How To Clean Galanz Air Fryer

The Galanz air fryer is a small appliance that is designed to cook food using hot air instead of oil. This makes the appliance a healthier option for cooking, as it does not involve the use of unhealthy oils. The Galanz air fryer is also a fast and convenient option for cooking, as it can prepare food in a matter of minutes.

Galanz, one of the world’s most popular kitchen appliances, has a range of air fryers to suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. It makes cooking super convenient and quick. You can even roast your vegetables and cook your meat in an air fryer. To ensure that your Galanz air fryer lasts for as long as possible, it must be properly maintained. 

In order to clean the Galanz air fryer, there are a few simple steps that need to be followed.   

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How To Clean Galanz Air Fryer

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean a Galanz Air Fryer.

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1. Turn off and Unplug the Galanz Air Fryer

The first step is to turn off the Galanz air fryer if it is on and then unplug the appliance if it is connected to a power outlet. Not turning off the appliance is a common mistake by many. Always think of your safety first. Any electrical parts inside the Galanz air fryer that may come in contact with water and your skin could be damaging and, sometimes, lethal. 

2. Take off and Washing the Removable Parts

Let the Galanz air fryer cool down if you’ve just used it, and remove the removable accessories. Depending on the model of your Galanz Air Fryer, this may include the air fryer basket, pan, crisper plate or rack, etc. You can wash these accessories with soap and hot water or just pop them in the dishwasher! Yes, Galanz Air Fryer accessories are dishwasher safe. (For peace of mind, always refer to the manufacturer’s manual.)

It is best to soak the removable parts of your Galanz air fryer in warm, soapy water for 20 minutes and use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub the residue. Rinse everything with warm water. Pat them dry with a microfiber towel and let all the shebang air dry completely.  

3. Cleaning of the Heating Element and the Inner Surface

Turn the Galanz air fryer upside down, tilt it on its side, and use a soft, damp cloth or sponge to wipe the heating element. If there is tough grease, you can put some dishwashing soap on your damp cloth to get rid of them. If retained food is stuck between the heating element, a small, soft brush may help you remove them.

After cleaning the heating component, clean the inner surface of the Galanz air fryer with a cloth with warm soapy water to remove any grease, dirt, or food particles. Finish cleaning with a dry, non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Allow the air fryer's interior to dry completely. This will help prevent rust buildup that might affect the device's overall function.  

4. Cleaning the Outer Surface of Galanz Air Fryer

The next thing to do is to clean the outer surface of your Galanz air fryer. This is an easy process requiring the same materials you used to clean the appliance's inner surface. A damp soft sponge with warm soapy water will usually do the work. Rinse and dry it with a clean, soft cloth or let the surface dry in the air.

5. Assemble and Test To Make Sure It's Working Properly

Now that everything is clean and dry, either by thoroughly wiping or letting the parts dry on natural air, it’s time to assemble the Galanz air fryer back. Plug in the appliance and check if all is well with your machine.

6. Repeat This Process Regularly Based on the Galanz Air Fryer Manual

Cleaning your Galanz Air Fryer after every use is not usually necessary. If you’re cooking the same food range, frozen food like nuggets, fries, and bacon, cleaning can be done after every few uses. Cleaning the device occasionally will help your air fryer stay in top condition. The outer surface can be wiped as often as you notice some dust, oil, or water buildup. 

Resetting Your Galanz Air Fryer

Sometimes, your air fryer might fail to work properly because it won’t switch on, improper timer functionality, unresponsive controls, the air fryer not heating, or the air fryer not cooking food properly. If this occurs, you may need to reset your machine. The Galanz Air Fryer has a reset button and is usually on the side of the gadget.

To reset your Galanz Air Fryer, press the reset button for 10 seconds. Another way of resetting it is simply unplugging it from the power outlet for an extended period and then plugging it back in again. Resetting will put all settings back to their default setup. 

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What To Do If Your Galanz Air Fryer Is Simply Not Working

If your Air Fryer suddenly stops working, you can check for a few things before calling the manufacturer’s service center. First, make sure that it's connected to a functional wall socket. Next, check to see if there are defective cables. And if power is not the problem, check if the basket is in its proper position. Most Galanz air fryers have a sensor that acts as an automated close or stop switch connected to the lid or draw. These sensors may wear and tear in time and result in product failure.

If all else fails, you might need to contact Galanz care services or go to a retail store to replace your old machine with a new one. But there’s a silver lining if your machine is still under warranty or extended product care, which most manufacturers usually offer nowadays, you can have a new Galanz Air Fryer without spending money. That will give less headache and lots of savings.

Choosing the Best Galanz Air Fryer For Your Home

The Galanz Air Fryer is a versatile fryer with lots of exciting features. Galanz now has six air fryers that you can choose from to suit your family’s lifestyle and cooking needs.

When choosing a Galanz air fryer, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. First, consider your family size and the food you usually consume in one or two meals. Also, consider the gadget you’ll buy if your family relies on meal prep or bulk cooking.

An organized and tidy kitchen is the perfect place to work. So, you’ll want to reassess the size and style of the unit that will match a space or a nook.

Finally, think about your budget. Galanz Air Fryer is affordable, but the prices can still range from around $120 to $250.

With these considerations, you should be able to find the best Galanz Air Fryer for your own home or flat. It's also a great idea for a housewarming gift.  

Cleaning Galanz Air Fryer – FAQ

Q: Can I clean the Galanz Air Fryer with Baking Soda and Vinegar?

A: Yes. It's a foolproof hack to get your Galanz air fryer sparkling clean in minutes using only a tablespoon of baking soda and vinegar. This process is considered a deep clean that can be done occasionally.

The steps are as follows:

  • First, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in an even layer over the base of the Galanz air fryer’s basket and accessories, then put some dishwashing soap over it.
  • Next, pour boiling or very hot water, fill the basket halfway to its height, and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Then, spray a simple mixture of 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water around the basket's inner and outer surface.
  • Follow the steps we provided with the rest of the cleaning process manually or through the dishwasher.  

Q: How much electricity does a Galanz air fryer use?

A: That depends on the particular model and duration of usage. Some of the top-rated Galanz  models use an average of 1500 watts. The formula to find out how much electricity it uses is this: divide the air fryer rating by 1000 and multiply by the number of hours.

Q: What is the average cost of using a Galanz air fryer?

A: Use this simple formula: divide the Galanz air fryer rating by 1000 and multiply by the number of hours and your average electricity rate.

Q: How do you get hard grease out of the Galanz Air Fryer?

A: The simple way is not to let the oil harden by cleaning the Galanz air fryer after each use. Another trick is to put a small amount of hot water in the drawer's base before cooking to prevent the fat drippings from sticking to the base. You can use the baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar hack if your lifestyle is more demanding.

Final Thoughts On How To Clean Galanz Air Fryer

In conclusion, it is important to frequently clean your Galanz Air Fryer to prevent the buildup of grease, food particles, microorganisms, and other toxins. One of the best features of a Galanz Air Fryer is that you can easily wash all the removable accessories with a mild detergent or in a dishwasher.

By doing so, you are adding to your Galanz air fryer’s longevity and ensuring the delivery of the healthiest and most sumptuous dish that your family and friends love.

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