How To Clean a EdgeStar Dishwasher Filter

EdgeStar is without any doubt one of the best dishwasher brands in the market. Cleaning your EdgeStar dishwasher filter should be part of the maintenance that is performed every 3 months to 6 months. Not only are you getting rid of any unwanted odors, but you are ensuring that your appliance continues to work well. If you’ve ever wondered “How do I clean my EdgeStar dishwasher?”, the team at Kitchen Infinity has created a guide for cleaning your EdgeStar dishwasher filter and replacing EdgeStar’s filter when needed. 

EdgeStar Dishwasher
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How to Clean an EdgeStar Dishwasher Filter: Step-by-Step Guide

To clean your EdgeStar dishwasher filter, you should follow the 7 steps below :

  1. Take out the rack at the very bottom.
  2. Turn the EdgeStar filter compartment’s door counterclockwise to unfasten or open it.
  3. Remove your EdgeStar dishwasher filter.
  4. Rinse your dishwasher filter under warm, running water. Use soap and gently scrub the filter if necessary.
  5. Let your EdgeStar dishwasher filter dry while you wipe down the filter compartment and its door.
  6. Reinstall your dishwasher filter, close the compartment door, and fasten the door by turning it clockwise.
  7. Put the bottom rack back into the EdgeStar dishwasher

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How to Replace an EdgeStar Dishwasher Filter

Before replacing your EdgeStar dishwasher filter, you need to know what makes up this filtering system. For a detailed section on dishwashers please check out our dishwasher buying guide

EdgeStar Dishwasher Filter Components

  1. The main filter traps food and solid particles which are then pulverized by the lower spray arm’s special jet before being washed down the drain.
  2. The coarse filter traps large items that can cause clogging (e.g., bone or glass pieces.) Items caught in the EdgeStar coarse filter can be removed by squeezing the tabs on top of the filter and lifting the items out.
  3. The fine filter is used to hold food and soil residue in the sump area of the EdgeStar dishwasher and prevents it from being redeposited on dishes during a cleaning cycle. 

Replacing EdgeStar Dishwasher Filters

To properly replace your EdgeStar dishwasher filter, please follow the 5 steps below:

  1. To remove the EdgeStar filter components, turn the whole filter assembly anti-clockwise. 
  2. Lift the entire filter assembly upwards to remove it from the EdgeStar dishwasher.
  3. Switch out which component of the filter needs to be replaced and clean out the other parts of the filter assembly with a cleaning brush. Otherwise, prepare your EdgeStar’s new dishwasher filter assembly for insertion.
  4. Afterward, reinsert the brand-new or partially replaced filter assembly into the EdgeStar dishwasher.
  5. Position the EdgeStar filter assembly into its seat, press it downward, then turn it in a clockwise direction to lock it into place. 

Final Thoughts on How to Clean an EdgeStar Dishwasher Filter

Sometimes cleaning EdgeStar dishwasher filters alone cannot remedy your dishwasher situation. You might need to replace your filter. And if your dishwasher still is not performing its cleaning function well, then please seek professional help from an EdgeStar company representative. If you are looking to buy a new dishwasher for your home check out these amazing dishwasher black Friday deals!

EdgeStar Dishwasher
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FAQs about EdgeStar Dishwasher Filters 

What else should I need to know about the EdgeStar dishwasher filter?

Yes, keep in mind that:

  1. You should never put the fine filter into the filter assembly upside down.
  2. If you are removing the filter assembly components or checking the sump area of your EdgeStar dishwasher, wear protective gloves.
  3. Your EdgeStar dishwasher should never be run without all three filters in place.

Is an EdgeStar dishwasher worth it?

Yes, an EdgeStar dishwasher not only lasts years but these dishwashers are designed to do their job well, and quietly. 

When should I replace the filter for my EdgeStar dishwasher?

You should replace the filter for your EdgeStar dishwasher every 5 years. Only replace your EdgeStar dishwasher filter beforehand if you notice any wear and tear that could compromise the performance of your appliance. 

How do Frigidaire dishwasher filters compare to EdgeStar dishwasher filters?

Frigidaire dishwasher filters are longer lasting and better quality than EdgeStar dishwasher filters. 

Do all EdgeStar dishwashers have the same filter?

No, the actual design of your EdgeStar dishwasher filter may differ from the model we have discussed. 

If you are looking for filter replacement guidelines for a dishwasher other than EdgeStar please check out the chart below in which we have covered more than 20 best dishwasher brands. 

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