Find the Best Tub Shower Combo of 2023 – Review & Comparison Guide

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Designing the perfect bathroom space is a delicate balance between functionality and style. The best tub shower combo is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and designers alike, offering an efficient solution that combines the advantages of a soothing bath and a rapid shower. This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits, types, materials, top brands, essential features, installation tips, maintenance, and design ideas of the best tub shower combos to help you transform your bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Key Takeaways

  • Find the best tub shower combo of 2023 with a range of comfort and safety features.
  • Popular material options include porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic from top brands like American Standard, Delta Faucet & Sterling Plumbing.
  • Consider essential features such as size, material & therapeutic amenities for an enhanced bathing experience.

Jetted Tub Shower Combo: The Ultimate in Relaxation and Convenience

A jetted tub shower combo offers the perfect blend of luxury and functionality in one. With the “jetted tub shower combo,” you can enjoy a soothing bath with powerful water jets and then seamlessly transition to a refreshing shower experience, all within the same space. This innovative fixture not only saves valuable bathroom real estate but also provides you with a spa-like escape right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or streamline your bathroom design, the “jetted tub shower combo” is the ideal solution that combines the best of both worlds.

Find the Best Tub Shower Combo of 2023 – Review & Comparison Guide

Benefits of Tub Shower Combos


A bathtub shower combo is a versatile and space-saving solution for any bathroom, regardless of size. They provide the convenience of a shower for quick and efficient cleansing, while also allowing the shower option for a relaxing bath when you have more time to unwind. Various shower kits and add-ons, such as massage jets and handheld showers, can further enhance your bathing experience. In addition to their practical benefits, tub shower combos can also contribute to the overall aesthetics and resale value of your home.

When choosing a tub shower combo, safety is a paramount factor to keep in mind. Walk-in tub shower combos, for example, offer extended hands-free bathing and a decreased risk of slips or falls. A thorough examination of different options and features can lead you to the perfect tub shower combo that fulfills your needs and adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom space.

Types of Tub Shower Combos

A tub shower combo with grab bars for limited mobility

With a variety of tub shower combos available, there’s something for everyone. Options include walk-in tubs, alcove tubs, freestanding tubs, and corner tubs, each with their unique features and benefits. When exploring walk-in tub shower combos, consider their safety, therapeutic, and customization features, such as grab bars, hydrotherapy jets, and adjustable showerheads. Walk in showers can also be a great alternative for those who prefer a more open and accessible shower experience.

Additionally, consider the size and style of the tub shower combo that best complements your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. Smaller models, such as 60 inches by 30 inches, or larger options, like 72 inches by 36 inches, are available to accommodate different bathroom sizes. A clear comprehension of the various types of tub shower combos enables you to make a well-informed decision that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.

Material Options for Tub Shower Combos

A tub shower combo with fiberglass material for a durable and long lasting bathtub

Selecting an appropriate material for your tub shower combo is pivotal for its durability, appearance, and ease of maintenance. Common materials include:

  • Acrylic: lightweight and easy to clean
  • Fiberglass: lightweight and easy to clean
  • Porcelain: offers a more classic and elegant appearance
  • Cast iron: offers a more classic and elegant appearance

Consider the advantages and drawbacks of each material before making your decision.

When selecting a material, consider factors like the overall design of your bathroom, your budget, and the level of maintenance required. Porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic are popular choices due to their affordability and ease of cleaning. A careful consideration of the material options can lead you to a perfect tub shower combo which not only looks appealing but is also durable.

Top Tub Shower Combo Brands

A picture of the Kohler Archer tub shower combo, which is considered the best tub shower combo by many customers.

When it comes to tub shower combos, quality, design, and functionality are key factors to consider. American Standard, Delta Faucet, and Sterling Plumbing are well-known for their exceptional tub shower combos, ensuring that you can find the perfect combination to suit your needs and preferences.

Let’s explore each of these top brands in more detail.

American Standard

American Standard offers an extensive selection of tub shower combos, boasting a variety of styles, sizes, and features to accommodate any bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern design or a classic, traditional look, American Standard has a tub shower combo that caters to your preferences. With a focus on quality and durability, you can trust American Standard to provide a bathing solution that lasts.

In addition to their stylish designs, American Standard tub shower combos also prioritize safety and convenience. Many of their models include built-in grab bars and slip-resistant surfaces, ensuring a comfortable and secure bathing experience for everyone. With such an extensive range of options, American Standard is an excellent choice for your tub shower combo needs.

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet is renowned for its innovative and stylish tub shower combos, offering advanced technologies and customizable options for a truly personalized bathing experience. Their In2ition two-in-one shower technology, for example, provides a versatile showerhead that can be used with or without the hand shower attached. The H2Okinetic technology ensures a consistent and well-applied finish, making Delta Faucet a popular choice among consumers.

In addition to their cutting-edge technologies, Delta Faucet also offers a wide selection of stunning designs and finishes to suit any bathroom aesthetic. From sleek chrome to elegant brushed nickel, you can easily find a tub shower combo that perfectly complements your bathroom décor. With Delta Faucet, you can enjoy both form and function in your tub shower combo.

Sterling Plumbing

Sterling Plumbing is another top brand offering durable and easy-to-install tub shower combos. With a focus on space-saving designs and practical features, Sterling Plumbing tub shower combos are an excellent choice for those looking to make the most of their bathroom space. Their tub shower combos are made from solid Vikrell material, known for its durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning.

In addition to their robust construction, Sterling Plumbing tub shower combos also feature innovative designs, such as genuine tile patterns and integrated shelves for added convenience. By choosing a Sterling Plumbing tub shower combo, you can ensure your bathroom is both functional and stylish.

Essential Features to Look for in a Tub Shower Combo

When choosing your ideal tub shower combo, it’s important to focus on essential features that align with your specific needs. The size of the tub shower combo should be appropriate for your bathroom space, ensuring a comfortable and functional layout. Material choice is also vital, as it affects durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

When considering bathroom upgrades, it’s important to focus on common features that enhance safety and convenience. Safety features, such as slip-resistant surfaces and grab bars, should be considered, especially for those with limited mobility or elderly family members. Additionally, storage options, such as built-in shelves and cabinets, can provide convenience and organization for your bathing essentials.

Lastly, therapeutic amenities like jets, aromatherapy systems, and heated seats can elevate your bathing experience and provide additional relaxation benefits.

Installation Tips for Tub Shower Combos

Correct installation of your tub shower combo is vital for ensuring its long-lasting functionality. Begin by accurately measuring your bathroom space and consulting a professional to ensure the tub shower combo fits seamlessly into your layout. Proper plumbing is also essential for preventing leaks and ensuring efficient water flow.

While some homeowners may feel confident in their DIY abilities, it’s advisable to enlist the help of a professional for the installation process, especially if you lack experience in plumbing and basic carpentry. A professional installation guarantees that your tub shower combo is installed correctly and without the risk of leakage, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable bathing experience.

Update Tub Shower Combo

Are you looking to refresh the look and functionality of your bathroom? An excellent place to start is to update tub shower combo. This versatile fixture plays a central role in your daily routine and can greatly impact the aesthetics and convenience of your bathroom. Whether you want to modernize the design, improve water efficiency, or enhance the overall bathing experience, updating your tub shower combo can make a significant difference.

How to Maintain Your Tub Shower Combo

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to extending the lifespan and preserving the appearance of your tub shower combo. Cleaning your tub shower combo at least once every week or two, particularly if it is frequently used, can prevent soap scum accumulation and keep the surface looking pristine. Wiping down the tub and faucets after each use can also help maintain hygiene.

Addressing minor repairs is another important aspect of tub shower combo maintenance. This may include fixing minor damage on fiberglass or acrylic surfaces, patching leaks, or addressing mold and mildew issues. Adherence to proper cleaning and maintenance practices will ensure that your tub shower combo stays in prime condition for many years.

Tub Shower Combo Design Ideas

A tub shower combo with matte black fixtures, marble tile and modern cover for a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience

The possibilities for tub shower combo designs are virtually endless, with various styles, materials, and accessories available to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space. Some shower options include:

  • Luxurious open-concept ideas with floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures
  • Playful striped tile patterns for a kid’s bathroom
  • Minimalist designs with sleek fixtures and neutral colors
  • Vintage-inspired designs with clawfoot tubs and retro tile patterns
  • Spa-like designs with rain showerheads and built-in seating

There’s a design idea to suit every taste and preference.

Incorporating different materials, such as marble, matte black fixtures, or uneven floor and wall tiles, can add texture and visual interest to your tub shower combo design. Accessories like adjustable showerheads, built-in shelves, and sliding glass doors can further enhance functionality and convenience, ensuring your tub shower combo meets your specific needs.

When planning your tub shower combo design, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with different styles and elements. By combining various design aspects, you can create a truly unique and personalized bathroom space that caters to both your practical needs and aesthetic preferences.


In conclusion, tub shower combos offer a versatile and space-saving solution for any bathroom, combining the benefits of relaxing baths and quick showers. With a variety of types, materials, top brands, essential features, and design ideas available, you can create a functional and visually appealing bathroom space tailored to your specific needs. By following proper installation and maintenance practices, you can ensure your tub shower combo remains in top condition for years to come. It’s time to transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation with the perfect tub shower combo.

Update Your Bathroom with an Enclosed Tub and Shower Combo

Transforming your bathroom with an enclosed tub and shower combo is a fantastic way to elevate both functionality and aesthetics. An enclosed tub and shower combo offers the convenience of a space-saving solution while providing a stylish, contemporary feel to your bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom that needs efficient space utilization or you simply prefer the seamless look of a combined unit, updating to an enclosed tub and shower combo can be a game-changer. It not only maximizes your available space but also adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom design. Plus, it's a practical choice for homeowners looking to optimize their bathroom layout without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a shower tub combo?

For the best material for a shower tub combo, cast stone and iron are popular choices for their durability, polished look, and heat-retaining properties. Solid brass is also an excellent choice for faucets and fittings due to its durability and attractive appearance.

How do I choose a shower tub combo?

When selecting a shower tub combo, consider how much space is available and decide between a one-piece unit with the shower and tub together or having the shower and tub separate yet in the same area.

Which is better acrylic or fiberglass tub?

Acrylic tubs are much more durable and less likely to chip, crack, or fade than fiberglass. Both types can be easily cleaned with standard cleaners.

What is the best bath to have a shower in?

For small bathrooms, a straight bath is the best option for a shower. You can opt for either a shower curtain or screen to contain the water.

What are the main benefits of a tub shower combo?

A tub shower combo is a great choice for those looking for versatility and convenience as it allows you to save space while still enjoying both a relaxing bath and a quick shower.

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