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Best N’FINITY PRO Wine Coolers

Editor’s Choice
N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler
Best Dual Zone
N'FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar
Best Compact
N'FINITY SD Dual Zone Wine Cellar

With so many competing brands and wine cooler options in the market, it can be hard to pick the one that fits your budget, needs, and storage capacity requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are a wine enthusiast or whether you simply enjoy sipping on some fine wine in the evenings or with friends, a good quality wine cooler is a fantastic investment that preserves the authentic taste and aromas of your reds and whites.

One of the best wine fridge brands in the market is undoubtedly N’FINITY PRO. With their modern designs, energy efficient technology, and excellent customer reviews, the N’FINITY PRO wine coolers remain at the very top of the game. They also make a great addition to your kitchen decor!

After carefully testing and researching every element from size to temperature controls, etc., we have compiled a thorough list of the 4 best N’FINITY PRO wine coolers that will surely meet your individual needs and budgets. Such as our editor’s pick, the N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler and our best compact wine cooler choice, the N’FINITY SD Dual Zone Wine Cellar. From reviews, to durability, compressor quality, smart features, to security and aesthetics, we have considered each of these factors to bring you this list. 

Keep scrolling to find which N’FINITY PRO wine fridge is the best option for you while also keeping track of their unique features and impressive qualities.If you want to know more about wine storage, be sure to check out our articles about the best wine coolers in the market, as well as the best undercounter refrigerators.

N'FINITY PRO Wine Cooler Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 4 Top Rated N'FINITY PRO Wine Coolers in 2022

1. N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler


Unique storage for all types of beverages; separate lower storage for cans; reversible stainless steel door and drawers; patented VinoView® beechwood removable shelving; precise temperature control; built-in or freestanding installation; LED lighting.

Our top Editor’s pick for the best N’FINITY PRO wine cooler is undoubtedly this uniquely designed wine cooler. This never-seen-before style of wine cooler is versatile and provides ample storage for your wine, favorite craft beers, energy drinks, seltzers, sodas, etc.

The top wine zone is single temperature and allows you to showcase your wine collection with their labels forward resting on N’FINITY PRO uniquely designed and patented VINOVIEW® display shelving. Each of these removable beechwood shelves can store upto 8 bottles with ample space in between for protection against cracking or clicking.

The lower dual drawers can be reset as low as 34°F if desired while the top top zone comes with a temperature range of 41°F to 72°F, creating optimal conditions for your wine’s storage and aging.

Additionally, this N’FINITY PRO wine fridge also comes with a charcoal filter which eliminates any malodors that may interfere with the wine taste and aroma, ensuring fresh air circulation at all times. And, its state-of-the-art compressor is not only energy efficient but also ultra-quiet, making it a perfect addition for your kitchen or any other storage space.

You can easily install this wine cooler as a freestanding unit or even have it built into your kitchen unit. The stunning reversible, stainless steel door with tinted glass is protective against UV damage and the stainless steel dual drawers with towel-bar add to the unique aesthetic of the cooler.


2. N'FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar


Dual Zone MAX technology; freestanding or built-in installation; large storage capacity; stainless steel door; rolling 12 metal plate & 2 wire racks; intuitive touchscreen controls; 3-stage lighting; charcoal filter; super quiet compressor; ultra-efficient cooling technology.

This is undoubtedly one of the best wine coolers in the market for its array of advantages, unique and impressive features, and a massive storage space for your favorite wines. This wine fridge is a dual zone temperature unit that can hold up to 168 bottles and comes with 12 rolling metal plates and 2 wire racks that are sturdy enough to hold any bottle, regardless of weight.

It can be used as a freestanding unit as well as built into a kitchen unit. The super quiet, ultra energy efficient compressor offers years of dependable and quality service with an impressive 3-Year warranty of the sealed cooling system.

You can set both temperature zones to the same number which allows you to maximize storage capacity for a type of wine collection or set it to dual zone MAX as a traditional dual temperature fridge for multiple wine options. For more space, you can even roll the shelves out and add other cans or bottles.

Its touch screen controls are user friendly and soft LED lighting is perfect to illuminate your expensive wine collection to all those who visit.


3. N'FINITY SD Dual Zone Wine Cellar


Dual temperature; compact design; stainless steel door; high performance Embraco compressor; touchscreen controls; ultra-efficient cooling system; undercounter style; digital climate control; super quiet operation.

On the hunt for the best compact, freestanding or built-in wine cooler that can also be used under the counter? Look no further than this amazing wine fridge. This compact wine fridge offers all the benefits of a larger N’FINITY PRO unit but with a smaller size and price tag.

It is a dual zone unit with an upper zone for your white and sparkling wines, set to 41-54F, and a lower zone for your red and white storage set to 54-66F. Despite its compact design, it can store upto 26 bottles easily. It also comes with 5 metal plates and 1 wire rack which can be rolled to make more space.

This mini wine fridge also comes with a built-in lock and key for added security, as well as a reversible door which is modern and convenient. Additionally, the Embraco compressor ensures ultimate performance and longevity so you don’t need to worry about technical cooling problems.

With a stainless steel door, easy-to-use touch screen temperature controls, and super quiet compressor, this fridge is an excellent addition to your kitchen or any other space.


4. N'FINITY PRO HDX 30" Wine and Beverage Center


Dual-zone temperature; increased efficiency over 25% & ETL approved; 3-Year cooling factory Warranty; built-in or freestanding unit; touch screen controls on LED door; combo of rolling, sliding, and fixed shelves; built-in lock.

For those who want to enjoy their favorite wine while also preserving nature and the environment, then this N’FINITY PRO wine cooler is simply the perfect choice. Its cooling technology reduced energy consumption by 25% and it is also ETL approved compared to other wine coolers and brands.

This N’FINITY PRO wine fridge also has a combination of rolling, sliding, and fixed shelves. Its dual zone temperature technology allows you to keep all types of red and white wines to their optimal temperature and storage environment. Additionally, it also comes with an impressive 3-Year cooling factory Warranty. Its compact design is ideal for big or small spaces and it comes with a storage capacity of 35 bottles.


Factors to Consider When Buying a N’FINITY PRO Wine Cooler 

The most important factors to consider before selecting a N’FINITY PRO wine fridge are design and aesthetics and temperature zones.

Design and Aesthetics

N’FINITY PRO wine fridges are praised by critics and users for their versatile and unique designing and overall aesthetics. The N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler, for instance, comes with a memorable design. Its dual drawers are handy to keep other beverages such as soda cans or beer. The top zone is meant for your reds or whites and the shelving design and angle makes it so that your wine bottle labels are always on display. Oher N’FINITY PRO wine coolers come with gorgeous designs that make them a great accessory to your home.

Temperature Zones

All the N’FINITY PRO wine fridges mentioned on this list offer dual zone temperature settings which makes them ideal for red and white wines. You can easily switch settings to make the storage environment perfect for wine maturing and fine aging. The N’FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar is especially known for its excessive space and dual zone temperature. 

What are the advantages of a N’FINITY PRO wine cooler?

The N’FINITY PRO wine coolers come with spectacular advantages that would tempt any wine lover and connoisseur to invest in them. These benefits include dual-zone temperatures, great storage capacity, and budget-friendly options.

But, why does it matter?

  • To help your expensive red and white wine age well: N’FINITY PRO wine fridges offer excellent dual zone settings which make them versatile and perfect for all types of wine. If you have a selection of reds and whites, you can store them in the different compartments of the cooler with different cooling settings to ensure that each type of wine is stored in its ideal temperature.
  • To enjoy excellent wine storage capacity: Whether you require a large wine cellar, or a small compact, mini wine fridge, N’FINITY PRO has an option for you. For a compact option, the N’FINITY SD Dual Zone Wine Cellar is undoubtedly an ideal option as it can store 26 bottles. If you require a slightly larger option, then the N’FINITY PRO HDX 30″ Wine and Beverage Center is the right option for you.
  • To enjoy incredible versatility: You can even use these N’FINITY PRO wine coolers to store beer cans, other beverages, or grocery items as in the case of  N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler. Great versatility is another key advantage of N’FINITY PRO wine coolers! 

FAQs about the Best N'FINITY PRO Wine Fridges

Yes, you can easily store other beverages in your N’FINITY PRO wine coolers. You can adjust the temperature to what is suitable for your beverages and other items.

N’FINITY PRO wine fridges can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $6,000. This depends on the cooler size, additional features, model, etc.

Yes, you can find a variety of N’FINITY PRO wine coolers that are compact and perfect for smaller homes and kitchens. Despite their compact size, these wine fridges still provide ample space to store your wine.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine Cellar with Dual Drawer Cooler is our best pick for N’FINITY PRO wine coolers for its unique, versatile design that is perfect to store wine bottles in the top zone, as well as other beverages in the dual drawers.

Our second favorite pick is the N’FINITY LX Dual Zone MAX Wine Cellar for its unmatched aesthetic, and massive storage space for both your precious red and white wines, thanks to its dual temperature setting. Its spectacular design also makes it a perfect addition to your home.

Our final pick is the N’FINITY SD Dual Zone Wine Cellar for its compact design that makes it a perfect pick for those looking for integrated or undercounter wine fridge options.

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