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12 Best Luggage Brands and Buying Guide for 2023

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Briggs & Riley
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Delsey Luggage
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Kenneth Cole

The world is gradually healing from the coronavirus crisis and people are beginning to globetrot once more.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a business traveler, or someone who loves to have new experiences by traveling, one thing is sure – you need luggage to fit all your belongings. And if you’re a fashion-forward person, you’ll need a suitcase that embodies your style and color preferences.


12 Best Luggage Brands in 2023

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In this list, you’ll find the best luggage brands that make it possible to fit as many items as possible into tight spaces. Plus the best brands for techies, stylish people, trendsetters, and frequent flyers.

1. Paravel

So we love that the brand makes its suitcases from lots of sustainable materials – it upcycles eco-certified materials such as recycled bottles. But Paravel doesn’t stop there: they also have a carbon-neutral shipping program that allows them to offset carbon emissions.

Paravel makes all sorts of cases. You can find weekender bags, rolling suitcases (like the Aviator Grand and the Aviator Carry-on), packing cubes, etc., on their website. This way, you’ll be able to so get the kind of bag that suits your needs.

And if you’re not sure the bag type that’ll be best for you, you can take a short quiz on their website, and they’ll help you make the right decision.

Paravel is a relatively new name when it comes to brands making bags, but that doesn’t stop it from being our best luggage brand in 2023.

And we’re not alone in this. As a mark of their quality, they’ve also won Travel and Leisure’s Global Vision Award – an award for luggage brands upholding environmentally-friendly, sustainable standards.




2. Delsey Luggage

If you are a fashion-forward person looking for luxury luggage to improve your style, then Delsey is one of the best luggage brands you should consider for its innovation. And the good thing is that you’ll get amazing value for your money.

The French luxury bag maker started out making leather camera cases in 1946. After a couple of years, they made their first hardshell bag and haven’t stopped innovating since then. Today, Delsey is recognized as one of the best luggage brands for its unique design style.

There are several Delsey Paris models, most of which are hard-sided bags with luxury colors and sleek build. This makes the Delsey Paris brand a go-to brand for fashion-forward people. In addition to their travel suitcases, they’ve got a wide array of luggage; briefcases, backpacks, and children’s suitcases (for families that love showing up on vacation with matching, stylish suitcases.


The brand is unique for its innovative designs and features that they’ve got nothing less than 50 patents. One of them is their SecuriTech Zip which is 40 times more secure and difficult to break than zips of other regular travel bags.

Also, you can get their suitcase in classic colors: for example, their Chalet Air suitcase with four spinner wheels comes in three Terracotta, Silver, Chocolate, and Angora. You can also get it in three sizes. There’s also the Helium Aero model hardside luggage with expandable feature.

Also, Delsey Paris’s soft-sided luggage (Sky Max) will offer luxury and better organization to the techie traveler. You’ll get a double-padded neoprene sleeve for your tablet and 15-inch laptop, and another neoprene pocket for holding your power bank. There’s also a cable port for charging your phones and other electronics as you embark on your trip.



3. Kenneth Cole

While Delsey may be the best luxury luggage brand, Kenneth Cole is one of the best luggage brands you can rely on for their stylish suitcases.

Kenneth Cole is more than a suitcase brand; it also makes stylish and trendy clothing. So the brand makes some bag designs that are as stylish and trendy as their high-end fashion wears.

Their most popular luggage collection is the Kenneth Cole REACTION. They’re known for their signature hardside suitcases that are available in classic colors – black, silver, rose gold, and ice blue. When designing the Kenneth Cole REACTION collection, the manufacturers focused on classic details.


The model has multi-directional, 360-degree four spinner wheels for easy mobility. Plus the corner guard is reinforced to make it absorb shock.

The Kenneth Cole REACTION collection is also lightweight and its exterior is constructed using a durable ABS hard shell. This makes it easy to fit your luggage in overhead bins and perfect for any air travel.

We particularly love the carry-on Renegade expandable suitcase for its multiple compartments for organizing your belongings. It’s great for your weekend getaways.


4. Briggs & Riley

A major reason Briggs & Riley features on the list of the best luggage brands is their innovations. Briggs & Riley has developed some innovations that made it easy for people to pack and organize their belongings more efficiently.

A typical Briggs & Riley suitcase has a flat packing surface that ensures your clothes remain smooth. Their innovative compression technology and exclusive CX expansion provide you with more packing space (33% more capacity) than many other luggage brands. This way, you can fit more clothes if you’re staying away for a couple of weeks. Some models have tri-fold garment folders with foam roll bars for keeping delicate items secure.


They have several expandable checked bags and carry-on sizes that come in a variety of styles and colors. Their duffels, briefcases, totes, garment bags, and backpacks are also made from quality materials.

Also, Briggs & Riley produces luggage of better quality than many of their competitors: this makes their bags some of the most valuable on the market. The brand’s suitcases are durable, and they come with a lifetime guarantee that covers repairs of damaged parts, including airline damage.

They also offer bigger wheels: however, this makes it a bit difficult to maneuver your way in an airport.


5. Amazon Basics

If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly luggage brands, look no further than the retail giant – Amazon.

Their home brand makes some of the best affordable products under the name Amazon Basics. So you can get an Amazon Basics bag for less than $100. Their 28-inch hardshell luggage sells for under $100 while a 28-inch bag from a mid-priced brand like Samsonite costs around $125. Conversely, a 28-inch luxury bag from Tumi will retail for $750+.

While you may think Amazon Basics luggage is of poor quality, don’t be deceived: they’re better than you think. The reason a bag from this brand retails for such a low price without compromising on quality is its simple design and packaging.


Their 20-inch Amazon Basics Hardside carry-on size luggage, for example, is durable as it’s built using a scratch-resistant finish and reinforced with extra thick ABS for more strength. You can also expand its packing capacity by up to 15% to stock up on items when you shop.

And if you’re a freak for organizing your items, there’s an interior organizer with pockets and a fully-lined interior divider. This is just perfect for your next weekend getaway or international trip.

Despite the simple designs, you can get your bag in varying styles, colors, and sizes. And for savvy travelers, you can also choose to pair your bag with matching travel accessories such as packing cubes, travel backpacks, and garment bags. If you don’t want hard shell luggage, you can opt for a soft shell bag.

Finally, you can save more and benefit from Amazon Prime’s free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


6. Victorinox

While Victorinox may be known for making the Swiss army knife, they also make some of the most durable luggage you can find.

They’ve brought the durability, functionality, and versatility of their knives into making quality, stylish softshell and hard-sided bags.

Their hardshell cases are made of 100% virgin Makrolon polycarbonate that’s break-resistant. While their softshell suitcases are made of nylon that’s abrasion-resistant. The luggage made by Victorinox has undergone 30 quality tests (like Tumi bags) to ensure optimum performance and that they look nice even when seen from a distance.


The bag is also built to offer you more packing space as it expands by 1.6 inches when it’s compact. Most of their luggage comes with the Pack More System (lots of pockets and space-making solutions to organize and easily sort your items). Furthermore, the Spectra Expandable collection can give you 47% more capacity.

And the cases come with YKK zippers that are resistant to puncture. The telescoping handles are made from lightweight army-grade aluminum and are designed to turn around so you can easily move in an airport. The Victorinox suitcases also come with security features such as a TSA-approved lock and a unique tracking ID for finding your bag if it goes missing.

When compared to luxury brands like Tumi, Victorinox bags are cheap suitcases that offer great luxury.



7. Samsonite

One of the oldest luggage brands on this list is Samsonite. The manufacturer has been in existence for over 100 years: however, they started out making trunks.

If you need one bag that’s strong, lightweight, durable, stylish, and affordable, then you should get a Samsonite suitcase. Their product range includes hard-sided luggage, duffels, garment bags, backpacks, laptop bags, softshell luggage, and travel accessories. You can also get their matching luggage sets.

One interesting feature of their luggage is their innovative technology – such as their patented GeoTrakR that syncs with your phone to help you know your bag’s location should you ever misplace it. There’s also the Curv technology which is a very strong but lightweight hardshell material for considerably reducing the weight of your suitcase.


Their soft-sided luggage is reinforced with SamGuard which makes them resistant to various stains such as oil and dirt. They’re also water-resistant. You’ll also get smart features like built-in USB charger ports on your carry-on cases. And the WetPak pocket is designed to store your toiletries.

Most of their carry-on luggage and checked bags have four-wheeled spinners and gliders for easy maneuverability. These have a low center of gravity that makes them great for when rolling in an airport or train station.

These features, alongside their reliability, make them one of the best luggage brands you can get on a small budget.


8. American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the oldest brands on this list and their experience makes them one of the best luggage brands in the world.

Aside from making hardside suitcases, they also make soft-sided cases in various carry-on sizes. They also sell all sorts of cases in various styles, sizes, colors, and prints, including those inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney characters.


If you want matching bags for your family, you can get beautiful luggage sets from American Tourister. However, what the brand has in bold colors, styles, and quality, it lacks in durability. This makes their products affordable.

This is one of the best luggage brands for those who love to travel in style, but not great for frequent fliers.


9. Bric’s Luggage

If you’re looking for something fancy, stylish, chic, and luxurious, Bric’s luggage fits the bill.

Their cases are made of high-quality materials and are designed in Italian style. And their hard-sided cases are made of very lightweight polycarbonate and leather trim. While the soft-sided luggage is made of durable nylon.


Their most exclusive collection is the Bellagio collection that’s characterized by decorative and protective leather trim with garment rings and zippered dividers.

These expensive and decorative quality materials make Bric’s luggage expensive. They also make backpacks that are affordable should their rolling cases be pricey for you.


10. Tumi Luggage

If you’ve got the money to spend on any of the best luggage, you’ll find Tumi of unmatched value. Tumi is one of the best luggage brands when it comes to luxury, and it’s been constructed to be durable for frequent business flyers.

Charlie Clifford founded Tumi in 1975, and today’s it’s one of the world’s most exotic luggage brands. One of the factors that make the brand stand out is its quality and numerous innovations. Every Tumi bag passes through 30 unique quality tests before it goes out to the market. Some of the tests are for the colorfastness, resistance to abrasion, and zipper pull strength of their cases.

Some of their innovations include the Tumi Tracer system for locating your bag if it goes missing, Tumi T-Pass technology which lets you leave your laptop in your backpack during airport security check. And you can connect two or more luggage items so you can transport them together with their Add-a-Bag strap.



Most of Tumi’s hard-sided cases feature polycarbonate alloy while their soft-sides are made using ballistic nylon. Although you can still get a few of their range made from premium-grade leather. They make various suitcase sizes, from large duffle bags to backpacks and weekender bags (with and without wheels).

Another factor that makes the Tumi range the favorite suitcases of many fashion-forward travelers is their exceptional customer service. The brand gives their customers immediate attention even for minor repairs when you walk into their store and complimentary monogramming.

Tumi also offers impressive travel protection and warranty. And they offer a two-year warranty for wear and tear, including changing your wheels within a year.



11. Eagle Creek

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure or you’re a digital nomad, you need a reliable suitcase that’s built to last, and Eagle Creek may just be the right luggage for you.

Eagle Creek is one of the best luggage brands with the best warranty. It’s great for long-term travels. They mostly make soft-sided luggage – duffels and backpacks – for expedition. The soft-sided suitcases are constructed with heavy-duty fabric to withstand harsh weather. We also love that they support a greener planet by using recycled landfill plastic to coat the fabric and make it water-resistant.


Regardless of the heavy-duty fabric, the shell is light due to the light polycarbonate. They also have some hard-sided luggage. These have heavy-duty two or four wheels that are built for durability. And the four-wheeled spinners allow for easy maneuverability: this makes them good for rolling on tough floors without getting damaged.

Eagle Creek also sells accessories such as key fob and bag straps.

Despite the manufacturer’s return rate of less than one percent, they offer their customers a lifetime guarantee. Eagle Creek is definitely one of the best luggage brands for frequent flyers.


12. TravelPro

A suitcase with two wheels is prone to wear and tear: this was what prompted Northwest Airlines pilot, Bob Plath, to invent the four-wheeled spinner suitcase. As the inventor of the four-wheeled bag, you can be sure they’re a reputable brand.

They have both soft-sided and hard-sided carry-on cases that are durable and large enough to fit items for a two-week trip. So if you’re looking for a go-to bag for a short trip, you can’t go wrong with TravelPro.

Best Luggage Brands Buying Guide

Capacity and Organization

If you’re a sucker for organizing items, then a bag with a single compartment may not appeal to you. So go for a suitcase with divided interiors and lots of pockets, rather than checking out only the exterior. Also, go for expandable luggage.

And that’s why we’ve undergone dozens of hours of thorough research to compile this list of the best luggage for frequent travelers to suit your style, personality, and performance needs.


The amount you should pay for a bag mostly depends on the purpose the luggage will serve. If you’re a frequent traveler, cheap suitcases may not offer you the quality, durability, and warranty for your trips. But in getting durable luggage, you don’t need to cough out a huge sum for it. But that’s unless you have the budget for it.


When getting a suitcase, the warranty that comes with the case should be a priority for you. You could lose a wheel or the zipper could mistakenly break, so get a product with a warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

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