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Best Kalamera Wine Coolers

Editor’s Choice
Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler
Best Aesthetic
Kalamera 24'' Wine Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone
Best Budget
Kalamera Mini Wine Cooler, 24 Bottle Single Zone

With a wide variety of top notch brands and all shapes and sizes of wine coolers, it can be hard picking just the right one for your home and your wine storage needs. Whether you are a wine expert and connoisseur, or simply enjoy sipping on fine wine in the evening or in social gatherings, investing in a good quality wine fridge is an absolute necessity to preserve the authentic taste of your expensive reds and whites.

A modern wine cooler with all the right temperature settings as well as smart features that keep your wine safe and in optimal storage conditions does the trick! One of the leading brands in large and compact, modern wine fridges is Kalamera. With their chic, sleek, and technologically advanced designs, as well as user friendly interface, these Kalamera fridges make the perfect addition to your kitchen or any other part of your home!

After thoroughly testing each pick listed in this article, we have compiled a handy list of the best Kalamera wine coolers that fit different user needs and demands, such as our top Editor’s Pick, the Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler and compact, aesthetic, freestanding options such as the Kalamera Mini Fridge Wine Refrigerator, 12 Bottle. We have thoroughly taken into account factors such as user reviews, price points, size and dimensions, unique smart features, built and quality, etc., to consider the requirements of different buyers.

Keep on reading to find out more about which Kalamera wine cooler is perfect for you, while also keeping track of their impressive qualities and price points. If you want to know more about wine storage, be sure to check out our articles about the best wine coolers in the market, as well as the best undercounter refrigerators

Kalamera Wine Cooler Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 6 Top Rated Kalamera Wine Coolers in 2022

1. Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler


Dual temperature; freestanding or built-in unit; Spacious, digital LED temperature control; built-in security lock; reversible door; sliding/removable shelves; blue interior LED lighting; embedded carbon filter and two interior fans.

Our Editor’s Pick for the best Kalamera Wine coolers is this sleek and dual-zone thermostat wine cooler. Not only is it perfect to chill all types of wines, but it also comes with 15 beechwood sliding shelves that can be used to add more space.

This Kalamera cooler can hold up to 157 wine bottles and its one-touch control allows you to modify and set the thermostat where you want it. Its modern, advanced compressor maintains even temperature readings whilst also being ultra-quiet with reduced vibrations that could otherwise interfere with the wine aging and cooling process.

Additionally, the triple-layered glass door provides UV resistance and the delicate blue LED lighting illuminates your wine collection beautifully. It also comes with a smooth, stainless steel door that adds to its aesthetic qualities. The built-in door lock also adds an extra layer of security for your expensive wine.


2. Kalamera 24'' Wine Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone


Dual temperature; ultra-silent compressor; soft blue LED lighting; removable beechwood shelves; LED temperature display; stainless steel door handle; built-in safety lock; freestanding or built-in installation.

This Kalamera is the perfect zest of luxury for your home interior. It is a built-in or freestanding cooling unit that is stunning to look at and provides the right storage environment for your expensive wines to age and chill.

It stands out for its beautiful design and compact build which can fit in any room, under any counter. For a compact fridge, it also offers ample wine storage space so you don’t have to spend too much on a large wine fridge.

This fridge comes with a built-in lock for your wine safety and the triple tempered reversible glass door is UV resistant, easy to use from both sides, and sleek in appearance. The layered glass also stabilizes interior temperature and never fogs over. The beautiful blue LED lighting illuminates your wine collection for all those who enter your space.

Despite its compact build, this wine cooler can easily hold up to 46 wine bottles and you can remove some of the beechwood rolling shelves to make even more space if you like.


3. Kalamera Mini Wine Cooler, 24 Bottle Single Zone


Single temperature; removable chrome shelves; freestanding unit; touch-control temperature display; two-lock and stainless steel door; soft LED white lighting; UV-resistant glass door.

This is an irresistible, compact wine fridge that provides all the qualities of larger cooler options but it comes with a much smaller price tag. Affordable, but fully equipped with top-of-the-line smart features and touch-control temperature panel, this fridge is perfect for wine connoisseurs as well as those simply looking for an excellent quality cooler for their wine or other beverages.

This Kalamera wine fridge is a single zone cooling unit with a stainless steel glass door that is fully UV resistant and a soft white interior LED lighting that gives the perfect glow to the smooth and silky wine stored inside. You can also use the built-in two lock system for added protection of your expensive wine.

It also comes with a storage capacity of 24 bottles with 6 sturdy, chrome shelves, of which 4 can easily be removed for additional space. This compact size and affordable price point makes this fridge a perfect option for those with smaller homes, RVs, dorms, or for customers who simply want to add a zest of luxury to their kitchen or other living spaces.

The touch control display makes it easy to set the temperature according to your needs and the inner cold air circulation fan stabilizes the temperature at all times.


4. Kalamera Wine Refrigerator, 24 inch Under Counter


Dual-zone temperature; stainless steel build; compact design; built-in or freestanding under counter installation; automatic defrosting; wooden shelves; double glass door; smart digital control; front vending style with built-in lock.

This is our top choice for best Kalamera undercounter wine fridge. Its stainless steel exterior gives it a sharp and chic look which complements all home decor and designs. This spectacular French-door mini wine fridge adds class and luxury to your bar or home interior and while you can use it as a freestanding unit, its mini design makes it the perfect option for an undercounter wine fridge.

It offers storage capacity for 20 bottles and 78 cans, and you can even store other small grocery items if you like. The 7 wooden racks are aesthetic and the other side comes with 5 wire racks for your cans. These shelves are sturdy enough to hold and secure your beverages. The dual zone cooling makes this a versatile undercounter fridge as it provides varying temperature options for cooling different wines and even beer.

The custom built Kalamera glass food can easily resist UV rays and preserve the authentic taste of your wine. The doors also come with a sleek lock to add another layer of security for your wines and other beverages.

The soft LED lighting, coupled with the stainless steel exterior gives this wine cooler a boost of luxury and style that illuminates your wine collection beautifully. Its smart temperature control technology system makes it easy to independently control the temperature settings and it automatically restores the set temperature thanks to its smart memory.


5. Kalamera Mini Fridge Wine Refrigerator, 12 Bottle


Single zone; compact design; stainless steel door and two-lock system; 2-layered tempered glass; removable chrome shelves; internal soft LED lighting; freestanding unit.

If you are in the market for a stylish, compact, budget-friendly wine fridge that is stunning to look at, and provides ample space for all your wine bottles, then we recommend this Kalamera wine fridge.

Thanks to its compact, versatile build, this wine fridge can be used anywhere! From your kitchen units, bedroom, to even dorms, RVs, and workplaces. It is extremely easy to travel with if you are planning to move. Don’t be fooled by its flexible body design as it can easily store your special 750ml Boudoir wine collection.

Its stainless steel door, 2-layered tempered glass is UV resistant, and the soft interior LED lighting make it a beautiful addition to your kitchen or any other room. It also comes with a two-lock system to keep the kids out of the wine fridge as well as protect it against theft.

With a capacity for 12 wine bottles, this Kalamera mini fridge is the perfect compact option for those looking for a budget-friendly, easy to maintain wine fridge. You can even remove its chrome racks to create more storage space.


6. Kalamera 15" Wine Cooler, Mini Fridge, 30 Bottle


Single zone temperature; compact, temperature memory function; 2-layered tempered glass with UV protection; stainless steel build; automatic defrosting function; built-in lock.

This wine cooler perfectly blends the best of all Kalamera wine cooler qualities. It is a single zone, freestanding wine fridge that comes in a smooth, stylish stainless steel exterior that is sure to complement any home decor style.

This mini Kalamera wine cooler is ideal for those who may not have enough space for a larger wine fridge, thanks to its compact design and budget-friendly price tag. It also provides ample space for 30 wine bottles with 6 removable beech wood shelves that can be rolled out for more space if needed.

It also comes with a LED control display to easily and conveniently set temperature to the perfect chilling zone. It is also extremely versatile as it can be used as a freestanding unit or installed under the counter.

Kalamera’s advanced technology ensures that this wine fridge produces low vibrations and that its compressor is whisper quiet. The blue LED sparkles through the rich wine and gives it a beautiful glow so you can easily read the labels and impress any guests who come over.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Kalamera Wine Cooler 

The most important factors to consider before selecting a Kalamera wine fridge are aesthetics, ease of installation, storage capacity, and security features.


One of the most unique elements of Kalamera wine coolers is their chic, aesthetic build. Most of the wine coolers mentioned on this list come in a terrific stainless steel exterior which is extremely easy to clean and maintain in the long term. The Kalamera Wine Refrigerator, 24 inch Under Counter is one such example of wine coolers that comes in a sleek and modern stainless steel exterior. The tempered glass doors aren’t just UV resistant, but also perfectly illuminate your wine collection for all to see. The LED lighting, whether in soft blues or whites, creates a lovely ambiance that makes your Kalamera wine coolers the centerpiece of any party.

Ease of Installation

Most Kalamera wine fridges come as freestanding units that can also be flush fitted or used under the counter, or built into kitchen units. This provides buyers with different options when it comes to installing their wine fridges. For the wine fridges mentioned above, you do not need to break through your kitchen island or counter space just to add the wine cooler. You can place it on top or slide it under any counter. The compact Kalamera Mini Fridge Wine Refrigerator, 12 Bottle is a terrific mini fridge that you can place virtually anywhere, including inside your bedroom, or under a shelf.

Storage Capacity

A good wine fridge isn’t just packed with unique smart features, but it should also come with ample storage space to keep your wine bottles of all shapes and sizes. The great thing about Kalamera wine coolers – be they compact or large – is that each provides adequate space to keep your wine bottles. You can even remove the rolling shelves easily to make space for cans or other types of beverages. Despite its flexible and compact body, the Kalamera 15″ Wine Cooler, Mini Fridge, 30 Bottle can easily fit 30 wine bottles and comes with removable shelves; whereas, the Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler can store upto 157 bottles.


Each of the Kalamera wine coolers listed above comes with tempered glass that protects against UV damage. This also shields against vibrations that can interfere with the wine aging process and significantly reduce the quality of taste and aroma of your expensive reds and whites. Additionally, most Kalamera wine coolers, such as the Kalamera 24” Wine Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone come with a built-in lock to keep the kids from accidentally reaching in or from other security threats.

What are the advantages of a Kalamera wine cooler?

The Kalamera wine fridges come with a wide array of advantages such as unique designs, budget-friendly options, user-friendly smart features, and great storage capacity, making any of these wine coolers an excellent addition to your home.

But, why does it matter?

  • To preserve the authentic taste and aromas: If you are a wine lover, then you perfectly understand the significance of optimal storage conditions for reds and whites are different. Without the correct temperature setting, your wines will deteriorate in taste and aroma. Investing in a wine cooler ensures that your reds are always served at 62-68 degrees and your whites at 50-55 degrees.

  • To enjoy hassle-free, compact wine storage: Even the smaller Kalamera wine cooler options come with ample storage space and require very little maintenance in the long run. Most of these coolers come with automatic temperature control settings so you never have to worry about checking humidity levels or temperature dips. 

  • To invest in high quality, budget-friendly options: If you are new to the wine world, or even if you are an expert, a good bargain for a wine cooler is a deal of a lifetime. The Kalamera wine coolers aren’t just packed with all the high quality, modern smart features, but they also come with an affordable price tag for everyone to enjoy their wine.

To enjoy incredible versatility: You can even use these Kalamera wine coolers to store beer cans, other beverages, or grocery items. Great versatility is another key advantage of Kalamera wine coolers!

FAQs about the Best Kalamera Wine Fridges

Kalamera wine fridges can cost anywhere between $250 to $1,500. This depends on the cooler size, additional features, model, etc.

Yes, you can easily store other beverages, bottles, cans, and even grocery items in your Kalamera wine fridge. Be it beer, water, juices, milk, etc., you can use your Kalamera wine cooler to store any of these.

Yes, Kalamera wine coolers come with easy, rolling shelves that you can pull out to make more space if you like.

Absolutely! Kalamera wine coolers are definitely worth the investment, thanks to their modern design, smart features, great bottle capacity, and a budget-friendly price tag. Users of Kalamera wine fridges have praised its excellent quality and storage space.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler is our top pick for Kalamera wine coolers for its large bottle storage capacity, delicate design that complements any home interior decor, and for its variety of smart features that are easy to use. This cooler is also extremely durable!

Our second best pick is the Kalamera 24” Wine Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone for its unmatched aesthetic, despite its compact design. Its stainless steel finish and integrated door handle make it just the right pick for those who want to add a zest of luxury to their homes.

Our final top pick is the Kalamera Wine Refrigerator, 24 inch Under Counter for its compact design that makes it a perfect pick for those looking for integrated or undercounter wine fridge options. It bends beautifully with the rest of your kitchen interior and also provides ample bottle capacity.

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