10 Best Portable Bathtubs – What Inflatable Bathtub to Buy in 2023

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A portable bathtub is the easiest way to get a relaxing soak that the shower stall just is not equipped to give. Unlike your typical freestanding bathtub, a portable bathtub offers you comfort with an inflatable pillow perhaps, and the opportunity to move it around as you see fit even for an outdoor bath.

Most portable bathtubs will have an electric air pump, the option to soak in warm water, and enough space for a really good bubble bath for up to an hour. So how do you choose between the different portable bathtubs on the market? Well, we've narrowed down the best portable bathtubs that will give your shower stall a run for its money.

G-Ganen Happy Life Portable Plastic Bathtub


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The first portable bathtub we tested out that you can purchase is G-Gannen's Happy Life plastic portable tub. What sets this apart from other inflatable tubs is that the circular tub is a freestanding one. This particular portable tub is about 30 inches by 30 inches and has a capacity of 100 kg. Like most portable tubs, this portable bathtub is made out of a durable PVC material that will keep water warm for about half an hour. There's a drainage faucet on the side that is detachable so that you can easily drain the water after a deep soak.

The G-Gannen's Happy Life plastic portable tub and LUCKUP Portable Bathtub are both made of plastic and designed for easy transport. However, the LUCKUP bathtub is larger and can hold more water than the G-Ganen model.


  • Great at maintaining water temperature
  • Spacious tub
  • Has drainage on the side


  • Inflatable
  • Not suitable for those with mobility issues
  • Not non-slip

LUCKUP Portable Bathtub

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Another contender we tried out for the best portable bathtub is LUCKUP's, which has a midnight blue cover with stars and moons and a pale pink one that sports flamingos and hearts. With its 3-layers which are a mix of high-density PVC, food-grade PVC, and thermal foam, this portable bathtub ensures a warm bath and a safe one too. There are drain holes on the side and at the bottom where you can easily drain water and put the tub away with its foldable design. The LUCKUP portable bathtub and Watebom Portable Plastic Bathtub are similar in size but differ in shape, with the LUCKUP model featuring a curved design and the Watebom model being more angular. 


  • The tub can hold up to 80 gallons
  • Choose from different tubs (color and print)
  • Has 2 drains


  • Can have a strong plastic odor
  • The tub has high sides

Watebom Portable Plastic Bathtub


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This portable bathtub doesn't require a wireless electric pump and is best for cold baths as well as hot water. This freestanding bathtub offers easy storage and is quite easy to assemble. Not only is the portable bathtub made out of a non-toxic PVC, but the insulation foam and padded bottom also ensure a relaxing bath. Unlike a permanent bathtub, you can enjoy a bath in the great outdoors and simply purchase this portable bathtub's flexible hose so that you can let the water out into the closest drainage pipes. Comparing another option we tested, The Watebom portable plastic bathtub is a non-inflatable option, while the HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub requires inflation before use.


  • No need to inflate
  • Comfortable
  • The tub comes with a flexible hose


  • The tub has a strong plastic smell
  • Like some tubs, this one has high sides
  • Drainage can be faulty

HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub

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This is one of the best portable bathtubs we evaluated to really make the most of bath time. Keep the water warm and make the most out of your Epsom salts as you relax and rest your body against the backrest. This is an inflatable option that may not be the best for small spaces plus you'll have to invest in an electric pump or manual air pump to use this portable bathtub. However, the waterproof PVC and double drainage system are great to keep the water hot and quickly remove water. The Hiwena inflatable por and the CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub are both inflatable bathtubs designed for easy storage and transport. However, the HIWENA bathtub is larger and can hold more water than the CO-Z model, but it requires more time to inflate.


  • This tub has more space than your typical bath or shower
  • Simple design is perfect for a minimalist room or space


  • No pump
  • Does not drain quickly because the holes are at the side

CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub

inflatable pillow

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Unlike other tubs, this is one of the only portable bathtubs that are inflatable deflates, and becomes completely flat which can save a lot of space in a storage room. CO-Z's portable bathtub comes with an electric pump that gives you the option to choose from 3 different nozzles for easy inflation. Like some other models, this inflatable option has two drains but what sets it apart is the cup holder for a truly relaxing bathing experience with your preferred beverage. How does this compare to another option we evaluate? The CO-Z  inflatable adult bathtub and the G-Ganen Happy Life Portable Plastic Bathtub both have similar dimensions and are designed for easy use and storage, but the G-Ganen model is made of plastic rather than being inflatable, providing a more rigid structure.


  • The tub has a soft bottom and a comfortable design
  • Different from competitor's tubs because it folds down
  • Made out of a durable PVC material


  • The tub cannot be moved around a room easily
  • Takes up a lot of space

ThermaeStudio Inflatable Bathtub

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This is another popular choice among the best portable bathtubs that comes with an electric pump for easy inflation. In order to keep your water temperature hot or warm, this portable bathtub we tested is not only made out of waterproof material but has a cover that you can zip up. This is best if you have a large indoor space or opt for bathing outdoors since the tub does take up more space. You can check our guides on the best hot tub cover too!


  • The tub is very spacious
  • Does not leak easily
  • The cover helps keep a bath warm


  • May not drain well
  • Not suitable for a small space

Homefilos Portable Bathtub

freestanding bathtub

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If you're looking for an inflatable tub big enough for more people or for those with mobility issues, this circular tub may just be the inflatable option for you. When the water temperature runs cold, you can drain water easily with either the side or center drain and with the help of the 5-ft hose that comes in the large storage bag after the purchase like we did when testing it out.


  • One of the larger tubs you can purchase
  • Has a center and two side drains
  • Comes with a hose


  • Can leak around a drain hole
  • Has a hard frame

PPBathtub XL Inflatable Bathtub

best portable bathtub

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Unlike other models on this list of the best portable bathtubs that have multiple layers (like six layers) or are made out of high-density PVC, this extra-large tub maintains your preferred water temperature for about an hour. You have not just one cup holder but two and have inflatable pillows to truly rest which your shower stall simply isn't designed to do. There's no need to purchase your own air pump but you do need more water to fill up this tub and due to its size, it isn't the best for small spaces.


  • This tub is great for two people
  • One of the only tubs that come with an air pump and pillows


  • Will take up a lot of space
  • Will need a proper place to drain

W Weylan Tec Foldable Bathtub

durable pvs material

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Similar to the oblong designs of your traditional bathtub, Weylan Tec offers this model of their portable bathtubs in two sizes and colors. Opt for the large portable bathtub for more space. This is another portable bathtub we tried out that does not require a wireless electric pump and you just need to fold up the sides. You'll find plastic clips in the storage bag this portable tub comes in which you can use to keep it up and in shape which means you can actually prop it up right next to your shower stall. This is a BPA-free and non-slip base option as well.


  • Easy to store
  • BPA-free


  • Allows a shallow bath
  • Will need a large shower to fit into

Besthls Foldable Tub

bubble bath

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With its oval structure and six layers, it's easy to see why this bathtub for adults is a favorite. There is some assembly required but the metal bracket that comes with this bathtub keeps it upright and stable. This tub we tried out is great because it is made up of food-grade PVC and has a cover that you can zip up so that the tub maintains a hotter water temperature.


  • Has metal brackets for security and stability
  • Great insulation for a hot bath
  • Has two drains


  • Can be on the smaller side
  • PVC is not very strong

Keszing Portable Sauna Bathtub

warm bath

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Dubbed the most comfortable tub out of all the ones we tested, this tub is made out of non-toxic PVC all around. This portable tub is made out of multiple layers that guarantee thermal insulation and your preferred water temperature but does not take up as much space as other tubs. This tub has a patented drainage design and is foldable for easy storage.


  • Great for small bath or shower areas
  • Foldable design


  • Has a strong plastic smell
  • No side pocket

WEY&FLY Portable Foldable Bathtub

waterproof pvc

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Another great portable bathtub we tried out that you should look into is WEY&FLY's. This portable tub is easy to put together and does not need to be inflated. This one is also made out of non-toxic PVC and will maintain the water temperature quite well. However, you can only use this tub for a relaxing soak in small spaces.


  • Has good insulation
  • Foldable tub
  • Has a drain on the side and bottom


  • Not very spacious

How to Choose from the Top Portable Tubs

Size and Shape

One of the first things to consider before buying a portable bathtub is thinking about the size and shape you are looking for. Consider where you are most likely to take a bath and choose between a more round or rectangular design.


Another factor to take into consideration is how a bathtub is stored. Most bathtubs will come with a bag that you can fit it into after deflating or folding the tub. Some bathtubs are designed to be stored in small spaces while others will take up space instead.


Drainage is important! Most tubs come with a drain or two but not all will have a hose that you can use to remove water.

Electric Air Pump

An electric air pump that you don't have to pay extra for can make all of the difference. Unless you have one yourself or are willing to manually inflate your bathtub, think about it!

FAQs on The Best Portable Bathtub

Can portable bathtubs hold a lot of water?

Depending on the model, a portable bathtub can contain a different amount of water. Plastic variants may retain more water than inflatable counterparts, which typically hold 40 to 60 gallons.

Can a portable bathtub fit in a regular bathtub or shower?

It depends on the particular portable bathtub model's dimensions. When making a purchase, make sure to measure your area and compare it to the bathtub's specifications.

Can both adults and children use a portable bathtub?

Certainly, a lot of portable bathtubs are appropriate for both kids and adults. To make sure the bathtub is safe for all users, though, be careful to verify its weight capacity and measurements.

Can inflatable bathtubs be relied upon to survive a long time?

If they are manufactured of high-quality materials and are properly maintained, inflatable bathtubs can last a long time. They might not, however, endure as long as models made of fiberglass or plastic.

Do portable bathtubs need any particular upkeep or cleaning?

Depending on the particular model. When doing proper maintenance and cleaning, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. In order to avoid mold and mildew, inflatable models should often be properly dried before being kept.

The Best Portable Bathtubs

Choosing a portable bathtub can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for. If you're undergoing a bathroom renovation or just on the market for a new tub, browse through our selection and get ready to relax!

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