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If you’re considering bettering your showering experience, the first thing you should worry about is how to get the right shower dimensions. Installing or remodeling your bathroom might look like a seamless project to achieve. However, the process sometimes proves to be more demanding than expected. There are various factors you should consider before beginning the entire bathroom remodeling process.

You may want to do away with the bathtub during remodeling and install a larger shower for a more satisfying bathing experience. Achieving such a transformation demands that you put into consideration other important factors that affect the process directly.

How to Settle for the Right Shower Dimensions for Your Shower Unit

Showers come in different sizes, configurations, construction, and material used for construction. You may end up with the wrong shower head, shower pan, shower unit, or shower enclosures when shopping for your new bathroom without adequate research. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shower dimensions when remodeling your bathroom.

1.  Consider Standard Shower Sizes

You can only plan for a bathroom remodel when you have the bathroom in the first place. Having a bathroom is not enough; you need one with enough space to help you meet your remodeling needs. Compare your overall room size vis-à-vis standard shower sizes that are available.

Before choosing a standard shower like x36 inches shower, it is always great that you find out what fits perfectly in your home’s shower space. What’s standard to your house could be smaller or bigger to someone else, thus the need for taking customized measurements. For standard shower head height, read our article

How to Take the Measurements

The quickest way to measure the width of your shower space during remodeling is to spread your arms and turn around in circles. If you can move in successive circular motions without touching the bathroom wall, you can order shower sizes with the same space allowance.

A standard shower should easily accommodate persons with normal height and width and is normally the most preferred shower size option by homeowners. However, other buyers prefer larger showers and will easily settle for a 48″ x 36″ inch or a 60″ x 36″ inch shower, depending on the bathroom space they have.

2.  Check out the Shower Enclosure Shape

Master Bath Design, Remodel, Open Shower

You could be having a particular shape in mind when shopping for a new shower enclosure.

The design and shape you dream of can only possibly fit if it fits within the bathroom space you have in your house.

Consider the Shower Shape before Installation

Considering the shower shape before installation is important, especially when installing an enclosure in an already existing bathroom. You will also have to worry about shape when creating a dedicated shower room or an ensuite.

Your enclosure will fit perfectly with the right shape and size, leaving enough space for accessing the other parts of the room. There are various shapes and sizes in the market today that you can consider. The most common ones are the square and rectangular-shaped enclosures mostly preferred for their easy-to-fit nature.

However, not everyone thinks of rectangular and square enclosures the same way. Some prefer the curved shower enclosures, while others go for the other outstanding options that meet their needs perfectly. What’s important is that you pick an enclosure shape that will fit perfectly and give you the appeal you crave for.

Understanding Shower Sizes: What’s the Best Size for a Shower?

There’s no straightforward answer as to which shower size is the best for everyone. People choose shower sizes depending on various personal factors. While one could prefer a 32 x 32 inches shower size as their ideal choice, another would be satisfied with a 60 x 36 inches shower.

Be that as it may, most people still prefer installing a 36 x 36 square-shaped shower, and it has been preferred as the standard size shower for a long time.

Here are other shower sizes you can consider when shopping for a modern shower enclosure.

A Tub/Shower Combo

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Talking about bathtub dimensions, Typically, a tub/shower combo measures 60 x 30 x 72 inches and is a common choice for many homes today. To install this, you will need to budget for the space needed around the bathtub. You can use a glass enclosure to convert the combo into a modern glass shower enclosure that appeals and creates an attractive ambiance for all kinds of baths. 

A Shower Stall without a Tub

These types of glass shower enclosures typically measure 48 x 36 inches. However, their sizes vary depending on the space you have in your home’s bathroom area. How and where you install them in your bathroom space will also determine the amount of space the enclosure will take. The bigger your space for the glass shower enclosure is, the more fulfilling a bath you'll have.

If you have bigger space and don't want to use the whole space for a shower stall, you can also add a foldable table shower for massages and at-home spa days. Or you can add curtains instead of the glass, if you're on budget!

A Square-Shaped Shower

Interior of modern bathroom with shower cabin

A square-shaped shower has all its sides equal in measurements. The most common square-shaped showers include the 32 x 32, 34 x 34, and the 36 x 36 inches square-shaped showers. These are easier to install as they fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom or standing secluded with all their four sides enclosed by glass.

A new square-shaped glass shower is always an exciting idea anytime you plan to remodel your bathroom. Since they fit easily, all you need is to get a perfect size for your bathroom, and you will be good to go.

Walk-In Showers: What Size Should a Walk-In Shower Be?

The main worry you may have when planning for a walk-in shower installation is whether your bathroom space will be enough to accommodate it or not. That’s why you need to take measurements early before going on with the installation process.

Walk-in Shower Sizes Depend on Your Bathroom’s Design

Since every home is designed differently, it is only true that they will have different bathroom sizes. The walk-in shower size you choose highly depends on the size of your bathroom. However, any space below 30” x 30” is too small for a befitting walk-in shower for any household.

Most homeowners don’t go below a 32” x 32” walk-in shower size when shopping for one. The most recommended walk-in shower size by the National Kitchen and Bath Association is a “36 x 36” walk-in shower enclosure. But if you have extra space, you can settle for a “48 x 36” or a “60 x 36” shower enclosure.

Why Size Matters More When Choosing a Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower’s main goal is to give you the optimum freedom you need anytime you walk-in for a bath. Walk-in showers don’t have doors or curtains in their entrances, thus the name.

To maximally enjoy using your walk-in shower, you’ll need enough space in your bathroom. You’ll need enough space for moving around freely, as well as extra bathroom floor space for proper water drainage.

Modern bathroom interior with freestanding tub

If you limit the shower's footprint because of limited space, the floor will not achieve enough slope to allow effective water drainage. It is always recommended that you at least have a “36 x 36’’ space in your bathroom for a walk-in shower installation. This will give you an easier time with movements and water flow during your baths.

Unmasking Two-Person Showers: What Size is a Two-Person Shower?

A two-person shower is the best shower option to consider if you always have to wait for your partner to get out of the shower every morning. Two-person showers offer ample space for two people to take a shower simultaneously.

If you plan to include this option in an already existing home, it is best to do it during a complete bathroom renovation. A two-person shower idea is one of the best bathroom renovation ideas that help improve your bathroom's

condition and boost your home's value.

Ideal Two Person Shower Dimensions

You will need at least 42 x 66 inches of bathroom space to install a two-person shower in your bathroom. More space will give you the freedom to add some personal features like a seating bench for relaxing before and after a bath.

Once the enclosure is fixed, you can choose ideal showerheads to complement your bathroom's aesthetics. Since you won't be installing a shower unit sooner, you should invest in a reliable shower head that will serve you the longest.

Final Thought

white ceramic sink near mirror

Using the right dimensions when installing your shower gives you an easier time installing the shower enclosure. You also save a lot of money as you already understand what you need and will only pay for the exact quantity and quality materials. You can always take advantage of bathroom remodeling projects to renovate your shower space for a better bathing experience.

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