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Best Smith & Hanks Wine Coolers

Editor’s Choice
Smith & Hanks 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding
Best Budget
Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding
Best Compact
Smith & Hanks 34-Bottle Single Zone Built-In or Freestanding

You may have wondered what makes wine coolers so special and why you can’t just use your home refrigerator to keep your wine bottles chilled. Unlike ordinary fridges, wine coolers are specifically designed to preserve the smooth, velvety taste and aroma of your wine at just the right temperature and optimal storage conditions. Whether you are a wine lover or a wine aficionado, a wine cooler will undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment to fully enjoy  the rich taste.

Smith & Hanks offer you beautifully designed, sophisticated, and spacious wine coolers that come equipped with all the qualities essential to preserve your expensive wine collection. From their excellent features to an affordable price tag, these Smith & Hanks wine fridges are sure to impress you. 

After a thorough investigation of factors such as security, size and dimensions, energy efficiency, user experiences, storage capacity, unique features, ambiance, lighting, etc., we have compiled a list of some of the best Smith & Hanks wine coolers in the market, including our Editor’s Pick, the Smith & Hanks 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator, and our best budget option, the Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding Wine Refrigerator.

In this list, you can pick the Smith & Hanks cooler that fits your requirements, be it according to budget, size, or storage. If you want to know more about wine storage, be sure to check out our articles about the best wine coolers in the market, as well as the best undercounter refrigerators.

Smith & Hanks Cooler Top Picks and Quick Summary

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List of 6 Top Rated Smith & Hanks Coolers in 2022

1. Smith & Hanks 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding


Dual zone; 6 stainless steel, wood front shelves; freestanding/built-in installation; double-paned tempered glass, UV resistance; stainless steel trim; soft LED lighting; automatic/frost free; touchscreen temperature display; built-in lock.

This stunning and versatile wine cooler is a dual zone temperature unit that can be installed as a freestanding cooler or built in with your kitchen unit. It can hold upto 46 wine bottles and also comes with 6 stainless steel, wood front shelves that make it simply gorgeous to keep in any living space or kitchen area.

It provides ample UV protection thanks to its double-paned front glass door and it is equipped with an automatic defrosting technology which makes this wine fridge extremely easy to maintain and clean in the long run. The soft interior LED lighting creates a smooth and aesthetically pleasing ambiance that showcases your impressive wine collection and the touchscreen temperature display is user-friendly and modern.


2. Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding


Dual zone; freestanding/Built-in installation; energy efficient; durable, stainless steel finish; easy-to-clean, double-paned glass; UV resistance; front facing exhaust; adjustable thermostat control.

The budget-friendly, dual zone wine fridge provides ample space for all types of wine, be they red, white, or fizzy. It comes as a freestanding/built-in unit that can store upto 32 wine bottles and 6 stunning wood accented, low-profile shelves that add to its aesthetic value.

It is incredibly budget-friendly, considering the numerous benefits, features, and storage capacity that come with it. Whether you have a large home or a small one, this wine cooler would be a perfect addition to it.

Thanks to its double-paned glass, it is energy efficient and also provides adequate defense against UV damage or interference. Its easy-to-clean, stainless steel finish is chic and modern, and the adjustable thermostat allows you to ensure that your wine is kept at optimal temperature.

For a quick comparison, you can check out the Perlick wine cooler reviews on our site.


3. Smith & Hanks 34-Bottle Single Zone Built-In or Freestanding


Single temperature; built-in/freestanding installation; energy efficient; double-paned glass; UV resistance; ultra-compact design; stainless steel finish; automatic defrosting/frost-free technology; touch screen temperature display; interior lighting.

The ultra-compact, built-in or freestanding wine cooler is perfect for those looking for a smaller cooler for their homes, RVs, dorms, etc. Despite its small size, it can store upto 34 bottles and comes with 7 stainless steel, wood front shelves. Its compact build does not compromise on storage or aesthetics.

The double-paned glass makes this cooler energy efficient and also helps against UV damage to your wine. The stainless steel finish and soft interior lighting creates a distinct ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on all those who are in the room.

This fridge also comes equipped with an automatic defrosting system and the touch screen temperature display is modern, stylish, and user friendly.


4. Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator


Single zone temperature; freestanding/built-in installation; large storage capacity; adjustable thermostat controls; earth-friendly refrigerants; high efficiency compressor; double-paned glass door; UV protection; built-in lock; soft LED lighting.

If you are in the market for one of the best single zone wine coolers with ample space for wine aging, then look no further than this wine cooler. This wine fridge can pack up to 166 bottles and comes with 16 impressive, low-profile, wood fronted shelves.

Its high efficiency compressor makes it a solid choice for wine aging and long term cooling and the adjustable thermostat allows you to set the correct temperature range to preserve flavors and aromas. The soft interior LED lighting illuminates your bottles and showcases them beautifully.

This Smith & Hanks wine fridge also comes with a built-in lock to keep children and unwanted guests away. The double-paned glass provides UV protection and its earth-friendly refrigerants also make it a top choice for eco-friendly buyers.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Smith & Hanks Wine Cooler 

The most important factors to consider before selecting a Smith & Hanks wine cooler are temperature zone, storage capacity, and UV protection. 

Temperature Zone

Red and white wines require different temperature ranges for aging and maturing. Smith & Hanks wine coolers come in a variety of temperature zones and you can pick whichever fits your budget and storage requirements the best. With dual zone Smith & Hanks wine coolers, you can store all types of wine bottles and change temperature settings accordingly, while with single zone wine coolers, you may need to store one type of wine at a time.

Storage Capacity

Be it small or large, Smith & Hanks wine coolers offer impressive storage capacity with sturdy wooden or metallic shelves to grip your wine bottles and keep them from clinking, protecting them from vibrations, etc. Good storage capacity is a necessity when purchasing a wine fridge, since they are luxury items and you want the most out of the money you spend. These wine coolers provide ample space for your wine bottles and you can even store cans and other beverages inside. 

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays can interfere with the wine aging process, significantly impacting the rich and smooth taste, aroma, and texture of your expensive wines. This can even impact your wine if your wine cooler is placed next to the window with UV exposure. Double or triple paned glass doors can provide ample layers of protection against this form of damage and heat, protecting and preserving the fine taste of your expensive wine collection. All the Smith & Hanks wine fridges mentioned above come equipped with double-paned glass doors that shield your wine from sun rays and UV damage.

What are the advantages of a Smith & Hanks wine fridge?

Smith & Hanks wine coolers come with spectacular advantages that would tempt all wine aficionados and connoisseurs. These benefits include protection against UV rays and outside heat; single and dual zone cooling, and affordable price.

But, why does it matter?

  • To savor great tasting fine-aged wine: Smith & Hanks wine fridges are fully equipped with double-paned, UV resistant front doors which protect your wine from heat damage or temperature fluctuations within the cooling system due to external heat. This ensures that the authentic taste of the wine, be it red, white, or fizzy, is fully preserved and you can enjoy it any time you like. For instance, the Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding is one such example from the list that provides UV defense.
  • To easily store all types of wine in a single cooler: If you have a collection of red, white, or fizzy wine that you wish to store in a wine cooler, then the Smith & Hanks 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding is an excellent option as it is a dual zone temperature unit that has ample space for both your reds and your whites. If you like a single type of wine, then you can opt for the Smith & Hanks 34-Bottle Single Zone Built-In or Freestanding instead.
  • To enjoy great quality and storage at an affordable price: The Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator offers massive bottle storage capacity and comes with an affordable price tag compared to other competitors and single zone, large sized wine fridges. Smith & Hanks wine coolers provide excellent quality, features, storage, etc., within a reasonable range which anyone can enjoy!

FAQs about the Best Smith & Hanks Wine Fridges

Yes, Smith & Hanks wine coolers are aesthetically pleasing thanks to their sleek build, interior lighting, stainless steel finish, and double paned glass doors which also offer UV protection. These wine coolers blend in perfectly with your interior decor.

No, not all Smith & Hanks wine coolers come with built-in locking systems. Some, like the Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator are fully equipped with a factory built lock but others may not be.

No, Smith & Hanks wine fridges are not expensive. In fact, they are praised for their affordable price despite all the unique features of a good, modern wine cooler.

Yes, it is very easy to clean Smith & Hanks wine fridges, thanks to their stainless steel exterior which can be wiped with a damp cloth and all marks can be removed without much work.

Our Recommendation

Our top choice for the best Smith & Hanks wine fridge is the Smith & Hanks 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding. It is a dual zone, compact, built-in or freestanding unit that comes with an impressive storage and a sleek design. The price is also reasonable, making it a great overall product. 

Our second best choice is the Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Dual Zone Built-In or Freestanding. This dual zone cooler is stylish, compact, and extremely budget friendly. It offers space for all types of wine and despite its size, it can fit an impressive amount of wine bottles. Those looking for a dual zone fridge with a reasonable price will surely be impressed by this cooler.

Our third pick is the Smith & Hanks 34-Bottle Single Zone Built-In or Freestanding for wine lovers looking for an ultra-compact cooler that can be used as a freestanding or built-in unit. This is a perfect addition for small homes or living spaces and despite its size, it provides an impressive storage capacity. 

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