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Why You Should Buy the LG SIGNATURE InstaView® Wine Cellar Refrigerator

When it comes to quality wine coolers or refrigerators, there are endless options on the market from all sorts of brands around the world. Afterall, if you are a wine lover or a connoisseur, then you don’t want to buy just any fridge for your expensive wine collection. Ordinary home fridges simply do not meet the temperature and optimal storage requirements for the preservation of wine taste, aroma, and texture, which is why a dedicated wine fridge is an important investment.


One of the leading electronic appliances brands in the market is undoubtedly LG and their SIGNATURE InstaView® Wine Cellar Refrigerator is a standout option for those looking to invest in a top-of-the-line wine cooler. 


In this article, we have thoroughly investigated each feature and impressive quality of the LG SIGNATURE InstaView® Wine Cellar Refrigerator for your ease and information. From size and dimensions, storage capacity, smart features, aesthetics, etc., we will discuss each feature so you can make a well informed decision when investing in this wine cooler.


Some of the key features of the LG SIGNATURE InstaView Wine Cellar Refrigerator include the following:


  • Excellent wine storage capacity: You can easily store up to 65 wine bottles in this outstandingly spacious wine cooler. The bottles can rest on top of 5 sliding wine shelves, each of which is equipped with LED refrigerator lighting to illuminate your bottles. You can even switch the convertible, auto-lift drawers into freezer mode and store a variety of other grocery items.


  • LG SIGNATURE textured steel finish: When it comes to, this wine fridge is undeniably one of the best in the market. The LG SIGNATURE textured steel finish inside and out of the cooler is completely scratch-resistant, sleek, chic, and stylish, and it provides a timeless design which complements modern architecture perfectly.


  • Top-of-the-line, optimal preservation: The LG SIGNATURE InstaView Wine Cooler does not compromise on preservation. In fact, it is equipped with optimal preservation technology that minimizes vibrations that can otherwise interfere with the wine’s taste. It also reduces temperature fluctuations, packs in the humidity, limits exposure to light so your wines can age correctly and you can savor the velvety aroma and taste.


  • Multi-temperature control: One of the most impressive features of this wine cooler is the multi-temperature settings. It comes with three optimal storage and cooling zones that provides the perfect environment for your precious red, white, or sparkling wines. This feature is rare to find in most wine coolers!


  • Black mirror coated glass with UV protection: The spectacular and stunning touch-control front door for this cooler comes in a black mirror coating which shields your precious wines against outside heat, ultraviolet damage, and ensures that the distinctive, unique flavors of your wine are locked and protected without any interference.


  • InstaView® technology: Unlike any other fridge on the market, this LG cooler comes with the signature InstaView® technology. With just two light, quick knocks on the sleek glass door, you can see inside the fridge without opening it or affecting the cold air inside that keeps your wine at a stable temperature.


  • Advanced smart features: If there is one feature that makes this LG wine fridge the very best in the market, it is its advanced smart features that make it easy to control and convenient to store your wine in. The glass touch display stays hidden when dormant and lights up when in use, saving energy and exuding a stylish, minimalist design.

Why You Should Buy the LG SIGNATURE InstaView® Wine Cellar Refrigerator

Its minimalist, aesthetic design and incredibly impressive smart features are only some of the factors that make it an excellent purchase for wine lovers and connoisseurs. The LG SIGNATURE wine cooler also offers limited warranty of 1 year for its parts and labor, 5 years on its compressor, and 6-10 years for compressor parts only. 


This wine fridge comes with hidden hinges, fingerprint and smudge resistant exterior body, and user-friendly pocket handles. In addition to all this, it is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control it remotely and check temperature stats with ease. It also features ThinQ technology and SmartDiagnosis, along with a voice recognition system.


This LG wine cooler works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for your ease and convenience, making it a top choice for wine aficionados. 

FAQs About the LG SIGNATURE InstaView® Wine Cellar Refrigerator

Does the LG SIGNATURE InstaView® fridge come with ThinQ features?

Yes, this LG wine fridge features ThingQ technology that allows you to access the wine bottles and open the fridge door with just a voice command. You can say, “Hi LG, open the door” and the sensors will follow the command.

Can you use the auto-open auto door command in this LG wine fridge?

Yes, you can open the bottom drawers simply by waving your foot over the bottom sensor and it will automatically open the bottom zones for you.

Can you use this LG fridge to store other food items?

Yes, you can customize the bottom drawer temperatures and switch to freezer mode to keep cheeses, snacks, and even other grocery items.

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