fishermen should have.

It’s got a powerful 110V superior drive train motor and boasts twice the torque power and 4x the lifespan of most other heavy-duty electric fillet knives.

You can use the 8-inch blades to cut through the tough scales, skin, and thick bones of large fishes, and they’ll do a fine job.

Another cool feature of the Chef PRO Pro Electric Knife is that the air flow design keeps the motor from overheating. This is so you can fillet a lot of fish and almost not feel the handle become hot.

When designing the Chef PRO Pro Electric Knife, the company had your comfort in mind and attached a mesh glove in the package.

Furthermore, the trigger guard is positioned under your index finger. And the ergonomic design of the handle also makes you not suffer fatigue from extended use.

The Chef PRO Pro Electric Fillet Knife is a corded knife with great quality and torque strength. And its filleting prowess that won’t disappoint you in any filler season has earned it a spot on the list of the best electric knives.


6. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo


The Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo is one of a kind. It might not be too different than the other knives, but it’s got some exceptional features.

The first thing we love about this electric fillet knife is that it comes with a lithium-ion battery with an extended run time.

Another exciting feature of the Li-ion battery is that it’s fast charging: A 2-hour recharge with its 110V AC charger can give you 80 minutes of run time. This way, you’ll have enough power to fillet a good number of fishes on a single charge.

And you can get replacement batteries if you’ll need more power if you’ll be on a boat without electricity.

This Rapala Fillet knife is also cordless to allow for freedom of movement around your table as you cut your fish. With this knife, it’s goodbye to corded electric fillet knives that limit your reach.

Second, the ergonomic design of the non-slip handle is such that you’ll have a firm grip filleting your catch whether you’re a pro fisherman or hobbyist.

Then the Rapala Li-ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife has got two serrated reciprocating blades. This makes cleaning and preparing your fish (even if it’s in large quantity) in a short space of time possible and easy.

The best fillet knife review would be incomplete without the Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo.

It boasts a long battery life and comes with two durable blades that make cutting any item a breeze. You’ll also get a wall charger and a carrying case to keep the equipment safe.

Its convenience and ease of use make it rank among the best fish fillet knives.


Differences Between Manual and Electric Fish Fillet Knives

While both manual and electric fillet knives cut fish cleanly, they’ve got a few differences.

First, a manual knife doesn’t need electricity to function. Your hand provides all the power it needs. While an electric model needs a power source like a wall socket or batteries to fillet fish.

This makes manual options more versatile and as they can be used everywhere. But electric knives have no use in places where there’s no power source or in situations when the battery runs down.

Secondly, you’ll have to cut along the rib cage to cut meat with a manual knife. But with an electric blade, you can through the ribs of the meat. If electric knives are not your thing, then here’s our reviews of Damascus kitchen knives. You can look into these and get a handy manual knife.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Electric Fillet Knives for Filleting Fish

Corded or cordless electric fillet knife

Both have got their advantages, and here’s the basic difference between a corded fish fillet knife and a cordless model.

A cordless electric fillet knife works on batteries. So you don’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet to use it. A corded electric fish fillet knife, on the other hand, must be plugged into a wall socket or an adapter to function.

Secondly, corded knives tend to be more powerful than cordless knives.

So cordless fillet knives offer you more flexibility and freedom of movement. But with corded ones, you’re constrained by the length of the cord.

The major drawback with cordless electric fillet knives is that the battery will eventually run out of power and will make cleaning fish difficult.

Handle material

One of the first things to consider when picking an electric fillet knife is how comfortable the handle is. Some handles are made with non-conductive materials that make it difficult to hold them.

The motor of these knives can get very hot (and even burn your hand), making handling them a pain.

So it’s better to opt for one with an insulated handle as you won’t feel the discomfort from using an overheated or vibrating electric knife.

And finally, go for one with an ergonomic design, non-slip grip and other safety features like a finger guard.

Safety features

Safety is a top issue when using an electric fillet knife. So go for anti-slip fillet knives with handles that are easy to grip.

An electric fillet knife with a blade lock feature and well-positioned on/off switch will also ensure that the knife doesn’t come on unexpectedly.

Also, choose a knife with a ventilation or cooling system to cushion the effects of an overheating motor. And having a portable storage case also counts toward safety.


Another factor to consider is the kind of blade the fish fillet knife has.

Will you be more comfortable with a serrated blade or one that has a straight edge?

Next, it’s more convenient to use a blade that is easy to remove. You can easily know about this by reading through reviews. And finally, some of the best electric knives are versatile, in that they offer more than one blade type with varying lengths.

This is so you can use the fillet knife to cut other products other than meat.

And another thing, blades forged with stainless steel or high-carbon steel are more durable.

If you’re filleting fishes for your BBQ parties, you’d want to store the fillets in the refrigerator. Good for you, here are our reviews for the best Undercounter Refrigerator so you can host those perfect grill parties.

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