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Best pans for steak

Editor's Pick
Misen Grill Pan
Best Carbon Steel
Made In Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan
Best Budget
ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Nonstick Grill Pan

The best pan for steak is the Misen Grill Pan. Nothing beats the taste of a moist, sizzling steak with seasoned veggies. But, the key to cooking steak is seasoning it well and ensuring that it gets a good sear before you serve it. This isn’t possible with just any pan and if you are craving the meaty richness, then you may have to invest in a special steak pan that will make your a searing steak every time.

I have over 10 years of professional experience cooking, critiquing, and understanding the different types and brands of cookware in the market. With more than 50 hours of thorough research, I have tested numerous frying pans that can cook steak beautifully. I also have 2 decades of experience reviewing kitchenware of all types to find the right selection for you.

We previously listed for you the best pans for deep frying, cooking statistics, cooking steak on a griddle and the best egg pans but for this article we have tested the best pans for steak available in the market that will help you make the juiciest steak you have ever had. Keep on reading!

Best Steak Pans Top Picks

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List of 6 Top Rated Pans for Cooking Steak 2022

1. Misen Grill Pan

Editor’s Pick for the Best Cast Iron Steak Pan

Our top pick for this list is this marvelous Misen grill pan. After all, nothing beats a cast iron pan when it comes to cooking steak. Cast iron pans are ensure even heat distribution and retain it for longer as well. Once your cast iron is fully hot, lay your steak meat on top to hear that delicious sizzle that will create the most crispy, mouthwatering outer layer.

After we tested it in our lab, we noticed that the thick, cast iron core and its state-of-the-art enamel coating ensures that this pan is high-heat friendly and extremely durable. The four separately fired layers of enamel on top of the cast iron makes this pan practically indestructible and leaving deep grill marks on your meats and vegetables.

It is compatible with all stovetops and its wide handles are comfortable to the touch and keep your hold study even when you have oven mitts on.


2. Made In Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan

Best Carbon Steel Fry Pan for Cooking Steak

Looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to cookware? This Made In carbon steel fry pan is just the treat for you. It is uniquely designed with holes in the bottom for that deep sizzle and burn that leaves behind the perfect grill marks.

This carbon steel pan combines the best of stainless steel and cast iron, but it is also lighter than your average cast iron skillet. It is extremely conductive and we tested its 62 perforations or those bottom holes that allow the flames to make direct contact with your food, leaving it with an ideal sear. This pan is especially great for outside cooking!

It can tolerate heat up to 1200*F and is ultra sleek and super lightweight. After seasoning it prior to use, you can enjoy the perfect steak or grilled veggies.


3. ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Nonstick Grill Pan

Best Budget-Friendly Frying Pan for Steak

Steak pans can be extremely expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a budget-friendly, durable option that will give you the same perfect sear like any other expensive frying pan. This ESLITE nonstick grill pan is a fantastic investment for those that want the perfect seared steak on a budget. Though, some think that budget-friendly means poor quality but we carefully tested this pan in our lab and it withstood every test and passed with flying colors!

Its interior is completely coated with high performance nonstick granite coating which makes it easy to cook in with little oil. It is free of PFOA, PTFEs, lead, and cadmium, which makes it extremely healthy for those who are a bit more diet conscious.

This frying pan can be used on all types of stovetops as we tested it and its handles are also heat resistant and easy to grab while even cooking. Enjoy the juiciest steaks perfectly cooked on this heavy duty cast aluminium frying pan that is as good as its competitors but comes with an impressively affordable price tag!


4. Caraway Fry Pan

Best Nonstick Pan to Cook Steak

This stunning Caraway pan isn’t just pretty to look at; it is a fantastic addition to your kitchen and it gives your steaks that perfect sizzle. Thanks to the smooth ceramic coating inside, this pan is the best nonstick variety for searing or cooking your steaks.

After we tested its performance, we were pleased that it requires very little oil or butter to prepare your steaks in and this frying pan does not weigh too much so it is easy to transfer your searing veggies to your plate or other meats as well. Its is also 100% PTFE free and its mineral based coating does not leave behind harmful chemicals glued to your food.

Its nonstick aluminium core construction is super durable and it comes with a stunning stainless steel handle that is easy to hold, comfortable to the touch, and heat resistant. Additionally, this frying pan is oven safe up to 550*F and releases up to 60% less COs compared to traditional nonstick cookware.


5. HexClad 12" Hybrid Griddle Pan

Best Flat Cooking Surface Pan for Steaks

The smooth, flat bottomed Hexclad hybrid griddle pan provides ample cooking surface for even two steaks at a time. It is comes with the special Hexclad patented hexagon design that is created through a laser etching process giving you all the benefits of a stainless steel pan and a nonstick surface.

You only need to use little oil or butter to cook your steaks in. It is also 100% PFOA free and can also be popped in your oven up to 500*F. Be it a stove top or an induction range, you can use this frying pan for searing steaks with ease. It is extremely easy to clean and completely scratch resistant so don’t be afraid to use your metal utensils when cooking your steaks on this pan.

This grill pan is built to last thanks to its try-ply construction with the first and third layers as stainless steel that help keep it nonstick, while the aluminum in between the layers perfectly conducts heat and distributes it evenly.


6. Sardel 12.5" Carbon Steel Skillet

Best Spacious Frying Pan for Steak

Cooking steaks for the family? This carbon steel Sardel pan features a 12.5″ diameter that allows you to cook multiple steaks at the same time and still leaves some room to heat up or cook your vegetables. As it is a carbon steel pan, it combines the best features of cast iron and stainless steel, but unlike cast iron, it is not chunky or heavy and is easy to clean and maintain.

As you season it, this pan will develop a slick nonstick coating and a slightly darker color the more you cook with it. This helps retain the heat and gives your meat the perfect sear.

It is compatible with all stovetops and thanks to its light weight, you can transfer the food to the plate with ease.


Factors to Consider When Buying Best Pans for Grilled Steak

Before you purchase your very own steak pan, take the time to consider some important factors that will help you make the most of your steak grill pans. After all, these can be pricey so you want one that suits your stovetop and cooking needs.


The best type of pan to use when cooking steaks is cast iron due to its thick bottom surface and the ability to heat up quickly while also retaining the heat for a longer period of time. This allows for the perfect sear. You can also get carbon steel pans that combine the best of stainless steel and cast iron, but are lightweight and naturally nonstick. Cooking steaks is also possible in ceramic-mineral based pans and some nonstick options, but whichever you buy, just make sure that its bottom is stable and thick enough to sear a steak and not burn it.


It goes without saying that before you purchase your steak pan, make sure that you have checked its price point. If you are on a budget, you may want to look at more affordable brands and options that provide similar benefits to more expensive competitors. A heavy duty carbon steel or cast iron steak frying pan can be pricey but there are several cheaper alternatives that you can pick instead.

Stove Type

It is important to check what type of stove or cooktop you use at home before you buy your steak pan. Induction stoves are more and more common these days but they also require certain ferrous metal pans that can conduct heat from the stove. Therefore, before you purchase your pan, make sure that it is compatible with whichever stove type you have installed at home.


If you are cooking for family or if you like certain larger steak cuts, be sure to purchase a pan that can actually fit your delicious steak in. Some smaller varieties can either only fit one size or a single steak, while others feature a larger diameter and can fit multiple large steaks inside.

FAQs about the Best Pans for Cooking Steak

The best pan to prepare a steak in is undoubtedly cast iron pans. This is because of their thick, indestructible make that allows for excellent heat retention and heat distribution. It can reach very high temperatures without smoking up the whole house and it is also very durable, making it a top choice for searing and preparing steaks in.

Yes, you can cook your steaks in a regular frying pan if you do not have a grill pan available. You can use a cut of 1″ steak for best results when cooking in a regular pan. Make sure you heat your meat on each side for 3-6 minutes for a good sear.

Yes, you can cook steak in a non stick pan but it is not advisable. For the ideal sear, steaks should be cooked on a preheated pan that is set on high. Unfortunately, nonstick pans may get damaged at such high temperatures and their Teflon coating may begin to wither when reaching temperature up to or higher than 570*F.

Yes, cast iron is better than all other options for searing as it retains heat perfectly and can tolerate high temperatures which makes it ideal for searing.

Our Recommendation

Our top choice for the best pans for cooking steak is the Misen Grill Pan. This cast iron pan is an all-rounder thanks to its excellent build that is indestructible and can survive extremely high heat, making it an ideal choice for steaks.

Our second pick for this list is the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Grill Frying Pan which is a top carbon steel choice and combines the best of stainless steel pans and cast iron. But, unlike cast iron, it is lightweight and easy to carry and maintain.

Finally, our third best choice is the ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Nonstick Grill Pan as it provides eco-friendly, PFOA-free cooking surface and comes under an incredibly affordable price tag

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