Choosing The Right Kitchen Island Chairs + 7 Cool Stool Designs

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Are you remodeling your kitchen and looking for sizzling new styles and designs for your kitchen island chairs? You should! Because Islands are often the center piece of your kitchen AND they maximize kitchen storage too! Which means you need stylish but lightweight (to name two factors) chairs for your kitchen island.

This guide will show you how to pick the right kitchen bar stools that will suit your personality and elevate your home’s interior design.

Picking Your Kitchen Counter or Bar Stool

Why do you need a barstool?

From being a chilling spot for socializing on the weekends to having breakfast, and to downing a bottle of your favorite wine, kitchen islands, also known as kitchen peninsulas, serve a variety of functions in homes.

So whatever are your reasons for getting new kitchen island chairs, your bar stools and counter stools should make the moments spent on the island more pleasurable. Plus they should complement your home decor.

As there are many exotic designs to choose from, many remodeled kitchens tend to make a bold statement with their seating.

There are various options for kitchen stool styles; backless, high (and medium) back, swivel, stationary, shallow-seated and deep-seated, armchair, leather bar stools, etc.

Getting your kitchen seating height right

It’s important you first know the height (and dimension) of your kitchen island before choosing a stool that will fit your interior design.

But first, what’s the difference between bar height and counter height stools?

Counter height is typically around 35–37” tall, while a standard bar height can range from 41-43” in height. And it’s appropriate that you give a space of 9-12” between the bottom of the countertop and the seat of the stools.

credits: DVD Interior Design

Therefore, the difference between bar height stools and counter height stools is that bar stools have a floor-to-seat height of around 28-32” high. . While counter stools typically range from 23-28” from floor to seat.

Knowing these measurements will ensure you don’t pick your choice stools only to return them because of incompatibility issues with your kitchen design.

Next up is how many chairs will comfortably fit in my kitchen island?

First, you’ll have to measure the length of your island. Afterward, divide this number by the amount of space you prefer to save for each seating.

Keep in mind that a minimum space of 22” should be allowed for each stool. This way, there will be enough room for each person on the island without bumping elbows.

And if you’re going to have the seating wrapped around the island's corners, you should reserve a space of 30” for the chairs at the corners.

7 Cool Ideas for Your Kitchen Island Chairs

Backless bar stools

If you’ve got a small kitchen, a backless bar stool that you can tuck under the cabinet might be ideal for you. Plus they’ll make your kitchen look more spacious than when you’ve got stools with a high back.


1. O&K Furniture Swivel Bar Stool

Get inspired by this minimalist but modern seating made with natural wood that complements the wood flooring. Its stylish design means you can easily tuck it under the overhang to create more foot area.


Wooden swivel bar stool

2. Modway Ribbon-style bar stool by Cappellini

There’s no better way to make a statement with your kitchen island chairs than going for a futuristic design.

Credits: Home Designing

The designer of these admirable pieces of furniture art succeeded in creating dancing chairs that are sizzling. But don’t be deceived by its look, the seats are durable as they’re metallic.

Get it on Wayfair

3. Oliver Bouchon Bar & Counter Stool

Every lover of wine will fall in love with this cork-themed seating.

Credits: Ballard Designs

The wood seat and bronze frame will complement your interior decoration regardless of your design.

And no friend of yours will set sight on this cork chair and won’t imagine sharing a glass of wine with you (not even a teetotaler).

Get it on Wayfair.

High-back Stools

This type of seating offers your more comfort and is suitable for kitchens with a larger surface area.


4. Allister Counter Stool

This modern upholstered counter stool has got a padded back to give you more comfort. Plus your kids can easily sit on the plywood seat cushioned with high-density foam.

Credits: Home Designing

And the matte finish of the back cushion and seat makes it suitable for any kitchen and dining room.

And the frame of the metal gives it great balance on the floor.

Get it on Ballard Designs.

5. Vintage Bar Stool

If you’re a fan of vintage or rustic designs, you’ll definitely love these stools.

This seating is very versatile, in that it features adjustable powder-coated steel so you can easily choose the height that suits you.


6. Marguerite Stools

This Marguerite stool is the perfect definition of rustic. And if you’re looking for natural and sturdy kitchen island chairs, then this beechwood seating is your best bet.

Credits: Ballard Designs

The seating also features a curved back for your ultimate comfort and a 360 degrees swivel.

Get it on Ballard Designs.

Leather Bar Stools

Leather bar stools add class to any home or dining room that owns them. They’re also low-maintenance like wood and metal as you can use them where you serve food.

7. Malvern Stool

This stylish armchair is not your regular type of barstool.

Credits: Ballard Designs

It has got an adjustable seat and features a padded foam covered with Cognac leather. The oil-rubbed bronze finish also ensures the chair is durable, lustrous, and visually appealing.

Get it on Ballard Designs.

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