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Best Perlick Wine Coolers

Editor’s Choice
Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves
Best Compact
Perlick 24 Inch Wine Reserve, 20 Bottle Capacity
Best Storage
Perlick 24 Inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Reserve, 40 Bottle

It isn’t easy to pick the right wine cooler for your home when there are already so many brands and a variety of styles and sizes to choose from in the market. You cannot use an ordinary home refrigerator for fine wine aging or cooling as different wines require different storage environments and temperature settings, which is why investing in a quality wine fridge is essential, if you are a wine lover of course.

Some of the top quality, uniquely designed wine fridges in the market are undoubtedly the Perlick wine coolers. Their compact built, unique features and elements, as well as outstanding quality set them apart from their competitors. 

In this article, we have taken into account every feature and element such as reviews, smart features, storage capacity, size and dimensions, energy efficiency, budget, longevity and durability, security and other aesthetic characteristics, to bring you only the best Perlick wine fridges out there, such as our top pick, the Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves and our selection for best dual zone cooling, like the Perlick 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Reserve, 32 Bottle

In this list, you can pick the Perlick wine cooler that fits your requirements, be it according to budget, size, or storage. If you want to know more about wine storage, be sure to check out our articles about the best wine coolers in the market, as well as the best undercounter refrigerators.

Perlick Wine Cooler Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 4 Top Rated Perlick Wine Coolers in 2022

1. Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves


Single zone; outdoor wine refrigeration; digital temperature control; 5 full-extension wine shelves; built-in LED lighting; stainless steel interior and exterior; built-in door alarm; stain and odor resistant interior.

Our top choice and Editor’s Pick for the best all-rounder Perlick wine cooler is undoubtedly this Perlick wine cooler. This compact, single zone, stainless steel wine fridge is the perfect selection for an outdoor, built-in unit that keeps your wine on display for all to see.

It also comes with additional security options such as a door alarm to keep children or unwanted guests away from your precious wine collection. This fridge has a stainless steel interior and exterior, as well as a built-in LED lighting which perfectly illuminates your wine collection and you can easily store up to 45 wine bottles, despite the compact build of the fridge.

The full extension pull out shelving is handy when sorting your wines or other beverages and this perfect residential outdoor fridge also comes with a full 6-Year parts and labor warranty.


2. Perlick 24 Inch Wine Reserve, 20 Bottle Capacity


Single zone; ultra-compact built; ADA compliant; 4 full-extension wine racks; digital temperature control; stainless steel field reversible doors; built-in installation; adjustable built-in LED lighting; energy efficient; UL listed.

This is second on our list of best Perlick wine coolers. Its sleek, ultra-compact built makes it perfect for those looking for a smaller wine fridge to keep their wine bottles for a special occasion. It is a single zone, built-in model with a stainless steel, glass door that showcases your bottles beautifully.

This Perlick unit also comes with a built-in lock for an additional layer of security and it can also be used as an under the counter wine fridge for wine bottles, as well as other beverages. Its full-extension 4 wine racks are handy when storing your wine and the layout is such that you can display the titles and and names of your wine.

This fridge can easily store up to 20 bottles of wine and it is also energy efficient with an eco-friendly design and ADA compliance. The adjustable LED light is handy when reading the labels and showcasing your collection.


3. Perlick 24 Inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Reserve, 40 Bottle


Single zone; digital temperature control; optional locking system; built-in installation; compact design; fits for under the counter use; accepts custom panels; 5 full-extension adjustable wine racks.

The is our next best pick. It is a brilliant Perlick single zone, C-Series, compact wine fridge which can also be used as an under the counter cooler. It provides ample space for 40 wine bottles, despite its compact design, as well as 5 full-extension shelves which makes it easier to store your wine without hassle.

What’s special about this fridge is the extra storage underneath the shelves for additional bottles and other beverages. You can even remove some of the shelves to make more space for bottles and cans, or to accommodate oversized wine bottles.

It also comes with a commercial grade stainless steel interior and a gorgeous black vinyl-clad exterior that adds to its aesthetic appeal. The Perlick exclusive convertible door design can be changed to a wood overlay from stainless steel if you prefer and the door glass is also 100% UV resistant. What’s more is that you can also get the optional door lock factory installed before getting your wine cooler delivered.


4. Perlick 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Reserve, 32 Bottle


Dual-zone temperature; 5 full-extension shelves; built-in LED lighting; audible door alarm; stainless steel interior; 6-Year warranty; digital thermostat; UL Listed; field reversible doors; fit for under the counter, built-in installation; compact design.

This is a dual zone, Perlick Signature Series model which is compact in design and a perfect fit for under the counter use. This wine cooler comes with 5 full-extension shelves that allows for a maximum storage of 32 wine bottles. Thanks to its dual cooling zone, you can keep both your reds and wines in this fridge for cooling and aging.

The built-in LED lighting makes it easier to read any labels and organize your wine bottles. The wooden door makes this fridge a perfect blend for your kitchen as it complements all indoor designs. The door alarm system is an additional safety precaution that keeps your expensive wine safe from children and other unwanted guests.

Its stainless steel interior provides top grade durability and easy maintenance. Additionally, this Perlick model also comes with field reversible doors and a digital thermostat for ease of use.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Perlick Wine Cooler 

The most important factors to consider before selecting a Perlick wine fridge are customization options and budget.

Customization Options

Perlick wine coolers have a variety of different, stylish designs that come in both stainless steel exterior such as our top pick, the Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves or wooden exterior like the Perlick 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Reserve, 32 Bottle. The customization options for these coolers play a big role as you can alter some types into wooden or stainless steel exteriors so they can be more aesthetically aligned with your interior.


Perlick wine coolers can be quite pricey, despite their size. But, there are numerous options that offer the same luxuries as the more expensive types but with a smaller and affordable price tag. One important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Perlick cooler is always your budget as options like the Perlick 24 Inch Dual Zone Wine Reserve, 32 Bottle can be quite pricey, but Perlick 24 Inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Reserve, 40 Bottle may be a bit more budget-friendly.

What are the advantages of a Perlick wine cooler?

Perlick wine coolers come with spectacular advantages that would tempt all wine lovers and enthusiasts. These benefits include excellent and unique designs, compact and easy to manage size, and great versatility. 

But, why does it matter?

  • To savor aesthetically pleasing designs that complement your home: Perlick wine fridges come in unique designs with aesthetic value that make them a great blend for all home designs. Whether you want a modern and sleek, stainless steel exterior wine cooler, or an elegant, wooden framed option, you can easily customize and enjoy these different looks for your kitchen. One great example of this is the Perlick 24 Inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Reserve, 40 Bottle.
  • To enjoy compact, easy-to-maintain cooler size: The best Perlick wine fridges come in compact sizes which can be built into your kitchen units or even installed outdoors like our top pick, Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves. This compact design makes them easy to use and maintain in the long term.
  • To enjoy incredible versatility: You can even use these Perlick wine coolers to store beer, other beverages, or grocery items as in the case of. Great versatility is another key advantage of Perlick wine coolers! 

FAQs about the Best Perlick Wine Fridges

Yes, you can easily store other beverages in your Perlick wine coolers. You can adjust the temperature to what is suitable for your beverages and other items.

Perlick wine fridges can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000. This depends on the cooler size, additional features, model, etc.

Yes, you can find a variety of Perlick wine coolers in this list that are compact and perfect for smaller homes and kitchens. Despite their compact size, these wine fridges still provide ample space to store your wine.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the Perlick 24 Inch Undercounter Wine Fridge, Extension Shelves is our best pick for Perlick wine coolers. Its modern design, excellent storage capacity, and versatility of use is what makes it stand out from the rest.

Our second top pick is the Perlick 24 Inch Wine Reserve, 20 Bottle Capacity for its compact style that can be built into kitchen units easily and still provide ample bottle capacity. It is perfect for big or small homes.

Our final pick is the Perlick 24 Inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Reserve, 40 Bottle for its great storage as it is not only compact, but you can roll out the adjustable shelves or simply use the extra space underneath to store more wine bottles or other beverages. 

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