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8 Best Wine Coolers and Fridges Reviews and Buying Guide in 2023

Best Overall
Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone
Best Built-In
NewAir 116 Built-In
Best Value
RovSun Freestanding

The hallmark of an exciting drinking experience is serving wine at the perfect cellar temperature. And that’s why storing wine in the regular kitchen fridge won’t just do.

So a dedicated wine fridge is not only the best choice, it’s a worthwhile investment.

That said, aside from temperature variations, the other primary villains when it comes to storing wine are UV rays, vibration, and low humidity.

And that’s why we’ve put in days of in-depth testing and research to bring you the best wine coolers and fridges of the year.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top Wine Cooler and Fridge Picks

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8 Best Wine Coolers and Fridges in 2023

1. Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone 32-bottle Wine Cooler (Best overall wine fridge)


The best wine fridge for storing a collection of drinks we tested is the Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone Max Compressor Wine Cooler.

And it has won our hearts with its impressive functionality and design.

First, the compact dual zone cellar allows for aging wine in the bottom larger compartment while the top smaller zone makes for cooling your red and white wines for quick serving.

Furthermore, the cooler uses compressor cooling technology that ensures the temperature stays consistent and stable. This also makes the fridge run quietly and last twice longer as thermoelectric coolers like the Koolatron.

We also love the intuitive touch-screen digital display that allows you to set both zones to the same temperature. Or better still, you can adjust the compartments to separate temperatures. This feature is lacking in many dual-zone wine coolers.

It’s a wine fridge with chrome wire shelving that can house 32 Bordeaux bottles of wine.

Finally, the freestanding fridge has a stylish design that features a door with glass coating and stainless steel exterior.

The Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone 32-bottle Wine Cooler and the NewAir 116 Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cellar are both dual-zone wine coolers that can accommodate up to 32 and 116 bottles, respectively. While the Wine Enthusiast cooler has a sleeker, more modern design, the NewAir cooler offers more storage capacity and can be built into cabinetry.


2. NewAir 116 Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cellar (Best built-in)


This NewAir model is an exciting wine fridge for serious wine collectors with extensive wine collections.

First, this dedicated wine fridge is a dual-zone cooling model that can carry an impressive 116 bottles of wine. So you can both store your white wines at the optimal serving temperature and age all your reds in this appliance.

It also features digital controls for setting different temperatures. And it beautifies plus illuminates the interior with adjustable gold LED lighting. The exterior is stainless steel finish that’ll look great in a modern kitchen.

Despite its impressive capacity, the NewAir wine cellar doesn’t make your kitchen feel cramped: its front vent means you can build a cabinet for it or install it in a corner as a freestanding model.

It’s also got wooden sliding shelves that extend further than most other racks to grant you easy access to its content.

We also love that the NewAir wine cooler comes fitted with a triple-layered smoked glass door to block UV rays and harmful lights out.

Compared to another option we tried out, the NewAir 116 Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cellar and the RovSun Freestanding 28-bottle Wine Cooler are both dual-zone wine coolers with similar features, but the NewAir cooler has more than double the storage capacity of the RovSun cooler.


3. RovSun Freestanding 28-bottle Wine Cooler (Best value)


At under $300, the RovSun JC-82 is one of the best wine fridges you can get at the best value in 2021.

The RovSun freestanding wine fridge uses advanced compressor cooling technology to preserve the flavors and aromas of wines like the Wine Enthusiast 32-bottle dual zone cellar. The single-zone cooling has an adjustable temperature between 41 – 64°F for serving reds, whites, or champagne.

Unlike the WE 32-bottle cooler, the RovSun JC-82 refrigerator has removable chrome-plated shelves to accommodate various bottle sizes.

We also love its black matte finish that gives it a distinctive appearance. The airtight glass door ensures the chamber maintains the right humidity all the time while locking in your unit’s interior insulation.

And its adjustable feet make it possible to set the freestanding unit to a comfortable height.

And you’ve also got the digital display that allows you to control the temperature, adjust the LED lighting, and lock the wine cellar’s settings.

Its compact size makes it the perfect under-counter fridge for a wine collector. The RovSun Freestanding 28-bottle Wine Cooler and the Koolatron 20-bottle Wine Fridge are both freestanding wine coolers, but the RovSun cooler has a slightly larger capacity and a lower price point than the Koolatron cooler.


4. Wine Enthusiast N’Finity Pro HDX Wine & Beverage Cooler


This N’Finity Pro dual-zone model is different from the other wine fridges on this list that we tested out as well.

So if you’ll love to entertain your guests with beer, beverages, or water other than wine, you’ll love this refrigerator.

First, it features dual independent zones for you to store 35 Bordeaux bottles of wine in the left compartment and 90 cans of drinks in the right compartment.

The wine cellar features two French doors: the left zone for storing vintages has a tempered glass door while the right has a stainless steel door. And it’s got sliding shelves made of wood to easily get access to your favorite drinks.

The dual-zone cooling fridge is very energy-efficient as it uses 25% less energy. And the wine cooler has a digital control for setting the temperature of each zone independently. The soft interior lighting also illuminates the chambers.

Finally, you can either install this N‘finity wine cooler as a built-in or freestanding model.


5. Koolatron 20-bottle Wine Fridge (Best thermoelectric wine fridge)


If there’s a feature that summarizes this Koolatron WC20 freestanding wine refrigerator, it’s its compactness.

First, unlike compressor-based wine fridges like the Wine Enthusiast and Kalamera models, thermoelectric wine refrigerators are vibration-free as they don’t have heavy-duty fans.

They cool your collection at a consistent temperature, and they ensure your wine is stored properly to avoid deteriorating the cork.

And as a single temperature zone cooler, it stores your vintages at temperature.

These are some of the cool features the Koolatron WC20 brings to your kitchen. Interestingly, it goes for under $200: there’s hardly a more budget-friendly way of aging your bottles of wine.

This kitchen appliance features a digital control panel for adjusting the interior lighting and temperature, five metal wire racks to store 20 bottles, and a tinted door to keep UV light out.

Comparing the Koolatron 20-bottle Wine Fridge and the EdgeStar 7-bottle Built-in Wine Cellar, both designed to be compact and portable, but the Koolatron fridge has a much larger capacity and is freestanding, while the EdgeStar cellar can be built into cabinetry and has a smaller capacity.


6. Kalamera Built-in Dual Zone 46-bottle Wine Fridge


While this doesn’t feature very high on our list of tested products, it’s rated the best built-in wine fridge on Amazon.

First, whether you’ve got a small kitchen or a large one, this refrigerator is versatile to fit right in: it can either serve as a freestanding unit and be tucked under the countertop or a built-in wine cellar.

Second, it’s got an impressive bottle capacity of 46. So if you’re expecting guests, this dual-zone cooling wine fridge has the ideal temperature to store white wine. And you can also age your red wine or store them for serving in the upper compartment.

Another unique cool feature is its memory function that restores the dual temperature zones to their actual setting if there’s a power failure.

Plus with the soft blue LED interior lights, this Kalamera wine cellar is a complete showoff. It’s also got sliding shelves made of beechwood that match the stainless steel exterior. Plus they grant you easy access to your favorite wine collection.

The Kalamera dual-zone fridge also comes with a safety lock feature to keep your kids out, Hence it can be categorized among the best dual zone wine fridge.



7. Wine Enthusiast EuroCave Premiere S 74-bottle Wine Fridge


The EuroCave Premiere S is another premium model from Wine Enthusiast designed for serious collectors.

First, the unit comes with a tinted reversible door to both keep UV rays out and fit the orientation of your kitchen. Second, it’s 60% more energy-efficient and produces less noise.

We found the digital controls to be intuitive to set the wine fridge to the optimal cooling temperature when we were testing. And you’ll get a bonus alarm feature with this unit.

With a bottle capacity of 74, it’s one of the wine fridges on this list designed for a robust collection. It also comes with a lock feature to keep unwanted fingers from your prized possession.

We also love the advanced MDS sliding racks that individually secure your bottles from rolling or clinking against each other.

Although this wine fridge is expensive, it’s definitely worth the investment if you’ve got an extensive collection.


8. EdgeStar 7-bottle Built-in Wine Cellar (Best small wine unit)


In a world of large wine fridges for storing extensive wine collections, the EdgeStar has all the bells and whistles of innovation.

As a slim-fit wine cellar, you can install this compact single-zone cooler either as an under-counter or as a freestanding unit. A reviewer loved the perfect size so much that he installed two units.

Despite its small size, the door is reversible. It has soft interior LED lighting to illuminate its content and six pull-out wire racks to collect your drinks. And if you want to fit a larger bottle, remove a rack and there’ll be enough room.

The door is also UV-resistant and the digital controls are easy to operate. The EdgeStar 7-bottle Built-in Wine Cellar and the Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone 32-bottle Wine Cooler are both designed for built-in use and offer dual-zone cooling, but the Wine Enthusiast cooler has a much larger capacity and a more stylish design than the EdgeStar cellar.


Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Wine Fridges and Coolers

Bottle Capacity

Knowing how many bottles you desire to store is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a wine cellar.

First, ascertain the number of bottles you’ll like to chill in the fridge, then go for a model that doubles the bottle capacity. That’s because your collection may grow with time and you’ll need room for more.

Single or Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If your primary purpose for having a wine fridge is for serving a type of wine, then the single-zone wine fridge will be a cool choice.

If you still want to age your vintage, a single-zone wine refrigerator will also suffice.

But if you’ve got a wine collection of whites and reds, you’ll need a wine fridge with multiple temperature zones.

For example, dual-zone fridges are more flexible and are better options when you’ve got delicate wines. You can store your reds in one compartment and the whites in the other compartment.

Thermoelectric or Compression

A thermoelectric wine fridge has little or no fan, no compressor, and fewer moving parts.

These features make these wine cellars vibration-free, quieter, more energy efficient, and not accumulate dust or sediment. Plus they’re more efficient in distributing the cool temperature in the chamber.

However, they’re only efficient in keeping a small fridge cool. So if you need a freestanding wine fridge you can install on your kitchen countertop, a thermoelectric model will be a good choice.

A compression cooling fridge on the other hand works just like your standard kitchen refrigerator. And they’re good at cooling large wine fridges. So if you’ve got a larger collection, the best wine fridge for you will be a compression-based model.

Freestanding or Built-in

While both come with their advantages and disadvantages, you can install the best freestanding wine fridge anywhere in the home as they come with an integrated vent.

The built-in models aren’t as flexible as the freestanding options but they make the kitchen look neat as you can tuck them under the cabinet or sit them on the countertop.

However, they’re not the best wine fridges when it comes to storing a growing collection of ready-to-serve wines as they can only carry a limited number of bottles. Secondly, you’ll need to ensure you create enough clearance for their ventilation to avoid them from overheating.

UV Resistance

If you’re unable to install your wine cooler in a place away from direct sunlight, you’ll definitely need to preserve your vintages using a wine refrigerator with a UV-resistant door.

Best Wine Coolers and Fridges Bottle Capacity Single/Dual Zone Thermoelectric/Compression Freestanding/Built-in UV Resistance
Wine Enthusiast Dual Zone 32-bottle Wine Cooler 5/5 Dual Zone Compression Freestanding/Built-in Yes
NewAir 116 Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cellar 5/5 Dual Zone Compression Built-in Yes
RovSun Freestanding 28-bottle Wine Cooler 4/5 Dual Zone Compression Freestanding Yes
Wine Enthusiast N’Finity Pro HDX Wine Cooler 5/5 Dual Zone Compression Freestanding/Built-in Yes
Koolatron 20-bottle Wine Fridge 3/5 Single Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding No
Kalamera Built-in Dual Zone 46-bottle Wine Fridge 5/5 Dual Zone Compression Built-in Yes
Wine Enthusiast EuroCave Premiere S 74-bottle Wine Fridge 5/5 Single Zone Compression Built-in Yes
EdgeStar 7-bottle Built-in Wine Cellar 2/5 Single Zone Thermoelectric Built-in No


FAQs on the Best Wine Coolers and Fridges

Depending on the grape variety, the best temperature range for serving white wines is between 45 – 52 °F. Whites need to be stored at low temperatures because they have a high concentration of organic compounds that can enhance the fruity flavors of your glass of wine.

So when you store white wine at a colder or warmer temperature than its range, its flavor could become dull or it’ll lose its freshness respectively.

On the other hand, the optimal serving temperature range for red wines is between 54 – 66°F.

You need to serve a red wine at a slightly higher temperature because its tannins and polyphenols can taste harsh and acidic at a cooler temperature. And you may not experience the aromas that usually fill the glass.

Here are the specific temperatures for storing white wines:

Sauvignon blanc and Pinot grigio: 45°F

Riesling and Chardonnay: 46 – 48°F

Sauternes and Semillon: 48 – 50°F

Viognier: 52°F

Here are the specific temperatures for storing red wines:

Merlot and Beaujolais: 54 – 57°F

Pinot noir, Zinfandel, Malbec, Burgundies, Rioja, and Chianti: 57 – 61°F

Bordeaux, Cabernet sauvignon, and Shiraz: 63 – 66°F

Whereas a dual-zone wine cooler has two distinct compartments that can be set to various temperatures, a single-zone wine cooler keeps a constant temperature across the entire appliance. As a result, you can keep many wine varieties in the same container at serving temperatures. A single-zone wine cooler is excellent for individuals who primarily keep one type of wine, whilst dual-zone wine coolers are advised for those who love a range of wine varieties and want to store them all in one unit.


The best wine fridge that suits collectors’ needs is the Wine Enthusiast 32-bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It’s got the perfect temperature range for both serving and aging your favorite wines. And its door keeps UV rays out of the unit and your drinks.

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