Your Guide to Choosing Countertops that Compliment your Kitchen

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Countertops are one of the focal points in kitchen design and something that cannot be overlooked. Week to week, there is so much happening on countertops, from water and sauce spills to scratches, countertops appear to be naturally crowded. So if you’re already spending a considerable amount of your renovation budget on countertops, why not make a statement?

It's important to find a good, durable and affordable material for countertops. Want to know more about what is a bevel edge? Be sure to also check the standard kitchen counter height before you begin to install your countertops. 

Choosing the right design, patterns, colors to go with your theme is equally important and not an easy task. Alternatively, you can even invest in kitchen countertop replacement without replacing your cabinets to save some precious money. Be sure to also check out our pros and cons for different countertop edges that complement your kitchen aesthetic, most common are beveled edges. You can also check out our guide on the best countertop and floor combinations work and look good.

So in order to avoid mismatched kitchen elements, use this guide to select the right kind of countertops that bring out your kitchen’s visual profile!

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Countertop Colors and Patterns

Not only are the colors and patterns of the countertops important so are the kitchen’s overall colors schema. Both factors need to be considered in order to get the perfect matching countertops. If you want to have a variety of colors to choose from, as well as a durable material, you have many options to choose from like granite to quartz to solid surface to laminate to marble. Take granite counters for example; they have naturally veiny patterns that can really give a pop of elegance to your kitchen’s overall look but if you don't choose the right kind of patterns or colors even with granite, you’ll just have a huge slab of granite sitting where the countertops should be. 

If your kitchen has a bright/light theme, go with dark or gray countertops. It’s the classic combination of black and white but it looks absolutely beautiful and never goes out of style! Grainy patterns on black countertops give an extravagant touch to any kind of kitchen whether you’re opting for a traditional or a minimalistic kitchen. Whereas, an “everything white” combination might make your kitchen end up looking blunt and plain. 

Play with colors, mix and match, with emphasis on match! 

countertop installation
Marble Countertop by Kitchen Infinity

Cabinets and Backsplash

Cabinets and countertops go together like Bonnie and Clyde! If done right, they can give such an appealing look to your kitchen. Which is why you have to be really careful while selecting your countertops and keep in mind that they should compliment the kitchen cabinets not negatively accentuate them. 

If you have dark/grey cabinets you can either do a classic light and dark mix or you can go for both the cabinets and countertops as dark against a light themed kitchen. If you have a wood texture on your cabinets you can match it with green quartz or granite countertops to have a pop of color in your kitchen. The combinations are endless if they are made right. 

Now one rule of thumb is to choose a primary color for either your backsplash, cabinet or countertops and then experiment with the same shade and undertones of that color with the rest. One popular practice is to select the countertop as the main focal point and then design your backsplash with the same material (which is optional of course) and mix and match different shades of that material. But keep in mind the general theme of your kitchen the whole time. If you have a dark theme kitchen, choose a light focal color for the countertops and vice versa! 

matching cabinet and countertop
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo


Island Countertops

Now let’s not forget the island countertops while we’re at it. This is something that is generally overlooked and it might not feel like it at first, but it can really put off the vibe of the kitchen. So what you need to think about it, Do your island countertops need to match your perimeter countertops? The answer is No. Why you may ask, it's because the island is there to make a style statement of its own. It doesn't have a whole scenario of cabinets and backsplash going on with it so you can give it its own look, something that makes it stand out. While you still can match it with the perimeter countertops, choosing something that compliments them would really give you a style statement. For example, if you have dark textured perimeter countertops, go for a light shade for the island ones and keep the cabinets uniform for both areas. Dark countertops also look great with complimentary wooden island countertops! 

If you want to add a bit of glamour to it, add pendant lighting above the island, especially if you're opting for a traditional or transitional themed kitchen. These are the little details that are sometimes not taken into consideration, while the lack of them doesn’t put off the whole design, but keeping them in mind certainly compliments your entire kitchen’s theme. 

Island Kitchen Countertop
Quartz – Wood Special Hybrid Countertop by Kitchen Infinity

Bottom Line

So whatever direction you move in, keep in mind these tips while deciding what style of countertops to choose for your kitchen. As mentioned earlier, there are different materials (like laminate, quartz, granite, soapstone, wood, stainless steel, etc.) to choose for your countertops, but opting for the right color combinations and patterns is equally as important. A safe practice, try choosing a primary color and then utilizing different combinations of the same or complementary tones around the kitchen. Remember, countertops take up 10-30% of the budget so why not make it really count?! You can always reach out to the Kitchen Infinity team with any questions. Our kitchen consultants love helping with these type of decisions!  

Vanessa Valente

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