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Best NewAir Wine Coolers

Editor’s Choice
Newair 24” Built-in Dual Zone Fridge
Best Bottle Capacity
Newair 27” Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Fridge
Best Reversible Shelf
Newair FlipShelf™ 24" Fridge

Even the most expensive vintage wine will leave behind an unimpressive taste if it has not been stored in the right conditions and the right temperatures. It doesn’t matter if you are a wine connoisseur so simply enjoy drinking socially, the best wine fridge is a long-term investment that can be multi-purpose. 

An ordinary refrigerator will simply not be good enough to preserve the delicate, velvety tastes of your reds and the sour delight of your precious white wines. A wine cooler does the trick! One of the leading brands in the market for the best wine fridges is NewAir. With their delicate, chic, and ultra-modern designs and one-of-a-kind user friendly technology, you simply cannot go wrong with one of their terrific wine coolers.

In this article, we have compiled a helpful list of the best NewAir wine coolers that fit all types of settings and user requirements such as our over best and Editor’s Pick, the Newair 24” Built-in Dual Zone Fridge and the most budget friendly options such as Newair 15” Built-in Dual Zone Wine Fridge. From reviews, to size and dimensions, temperature ranges, aesthetics, storage capacity, smart features, and functionality, we have considered every single element that makes these wine coolers some of the best in the market. 

Keep on reading to find out more about which NewAir wine cooler is perfect for you, while also keeping track of their unique features, impressive qualities, and price points. If you want to know more about wine storage, be sure to check out articles about the best wine coolers in the market, as well as the best undercounter refrigerators.

NewAir Wine Cooler Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 6 Top Rated NewAir Wine Coolers in 2022

1. Newair 24” Built-in 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge


Spacious, 24-inch design; dual temperature zones; quiet compressor; UV protection; multi-purpose, built-in or standalone installation; powerful cooling; compact.

Our Editor’s Pick for the best NewAir Wine coolers is undoubtedly this terrific Newair wine fridge. Its outstanding stainless design, whisper quiet technology, and ample bottle capacity make it a must-buy for wine lovers and connoisseurs. 

What makes it stand out above all else is its compact design and versatility. You can integrate it with your kitchen units, place it on top of a surface or island, or even opt for standalone installation. It is also ideal for commercial or residential use thanks to its compact and multi-purpose design. 

This mini wine fridge offers storage capacity for 46 bottles and the dual zone style ensures that there is ample space for your reds and whites. You can even customize the interior thanks to its removable wooden racks to make more space for bottles or even other items such as cans, groceries, etc. The user friend control panel displays the digital temperature readout and you can increase or decrease the temperature using the push button. 

This NewAir wine fridge also comes equipped with built-in locks for an extra layer of security for your vintage wines and the interior LED light illuminates the rich color of the bottles for all to see and admire. The stunning stainless steel exterior is not only aesthetic, but also complements modern home decor and is extremely easy to clean and maintain in the long term. 

With thousands of glowing user reviews and endorsements, this is undoubtedly one of the best wine fridges in the market. 


2. Newair 27” Built-in 116 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Fridge


Dual temperature; optimum insulation and UV protection,quiet compressor; stainless steel design; removable shelves; interior LED light; built-in lock; freestanding or built-in.

This amazing Newair is not just stunning to look at but it is specifically designed for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It provides ample space for 116 bottles and the perfect temperatures for fine wine maturing and aging.

The dual zone design ensures that both red and white wines are kept at optimal temperatures  and storage conditions to preserve the rich and luxurious taste of vintage wines. You can set or alter the temperature any time you like with the temperature control push button to check the numbers from its digital temperature readout. 

The interior LED light showcases your wine collection beautifully, making your wine fridge the centerpiece at dinner parties or other events. The wine cooler compressor makes virtually no sound so you never have to worry about banging or popping sounds coming from your wine fridge. 

The stainless steel exterior allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as superior aesthetic appeal. This model comes in a stunning black color that goes with all kinds of interior decor and design.

The solid, triple pane, insulated glass door protects your precious wine bottles from UV damage even when placed close to the window. If you like, you can easily glide the beechwood shelves out to make more space for bottles or cans or other items. 


3. Newair FlipShelf™ 24" 162 Can or 54 Bottle, Built-in or Freestanding Fridge


Single temperature; reversible flipshelf; spacious; built-in or freestanding installation; digital thermostat for customized cooling; aesthetic appearance.

This is a single zone wine cooler that is praised for its outstanding versatility. Having your friends over for a movie night and beer? Just flip its reversible shelf to the flat side for your beer cans. Need to chill a bottle of wine for a special dinner? Flip again and store your wine bottles with unimaginable ease.

This spectacular design makes this wine cooler perfect for everyone and for every occasion. You can easily store other items if you like, including milk bottles, soda cans, and even small grocery items! Rest assured, the reversible shelf fits perfectly in place regardless of which side you are using so you don’t have to worry about clinking or rolling bottles and cans. 

This NewAir wine cooler comes with a freestanding or a built-in installation option, so you can integrate it with your kitchen unit or simply keep it in your bedroom for easy access. On top of it all, the precision thermostat allows you to customize temperature between 37°F-65°F so no matter the beverage or grocery item you choose to store in it, it’ll be fresh and always taste its best.

The beautiful stainless steel exterior complements all interior decor styles and it is also easy to clean and maintain. More importantly, this fridge is especially great for its storage capacity, despite its compact design. It can hold up to 162 cans or 54 bottles, or any combo in between. It is indeed the most versatile fridge NewAir has to offer!


4. Newair 24" Built-In 52 Bottle Compressor Fridge


Single zone; built-in or stand-alone installation; compact design; digital thermostat; triple pane glass door with UV protection; super quiet compressor, premium finish for aesthetics. 

The is the ideal single-temperature unit that is perfect for all kitchens, home bars, storage rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, etc. Its super quiet compressor makes it ideal for any room inside your house or workplace.

The beautiful and spacious interior allows a storage capacity of 52 bottles and the 24-inch design of the fridge can smoothly glide into base cabinets, kitchen units, or it can be used as a standalone piece. 

You can control the temperature between 40°F and 65°F using the digital temperature control push button and check it any time on the digital readout. For security of your expensive vintage wines, this cooler comes with a built-in lock for your peace of mind and for protection against UV, the spectacular triple pane glass door ensures that your wine tastes absolutely perfect.

This NewAir wine fridge comes in a stainless steel finish which is easy to clean and looks stunning in every setting. You can customize internal space with its removable wine racks to place beer cans or extra bottles.


5. Newair 15” Built-in 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge


Dual zone; compact; can slide into base cabinets or used as standalone unit; easy-to-use digital controls; triple tempered glass doors and UV protection; whisper quiet compressor; accurate digital thermostat. 

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly wine fridge that is stunning to look at, provides ample space for all your wine bottles, offers dual zone cooling for red and white wines, then look no further than this Newair wine fridge. This outstanding wine cooler is the perfect fridge for wine connoisseurs, as well as those who simply want to keep a few bottles for those special occasions.

The compact design makes this fridge easy to move around and even travel with. It is a perfect addition to small or large kitchens, RVs, dorms, and even bedrooms, thanks to its super quiet compressor. 

This NewAir wine fridge comes with a built-in lock for extra protection for your wine bottles. You can also change the temperature using the control push button and use the digital readout to check it. It also comes with an interior LED so you can read labels and showcase your wine collection to all those who are present.

Despite its ultra-compact 15-inch size, it can store upto 29 bottles and you can always make more space thanks to the removable shelves. Its stainless steel finish is modern, chic, and sleek, and complements all interior decor styles.


6. Newair 12" Built-In 19 Bottle Wine Fridge


Single temperature; compact, slim-fit design takes minimal space; triple pane glass doors and UV protection; user-friendly digital controls; ultra-quiet compressor; built-in lock.

This is the ideal option for those looking to add an extra zest of luxury to their kitchen or even lounge spaces. This brilliant wine fridge is a built-in, compact, slim-fit design unit that can easily be fitted in kitchen units. Its slender, chic, and modern look is not great to look at, but it can also easily store up to 19 bottles.

You can even remove the wine racks to make more space for extra cans or even small grocery items! This NewAir model also comes with built-in locks to secure your vintage wines and an interior LED light that illuminates your precious wine bottles.  

The brilliant stainless steel exterior complements kitchen designs and this is undoubtedly an excellent investment for wine lovers for those looking for some extra refrigeration space in the kitchen.


Factors to Consider When Buying a NewAir Wine Cooler 

The most important factors to consider before selecting a NewAir wine fridge are bottle capacity and shelving, ease of installation, noise levels, size and dimensions, smart features, security and lighting.

Bottle Capacity and Shelf Space

It goes without saying that a good wine cooler will also come with customizable shelf space, sliding shelves, and ample bottle capacity. Investing in an expensive cooler with only space for 10-15 bottles may not be the best option. Instead, wine coolers like the Newair 27” Built-in 116 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Fridge offer far more space and customizable shelf room for your wines.

Ease of Installation

Most NewAir wine coolers are freestanding but some can be flush fitted or integrated with your kitchen units. The Newair 24″ Built-In 52 Bottle Compressor Fridge is a great example of a wine cooler that can be integrated with a kitchen unit or even used as a freestanding unit. While the Newair 12″ Built-In 19 Bottle Wine Fridge can only be fitted. Both are easy to install, depending on your needs and expertise.

Noise Levels

Good quality wine coolers are whisper silent and fortunately all of NewAir collections are designed to produce minimal sound. You don’t want to hear the compressor of your wine cooler starting with a loud bang or a vibrating sound that startles you. 

Temperature Ranges

One of the most important elements for a wine cooler is its temperature range and whether it provides the right temperature setting for your reds or whites. Dual-zone or multi-temperature coolers such as the Newair 27” Built-in 116 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Fridge offer different compartments for wine types along with temperature settings for each. This helps preserve the taste and quality of different types of vintage wines.

Sizes and Dimensions

Buying the right size of a wine cooler is extremely important as it largely depends on the space you have available in your kitchen or storage space. You wouldn’t be able to fit a large NewAir cooler with over 150 bottle capacity in an RV. Instead, for smaller spaces the Newair 15” Built-in 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge would be a far better option as it will fit in the space available and provide all the advantages of and trendy options available in larger models.

Smart Feature, Security, and Lighting

Modern wine coolers provide a range of smart features such as LCD displays, versatile and user-friendly control panels, and automatic lock features. All NewAir models come equipped with built-in locks and visual and/or audio alarms for added protection. Lighting is also an important element to consider as it not only enhances the aesthetics but helps you read labels and identify the right wine when you’re pulling them out. 

What are the advantages of a NewAir wine cooler?

The advantages of a NewAir wine cooler include excellent taste preservation, suitable storage temperatures, perfect setting to mature and age your fine wine, as well as a great accessory to your home style.

Now that you’ve got a glimpse at the best NewAir wine coolers that best suit your needs and budget, it’s time to take a closer look at the key advantages of investing in a NewAir wine cooler. After all, the quality, maturity, and taste of your expensive and vintage wines depends on its storage, so this is no joking matter!

But, why does it matter?

  • To preserve the taste and quality: Wine connoisseurs understand the importance of the perfect storage space for all kinds of wine to preserve its taste and to help it mature. Different wines need to be served at different temperatures to get the most out of its taste. Having a wine cooler ensures that your reds are always served at 62-68 degrees and your whites at 50-55 degrees.
  • To enhance style: A wine cooler adds class and a zest of luxury to your home, especially when guests are visiting. A trendy and stylish wine cooler like the Newair 12″ Built-In 19 Bottle Wine Fridge with a sleek design can really boost your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and impress anyone who walks in when they see your vintage wine illuminated from behind the glass door.
  • To mature and age your fine wine: Nothing tastes more luxurious than a silky, smooth well-aged fine wine and the best way to enjoy it is by ensuring the perfect storage conditions for it. Regular refrigerators will simply not maintain the specific temperatures required to preserve and age your wine.
  • To enjoy incredible versatility: Of course you don’t just have to store wine in them! You can use wine coolers for other drinks such as beer or even bottled water. Wine coolers are also versatile in the sense that you can invest in a multi-temperature cooler for all types of wine like the The Newair FlipShelf™ 24″ 162 Can or 54 Bottle, Built-in or Freestanding Fridge which comes in a 3-temperature setting for all types of wines and beverages.

FAQs about the Best NewAir Wine Fridges

Yes, all NewAir wine coolers provide a standard 1-Year Warranty to ensure your peace of mind. In case of any damages, leakages, or other technical troubles, the NewAir customer service will be able to resolve any issues within the Warranty period.

Yes, you can easily and conveniently store items such as cans, milk bottles, small grocery items, and even cosmetics that need to be stored in cooler temperatures. All NewAir wine coolers are multi-purpose and extremely versatile.

You can easily add or remove shelves from your NewAir wine coolers. Most coolers such as the Newair 12″ Built-In 19 Bottle Wine Fridge already come with removable wine shelves for ease of space.

NewAir wine coolers cost anywhere between $800 to $2,500 on average. You can also purchase much cheaper, refurbished or blemished NewAir wine fridges which will cost significantly less than brand new models. Such units may cost as little as $150.

NewAir wine coolers are definitely worth it! These modern wine fridges come with unique qualities and smart features with a smaller price tag compared to other brands. Not only are they more affordable, but they come with excellent capacity, in single or dual zone temperatures.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the Newair 24” Built-in Dual Zone Fridge is the best NewAir wine cooler because of its useful features, design, sophisticated, and user friendly technology.. It offers ample security for your expensive wine as well as more than adequate space to store them without fear of clinking, cracking, or other damages.

Our second choice for the best NewAir wine cooler is the Newair 27” Built-in 116 Bottle Dual Zone Compressor Fridge which stands out for its spacious interior and adequate storage space for 116 wine bottles.

Lastly, our third best pick is the Newair FlipShelf™ 24″ 162 Can or 54 Bottle, Built-in or Freestanding Fridge which is known for its versatility and its unique reversible shelf that allows storage of 162 cans and 54 bottles and a combo of anything in between. This wine cooler is perfect for homes, work places, and even dorm rooms.

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