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12 Best Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide of 2022

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Virtually everything you do in the kitchen revolves around your kitchen sink.

That means it’s only customary that you use a kitchen faucet with sprayer that’ll withstand heavy use regardless of how busy your kitchen is. Plus it’s got to have features that’ll make your life easier.

And that’s why in this article, we’re bringing you the best kitchen faucet with sprayer in 2022 along with the factors you need to consider before making a buying decision.

So real quick, the best kitchen faucet with sprayer in 2022 that’ll grace your sink and countertop is the WEWE single-handle high-arc pull-out kitchen faucet.

This faucet is intuitive to use and can rotate 360 degrees so you can reach the farthest areas of your sink bowl. Plus the kitchen tap comes with 3 spray settings to help with your cooking tasks.

Read on to see how we made the decision and the other 11 contenders for the top spot of the best kitchen faucet with sprayer head in 2022.

Our Top Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Picks

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12 Best Kitchen Sink Faucets with Sprayer Head Reviews 2021

1. WEWE Single-handle High-arc Brushed Nickel Pull-out Kitchen Faucet: Best overall kitchen tap


Simplistic in design, the first thing we love about the WEWE pull-out sprayer faucet is its simple high-arc tulip build.

But its design is not what makes it feature on this list. The pull-out spray head reaches a length of 23 inches when stretched out: this is enough to reach the corners of your sink.

We also love that the faucet jets out an aerated stream of water with enough pressure to quickly rinse your dishes and fill your kettle. As water comes out with powerful pressure, so does it reduce your water bill; making it a great addition to your kitchen from a functional and economic standpoint.

The WEWE kitchen sink faucet with spray head also comes with a 3-way spray setting, unlike many other single-handle faucets.

The spray settings include the spray mode to rinse plates and wash fruits or other delicate materials; stream mode for a more powerful flow of water to fill containers and pots, and pause mode to briefly interrupt the flow of water as you move the faucet. The pause function also allows you to quickly take care of other stuff around the home before returning to the sink.

Another exciting feature of the WEWE kitchen faucet is its quick installation and ease of use.

The pull-out hose and water line come pre-installed in the faucet. So all you’ve got to do is mount it on your sink.

Also, you can activate the stream and spray modes by using the switch on the spray head. And you can use the pause feature by pushing a button at the back of the faucet. And you can control the temperature and water flow by the lever at its side.

There’s just so much to talk about this kitchen faucet with a spray head. The faucet was designed so you can rotate both its body and the pull-down spray head 360 degrees.

We also appreciate the manufacturers of this kitchenware for using rust- and corrosion-resistant brushed nickel finish in this design. And it can also fit in both one- and three-hole sinks.

On the other hand, we don’t like that the faucet doesn’t have a magnetic clasp for the sprayer head.


The WEWE single-handle high-arc kitchen faucet is the best kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer. And it’s a great addition to any kitchen.

2. APPASO Matte Black Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with soap dispenser


Where the WEWE faucet fails to retract by a magnet, the APPASO fixes that, and that’s the first thing we love about this pull-down kitchen faucet.

It’s got a very efficient magnetic dock. This means your spray head will never sag and that the magnet will hold it securely in place when not in use.

Another appealing feature that makes this model stand out from other kitchen faucets is its gorgeous matte black stainless steel finish. This will match your kitchen décor and other stainless steel appliances in your nook.

Both the black and gold finishes will surely elevate the beauty of your kitchen and home décor. And the finish is also corrosion-, rust-, and stain-resistant so your kitchen sink will look neat every time.

Interestingly, the APPASO pull-out kitchen sink faucet also has a soap dispenser in its spray head so you can do your cleanup with ease.

It’s also easy to install. Installation takes around 20 minutes to set it up.

Like the WEWE pull-down kitchen sink faucet, the APPASO model also features powerful spray jets with 3 spray settings; stream, spray, and sweep; with the sweep feature being its most powerful. Its high pressure also makes it water-conserving.

It is made from durable materials: the PEX supply hose is designed to resist deformation when you use water with very hot temperatures. And the ceramic cartridge ensures your faucet delivers a leak-free performance.

This single-handle faucet and its head also turn 360 degrees so you can conveniently use it. And it’s easy to install, clean, and maintain: uses single-hole installation and comes with a deck plate.

However, the drawback with this model is that it could begin leaking after a few months.


The APPASO kitchen faucet with spray head is a highly functional classic kitchenware that will accent your home and help streamline your cooking functions.

3. Delta Faucet Essa Pull-out Kitchen Faucet: Best touch faucet


The single-handle Delta faucet Essa is arguably one of the best kitchen faucets and its impressive features show exactly why.

First, this is the first kitchen faucet on this list with a touch-on and touch-off activation. So you can simply turn the faucet on and off by touching any part of its body. Easy! This is especially useful if your hands are full or you want to avoid carrying germs and cross-contaminating items in your kitchen.

With the Delta faucet Essa, you’re getting a leak-free faucet as it uses the patented Diamond seal technology that prevents leaking and drip points.

We also like that the faucet has a long pull-down wand with a magnetic docking head. Now you can easily reach every corner of your sink. The faucet also swivels 360 degrees around its base to offer you more convenience and reach.

And the one-handle function also gives you total control and makes changing the temperature and water pressure a breeze.

As a mark of quality, the Delta kitchen faucet Essa with spray head also comes with an impressive lifetime warranty. So if at any time your faucet starts leaking or dripping, or develops a defect, you can return it and Delta will restore it to its normal working condition.

And finally, this kitchen tap uses a single-hole installation. But if your sink uses two or more hole systems, you can use the attached escutcheon.

Installation is also easy with this model. But the drawback is that the plastic component could cause your faucet to leak if the metal part breaks.


Delta faucets are quality products and this makes them popular in the sinks of many households. And the Essa model with a spray head that uses the Delta Touch20 and Diamond Seal technology is no exception.

4. Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer


Some people consider the Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST to be the best kitchen faucet and its unique features give us enough reason to believe so.

Just like the Delta Essa, this Leland 9178T-AR-DST also uses the touch-on and touch-off (Touch20) activation to turn the tap on and off. Simply touch anywhere on the spout to start and stop the water flow. This also helps curb the spread of bacteria and dirt.

Furthermore, since single-handle kitchen faucets are more likely to wear out, the touch-on and off feature will extend this model’s lifespan. And the smart sensors can differentiate between a grab and a touch to prevent accidental activation.

This one-handle model also features magnetic dock technology to ensure your spray head doesn’t sag or come loose. And the ergonomic design and height of the tulip-shaped head plus its long braided hose allow for easy grip and filling containers on your counter.

Another innovation in this tap is the Shield Spray technology. This produces a controlled stream of high water pressure to get rid of sticky food and prevent the water from splashing all over. And this is in addition to the normal water flow and aerated stream.

You can also pause the flow of water by pushing a button on the faucet’s head. But that’s not all.

This Delta Leland valve uses a Diamond ceramic cartridge to prevent leaking and reduce drip points. Impressively, this tap can go through one million cycles without leaking (when the industry standard is 500,000 cycles).

The faucet is also made with durable brass. And it comes in four finishes making you spoilt for choice; chrome, arctic steel, classic Venetian bronze, and Spotshield stainless steel. These finishes are stain-, rust-, and fingerprint-resistant. Plus they look absolutely stunning in bright light.

The deal-breaker with this faucet is that it requires power to function. So it’s powered by four AAAA batteries or you can use the AC adapter if you’ve got an outlet close to your sink.

And finally, at the base of the tap is an LED light that indicates the changes in temperature and the battery status.

These impressive and important factors make this tap a popular fixture in many kitchen sinks.


The Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST with pull-out sprayer is a high-tech kitchen sink faucet with a cool design that’ll efficiently serve you for a long time once installed in your sinks.

5. Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless Pull-out Kitchen Faucet: Best touchless faucet


Moen faucets are known for their quality, and the Arbor Motionsense single-handle faucet is one of those rare masterpieces.

The Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless pull-out kitchen faucet is the best touchless faucet and the first one on this list. And if you’re in the market for a hands-free faucet, this should be your first choice.

First, this pull-out kitchen faucet has two sensors to offer you an exciting hands-free operation. The first motion sensor called the ‘Ready Sensor’ is at the front base of the spout. And it turns on when it detects the motion of an object (your pot). If you take the pot away, the tap will stop running. Easy peasy!

The second infrared sensor called the ‘Wave Sensor’ is at the top of the neck. And it turns the water flow on and off when you wave your hand over it. Interesting!

You can also deactivate one or both sensors by placing your hand in front of the sensor(s) for 5 seconds, and it’ll stop working. Whether the motion sensors are activated or deactivated, you can use the side lever to manually control the temperature and water pressure.

Another feature we like about this touchless faucet is that it’ll automatically shut off after 2 minutes; just in case you forget to turn it off by yourself.

You can power the control box using batteries, and the six AAA batteries that come with this unit can last you a year. Otherwise, you can connect it to electricity with an AC adapter.

This Moen Arbor touchless pull-out kitchen faucet comes in three finishes; chrome, Spot Resist stainless steel, and brushed bronze. They’re stain-, rust-, and fingerprint-resistant materials.

This Moen model also has two spray modes that you can select using the button at the head; an aerated stream for the regular flow of water and a PowerClean mode for heavy-duty streams to rinse off sticky food from plates. This technology makes it 50% more efficient than other regular faucets.

The braided hose extends full length and automatically retracts to its head when you’re done using it.

The one-handle tap is also easy to install as you can easily connect the hoses and lines to the control box using its Duralock Quick-Connect system.

This tap can be installed in one or three-hole sinks as the package comes with a deck plate included. And finally, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty when you get this product.

As good things don’t come easy, this high-end piece is one very expensive faucet compared to most touchless faucets.


The model you should get when you need a hands-free operation is this Moen Arbor model. It’s got a beautiful design, it’s highly functional, and it’s one of the best Moen faucets you can get.

Also, check out the best touchless kitchen faucets in 2021.

6. Kohler Sous Pro-style Pull-down Spray Head Faucet: Best Commercial


If you’re looking for a sturdy sink faucet that’ll give your kitchen a professional look, then the Kohler Sous Pro-style Single-handle Pull-out faucet is for you.

We love the way the exposed spring design gracefully wraps the spout without restricting its movement. This modern build adds more beauty and class to sinks and kitchens.

This model has a magnetic docking arm where you can attach the spray head so it doesn’t wobble. This faucet also has a two-way spray mode that includes the standard aerated stream setting and the Sweep Spray technology.

The Sweep Spray tech uses greater water pressure to clean up the dishes and sink in a sweeping powerful rinse mode. This is instead of blasting the water onto the surface and messing up everywhere.

This one-handle pull-out kitchen faucet comes in two finishes; chrome and stainless steel to expand your options.

Even though this tap is designed to be used in commercial spaces or kitchens with high use, the high arc spout is not so high that it’ll look awkward on your counter. And when you’re busy at the sink, the docking arm will get out of your way.

The Kohler Sous Pro-style can be installed on a one through to a four-hole sink as it comes with a deck plate. And because the hoses are flexible and it’s also got the Quick-Connect feature, setting up is easy.

On the other hand, this Kohler Sous model is that the spring that’s supposed to beautify can act as a breeding ground for dirt, dust, and debris. The good thing is that you can easily remove the entire spring and even spray the spout as it sits on the counter.


This is the faucet for you if you’ve got a busy kitchen or you need the versatility of faucets with detachable spray heads.

7. KRAUS KPF-1691SFS Britt Pull-Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet


The Kraus single-lever kitchen tap with dual functionality is exactly what you need if you desire a durable product made to last ages.

The first thing we love about this model is that the whole body is entirely made of metal. While its streamlined design will look great in most kitchens, this faucet is constructed to “commercial style” to serve you for many years.

It also has two functions with its spray and stream settings to seamlessly rinse your plates and fill your pots with great pressure. You can control both with the push of a button.

This model has a 360-degree swivel feature to help you turn the head to whatever part of your sink or countertop you need its attention. Plus the spring design also makes it possible for you to adjust its height to bring it closer to the sink’s bed.

And its magnetic dock makes it super easy to use. The Kerox ceramic cartridge has been tested to work for 500,000 uses; so it’ll last you a lifetime. Speaking of lifetime durability, this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

We also appreciate that this faucet has a low-flow aerator that makes it produce high-pressure water and still conserves water.

The metal single lever also helps control the flow and temperature so it doesn’t splash all over the place and make your kitchen messy.


This faucet doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. But it’s for those who mostly like basic features and want their faucet to last 500,000 uses, this product is for you.

8. Edison VG02001MBMB Matte Gold/Matte Black Pull-out Single-handle Kitchen Faucet


If you’re looking for a highly functional tap with a commercial design, you’ll probably love this model from Vigo Edison.

First, its appealing appearance is sure to make it stand out even in a cramped kitchen. And the faucet is made with durable quality materials and these make it rust-, stain-, and scratch-resistant. The ceramic cartridge also helps the faucet not leak and have drip points, and it can last for 500,000 uses.

VIGO boasts that its products are constructed with materials that exceed industry standards.

The water pipes are also high-pressure resistant. This will help them avoid freezing when the temperature gets extremely low. The faucet is also designed so it can be installed in tight spaces.

This pull-out kitchen faucet has two settings; an aerated stream mode and a powerful spray mode for more water pressure.

Installing this tap is also easy. Although it’s a one-hole model, you can get the deck plate to install in your two or three-hole sinks. The deck plate comes in matching colors with the faucets to hide stains and dirt that will tarnish the appearance of your sinks.

And if you don’t like this color, you can get the tap in other finishes; chrome, stainless steel, matte black.

The major setback with this appliance is that the finish which is a paint may come off within a few months of use.

The faucet is easy to install and use. The nozzle has a button to easily control its operation and reduce grip fatigue. And if you want, you can get the optional soap dispenser.

And finally, the VIGO VG02001MBMB is also ADA compliant so anyone can use it.


If you want to transform your cooking space to look like a modern kitchen, this is the faucet with pull-out sprayer for you. It’s also very functional.

9. Aqua Vista Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Spray


Now if you’ve got shelves or cupboards above your kitchen and you need a traditional faucet without a high arc that’ll fit in, this modern Aqua Vista model is great for you.

Another thing that makes this tap distinct is its pull-out spigot with dual functionality.

With this faucet, you’ll get an aerated stream of water for regular rinsing and a very powerful spray. You can use any of these by pushing the switch on the spray head.

Also, the long pull-out spray head reaches a height of 20 inches to ensure you can easily reach difficult-to-reach areas. Another interesting feature of this kitchen tap is that you can rotate it around its middle so the spray head can reach every corner and both sinks if you use a two-bowl sink.

The ceramic disc cartridge also makes sure you use the product without it leaking water. As the Aqua Vista is made using quality materials, it’ll be able to serve you for 500,000 uses without leaking or dripping.

This pull-out faucet also comes with a detachable deck plate so you can fit it in one or multiple hole sinks.

However, some customers complained that the Aqua Vista has got some water flow pressure issues. Some other customers indicated that it comes with a flaw that makes it seem clogged.


You’ll have great pleasure using the Aqua Vista if you have plans of replacing your taller tap with a shorter, lighter-weight pull-out kitchen faucet.

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10. Delta Faucet Windemere 21996LF Kitchen Faucet


If all you need in a kitchen tap is simplicity and not all those extra features that make it a bit complicated, then you should try out the Delta faucet Windemere 21996LF.

Unlike most of the other faucets on this list, this high-arc dual-handle kitchen tap isn’t a model with a pull-down spigot attached to the spout’s head. Instead, it’s got a pull-out side sprayer to help you wash your sink and other large objects more conveniently.