Choosing The Right Shower Head Height For Your Bathroom

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In this article, we're going to consider the ideal showerhead height. While there are specific guidelines to follow, you may choose to adjust your showerhead height for comfort and convenience. Let's review the perfect height options, as well as a few showerheads that can take your bathroom experience to the next level.

What Is Standard Shower Head Height?

One of the most important questions, as you begin a bathroom remodel, is the shower head height. The ideal shower head height or standard shower head height is 80″ from the bathroom floor. This industry-standard measurement comes from a consideration that accounts for the average height that will also accommodate most people. Depending on your needs, you may adjust your shower head height.

In most cases, a shower head placed at this height should accommodate most people. Of course, there are exceptions to this. If you're taller than 6'6, you may find an 80″ shower height to be too short.

In addition to industry standards, the dimensions of your shower also make a difference. The height of the shower, as well as the shower wall height, matters when deciding the best shower head height. If your shower wall is shorter in height, you may not be able to install bathroom fixtures that meet a standard height.

If you decide to design your shower beyond typical measurements, it is important to consider how the adjusted height will affect other users. Even if you live alone, the height of your shower can make a difference when it comes to selling your home.

If you have varying height needs, it may be better to consider other, less-permanent options. The best shower head height may only be possible with a custom-made shower spray.

What Is Code for Shower Head Heights?

There are no rules or regulations when it comes to building codes for shower height. The best shower head height is usually one that accommodates as many people in the household as possible. However, homeowners may be tempted to make changes to the existing height to increase comfort while living in a property.

It is also important to consider things like the location of the shower pan and controls. The location of the shower rough in can also make a difference. With so many variations, there isn't a specific code for the preferred height. Fortunately, there are many permanent and non-permanent options that can assist you in finding the right height.

Is a Custom Made Shower Spray Worth It?

Some families may consider installing a custom-made shower head to accommodate shorter or taller people. While there are custom shower heads available, you can usually accommodate these variations with other, top-rated options, like handheld shower heads or by installing a showerhead where the shower arm extends.

A rain shower head may be another option. It is ideal for taller people because it utilizes as much of the shower enclosure space as possible. It also frees up room in the shower space for easy access to the shower door.

Even better, rain shower heads improve the feel of the shower enclosure while also meeting the needs of shorter users. A rain shower head is one of the few showerheads where the head height does not matter as much.

Types of Shower Heads

As you begin to plan for your shower renovation, the type of shower head matters. Shower comfortably with the following shower head types:

Single Spray Shower Head

A single spray shower head is a traditional showerhead at average height. Single spray shower heads are inexpensive, easy to install, and easily attach to your existing shower valve.

Rain Showerhead

A rain showerhead is a great option for tall people as it is installed above the standard shower wall height. It can also turn the shower into a spa-like experience. Rain showerheads attach to the shower space and mimic the flow of rainfall. This type of wall-mounted shower head is also a good option for bathrooms with low ceilings or minimal shower space. Because rain showerheads don't spray directly at the door, they can also reduce water spray on the bathroom floor.

rain shower head

Hand Held Shower Head

Handheld showerheads allow shower users to remove the showerhead to accommodate different heights. With a handheld showerhead, the shower arm attaches to the base. This type of showerhead also comes with a long hose, so you can use it to reach different parts of the body, or to accommodate tall guests, unlike other shower heads.

If a guest prefers a traditional showerhead, the handheld shower head can easily be attached to its base. This can be helpful in reaching different heights, as well as cleaning your shower space. You can also get a stronger shower spray with handheld shower heads.

Adjustable Shower Head


An adjustable shower head not only accommodates taller individuals but also keeps the shower head height at a distance comfortable for those of an average height. Additionally, adjustable shower heads often come with a detachable shower head. The adjustable arm can easily be placed back in its base when not in use.

It can also be helpful to break down adjustable shower heads into additional categories to assist you with choosing the best one:

Adjustable Arm With Wing Nuts

An adjustable shower arm with wing nuts easily allows you to adjust the standard shower head height to your needs. However, because the arm can be a little more difficult to adjust, it is best used in households that don't have significant differences between heights.

If there are children in the household, for example, being locked at the standard shower head height with the wing nuts may be too difficult for them to adjust.

Auto-Lock Arm

An auto-lock arm is similar to an adjustable shower with an adjustable holder, but it auto-locks without the use of wing nuts. This can make it easier for younger children to use the showerhead.

Flexible Neck

A flexible neck is better suited for families with varying heights. The neck can easily be bent to accommodate guests of all heights. You can leave it at the standard height and then adjust it shorter or taller, as needed.

Sliding Bar

A sliding bar offers more benefits than the ability to adjust the head away from standard height. It also allows you to manipulate the water pressure. You can place the sliding bar at the standard height or adjust it for others. Then, choose the type and level of water pressure by moving the shower slide bar as needed.

A sliding bar shower head is installed on a sliding bar, allowing you, or your guests, to adjust it as needed. This is a great, less permanent option that doesn't require you to move the plumbing.

Ceiling Shower Head

A ceiling shower head is another good solution for the tallest person in your household. In a shower cubicle with a ceiling showerhead, the shower is directly attached to the ceiling. Most rain shower heads are attached like this, but you can also opt for a traditional showerhead.

This is the best option to accommodate the tallest person in your home, as it utilizes the full space of the bathroom cubicle. It also meets the needs of shorter users.

Ceiling Shower Head

Dual Shower Heads

Households with varying showerhead needs, or those with unique shower door ranges, may choose to install dual showerheads. Dual showerheads are placed on multiple walls in the shower. If you install multiple shower heads, you might choose an ideal shower head height of 80 inches on one side for guests of average body height.

Then, you might install an adjustable handheld shower head or flexible hose for guests who are taller on the other wall. Dual showerheads are a type of wall-mounted showerhead, but they are installed on different bathroom walls.

Dual shower heads may be a good option if you have free shower walls or a lot of space in the shower enclosure.

Combo Shower Head

A combo shower head may be more difficult to install but gives you two showerheads, both on the same wall. That way, you can install one that meets standard shower height and the other to accommodate a shorter or taller guest.

Of course, you can also choose showerheads in all different designs and styles. Some homeowners even choose showerheads with different spray patterns to change up the overall look and feel of the room. For more information, read our article on double shower dimensions.

How to Adjust the Height of Your Existing Showerhead From the Shower Floor

Changing the height of your existing showerhead does not always require a full remodel. However, the cost and amount of work involved will vary, depending on the current setup of your shower. Consider things like:

  • Does your current shower meet standard shower head heights?
  • How much wall space do you have to work with?
  • Where is the existing plumbing installed?
  • What type of showerhead do you want to install?

For example, going from an adjustable shower arm to a rain shower head may or may not be possible, depending on where the plumbing is currently located.

Changing out your showerhead is usually an affordable option to a complete bathroom redo. Here are a few new shower head products you might consider:

Adjustable Shower Arm

An adjustable shower arm is a good solution if your current showerhead is too low. With a little plumber's tape, you can easily install a shower arm on your current shower head. An adjustable shower height accommodates most people of most heights. It allows you to easily adjust the shower head height in seconds.

S-Style Shower Arm

An S-style shower arm changes the position of your showerhead, in addition to its height. Instead of adding additional length to your handheld shower, the s-shower arm replaces your current shower arm.

Swivel Ball Adapter

A swivel ball adaptor is also an affordable solution to accommodate different height needs. A swivel ball lowers the standard height of your shower. It can be easily attached to the adapter to make a combo shower that accommodates guests of all heights.

Both the S-style and swivel ball adapter can be easy to install and require minimal equipment. This can make them an affordable, convenient option for changing your shower head height.

Other Shower Elements to Consider

When adjusting your showerhead height, it is also important to consider where the other elements will go. Here are a few additional elements to consider:

Shower Controls

Your shower controls are the knobs and temperature controls. These controls are usually installed on the front shower wall, below the showerhead. But, if you move the fixed shower head, you may or may not need to move the shower controls a few inches too.

If you move the shower controls, you want to install them in a position that is easy to reach. You also want to place them in a location that you can reach without getting wet. The controls are usually at a minimum of 40″ from the shower floor and on the adjacent wall of the shower door.

Shower Grab Bar

A shower grab bar is a good safety addition to any shower. It allows you to get in and out of the shower enclosure without falling. Shower grab bars should be positioned on unused walls. Grab bars should be between 33-36 inches in height off the shower floor.

They can be in any direction, including a horizontal shower grab bar or a verticle grab bar.

The standard height is lower than average as it also accommodates seniors who may use sitting stools when showering.

If you are renovating your current bathroom for the tallest person in your household, you may need to install grab bars at a higher height. Always consider the shower size and overall height of the shower when determining the best, and safest, location of grab bars.

You can also install a slide bar and a grab bar in the vertical center of your shower. This gives users ultimate safety as it allows them to maintain a center of gravity in the shower.

horizontal shower grab bar

Find the Right Shower Head Height For You

When renovating a bathroom, it can be difficult to design something that meets everyone's individual needs. That is because people are of all different heights and sizes. For this reason, it is best to take advantage of temporary or adjustable options. While making permanent changes to your shower enclosure may seem worthwhile now, it can be costly to transition them back if you do move.

Some additions to your shower can be beneficial, especially if they meet the needs of people of all different heights. For example, grab bars increase the safety of the shower, regardless of your height.

You can always make improvements to your current existing shower arm or change out the shower doors. Wall-mounted showerheads may be traditional, but you can always change them out for handheld showerheads.

Choosing Shower Head Heights in Your Rental or Guest House

You may have more control over your shower head height in properties that you own or rent. However, without knowing who will be on your property, you may wonder what type of showerhead to use.

If you manage guest houses or have a rental property, you may want to consider an adjustable, less-permanent option.

It is best to go with a standard height and then provide guests with an adjustable showerhead so they can accommodate their needs. A handheld showerhead can also be beneficial for families, especially those with younger children. Different households also typically have different setups and shower rough settings, which can affect the features you choose.

The general rule is, to begin with, a standard height and then adjust as needed. Avoid adjusting to accommodate too far in one way that neglects the needs of other users.

Find the Perfect Shower Head Height

Once you have an idea of how standard shower space sizes affect the height of the showerhead, you can choose the right items. While most people may build their shower enclosure around average body size, you can utilize your shower size to meet your unique needs with products like slide bars. Turn your bathroom into the ultimate retreat by considering the best use of your current shower.

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