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Kitchen infinity is an expert kitchen remodeling company in Connecticut focused on delivering a distinguished kitchen remodeling project to our customers. In kitchen remodel, we offer services in kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplashes and storage solutions – everything that our customers require at a competitive rate.

Our kitchen designers have expertise in contemporary, traditional and transitional kitchen design that give a renewed value to the most important room in your home. Our kitchen designers have a deep knowledge of architectural kitchen design process and are dedicated to their craft, providing top-quality kitchen remodel and kitchen renovations at affordable prices.

Services for Kitchen Remodeling in CT

Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most important elements of a kitchen and can make or break a look. Getting the right kind of cabinets can tie your whole kitchen design together, so it’s important to get them right. There are numerous kinds of customizable cabinets you can choose from:

  • Shaker Style
  • Flat panel
  • Inset
  • Beadboard
  • Distressed

If you live with a family or do a lot of cooking, things are bound to get messy. You can get cabinets customized to maximize your storage space without taking too much of your kitchen space. 

When it comes to custom cabinetry or semi-designed cabinets, the first important thing is the price. If you have a small space, you can focus on main elements and cut out extra kitchen design elements like glazing, strain glass doors etc to keep the costs low.

Getting a custom cabinetry usually comes with a more expensive price – this will vary in terms of material and kitchen design build. Plus the location for delivery of your Connecticut kitchen remodeling job.

During the process of kitchen remodel, whether you need kitchen countertop installation or cabinet installation, Kitchen Infinity has you covered. Custom cabinetry are popular because they are absolutely worth it. They are durable and have the edge of fitting exactly into the dimensions of your kitchen instead of prepared cabinets. What’s more – our team in of Connecticut kitchen remodelers know exactly how to fit them! 

Storage Solutions

Along with our elaborate solutions for cabinetry, flooring and backsplash, you can also try our services for kitchen storage solutions. If you have a small kitchen space, live with a family or run a commercial kitchen, it will feel like there is never enough storage space in your kitchen. This is typically a sign that you need a kitchen makeover! 

If. you’re getting a kitchen remodel in Connecticut, there are many ways our experts help you solve storage issues by making some changes to the cabinetry:

  • Install an Island: You can add some extra storage space to your kitchen by adding a cabinet-based kitchen Island. It can give you more space to work around the kitchen as well by adding a more focused and functional countertop. It works great as a breakfast bar too!
  • Add shelves above cabinets: another way to add some storage into your kitchen is to add shelves above the cabinets over your countertops. You can add as many shelves as you want according to your kitchen’s height, keeping the rarely-used utensils and appliances up there.
  • Add shelves inside cabinets: instead of clustering things inside cabinets, add shelves to make your cabinetry more organized.
  • Open shelves: If you have empty wall space, you can install open shelves to keep some extra things in plain sight.
  • Hanging Storage: Using hanging storage can help put some tools here and there and make your countertops less cluttered.
  • Under Cabinet Shelves: just like upper cabinet shelves, under cabinet shelves can also be a huge help when facing a shortage of space.
  • Reduce countertop space: You can reduce some extra countertop space and replace it with shelves if storage is your main concern over workspace.

Our Connecticut kitchen remodeling services are not only limited to these. We are just getting started!

Cabinet Refacing

Many people prefer the process of cabinet refacing rather than spending tons of money on brand new cabinets. Cabinet refacing involves replacing the veneers of the cabinet fronts instead of installing a whole new cabinet. Most of the time, the hardware (handles, hinges etc.) is also replaced to match the new kitchen design.

When you choose Kitchen Infinity’s cabinet refacing installation service, you can get a brand new vibe by replacing the facade of your cabinets – like replacing wood with glaze or thermofoil. We will  paint your cabinet a different color to change the accent color and match the new theme of your kitchen. Throw in some internal lighting paired with glass doors to give it a warm and modern look!

Kitchen Infinity’s professional kitchen remodeling service usually only take 2 to 4 days to complete the remodeling process and the costs can be around $1000 or more. Cabinet refacing is great if you are short on space or are just simply tired of the plain old look of your kitchen.

But no more, we’ll turn your Connecticut kitchen about and define new dimension of kitchen renovations!

Resurfacing Process

Here is a brief guide to the resurfacing process:

  • Our estimator meets with you in an initial consultation to go over the scope of your remodeling project and take initial measurements. Based on that they estimate if they are going to develop a new kitchen design or just work on minor kitchen renovations.
  • Our kitchen designer then generates a proposal for your kitchen remodel.
  • A Kitchen Infinity kitchen design specialist will help you choose the color and style of drawer fronts and doors for your cabinets and provide you kitchen design advice for your Connecticut kitchen. The kitchen designers then work with you to decide on a product that fits your budget and aesthetic. From solid wood to glass and laminate, there are many excellent choices. The kitchen designer also assists you in selecting the hardware for your new kitchen renovations and kitchen remodels. 
  • The installers take precise measurements according to the new kitchen design and place your order.
  • Once the materials arrive, the Kitchen Infinity installation team begins the prep work. They remove doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and hinges. They prepare the cabinet “bones” (i.e. the framework) for their new laminate skin.
  • The crew applies the laminate covering and installs the updated doors and hardware.
  • You get to enjoy a beautifully upgraded look at a low price!

Cabinet refacing is one of the most straightforward kitchen renovation projects you can do. You will add value to your home, modernize the aesthetic, and save money.

Don’t wait more on your kitchen renovation and remodel your Connecticut kitchen. Our Connecticut kitchen remodeling team will walk you through the whole kitchen design process till installation.

Highlights about Connecticut

Connecticut is a US state that consists of coastal areas and small towns. Connecticut is known for its charming beauty and the home of one of the most popular TV sitcoms Gilmore Girls!

Another interesting fact about Connecticut is that it has been the sight of many popular Horror Movies. Connecticut is perfect for your next design remodel or home project as it has beautiful landscapes like the Long Island shoreline and various mountain ranges, boasting a very outdoor-sy vibe. 

For anyone who wants a taste of country life with a side of sophistication and a high standard of living, Connecticut is the place you are looking for. A study conducted by the US government shows that Connecticut is well above-average in terms of education, lifestyle, employment rate, real estate value and resident health.

This state has some of the best-ranked educational institutions, schools and community colleges, with a very high literacy rate. According to some studies, the average test scores here are higher than most of the schools all over the country.

It also has great quality food! Hamburgers, one of the most widely eaten fast foods in the USA, were first made here in Connecticut. Overall, Connecticut has some amazing restaurants and pizza parlors and is known for its rich food culture. 

The New England state is not only rich in beauty and nature, but also history and culture! It has some famous museums like Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center. Mystic Seaport is also one of the most important maritime museums in all of the US. It has an astounding collection of floating craft, which includes the world’s last wooden whaling ship Charles W. Morgan. 

Not just that, the world famous Yale University Museums are also located in Connecticut, so there’s no wonder it has a reputation for its Museums!

If you’re looking to enjoy some natural beauty on a fine sunday afternoon, Connecticut has a beautiful state park which is known for the Gillette Castle, home to famous actor William Gillette who was known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Overall, Connecticut is one of the most amazing places in the US, steeped in rich history and culture.

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All of the charms of Connecticut mean that it has a really high real estate value, boasting some of the most beautiful houses with colonial features, large outdoor pools, huge barns, and spacious kitchens with large windows to capture the beautiful scenery. Most of the houses have high end eat-in kitchens filled with artistic wonder. Because of the popular food culture in the state, it has welcoming bright kitchens and elegant simpler kitchen design.

Kitchen Infinity is proud to be part of the Connecticut  community. It’s an honor to work on the beautiful properties that our neighbors call home. When you need new construction or remodeling, reach out to our top-of-the-line crew and we promise to deliver a kitchen design that will only add more value to your Connecticut kitchen. 

Our CT kitchen remodeling contractors work with the integrity of your home’s aesthetic in mind.

Remodel Your Kitchen In Connecticut

In a state as naturally beautiful as Connecticut, a home with a drab kitchen would be a real let-down for visitors. Quartz, textures, depth, sparkle, and white marble backdrops give you the “wow factor” you need in this beautiful state. With an expert team of Connecticut kitchen remodelers guiding you along the way and turning your dream kitchen in reality, you have nothing to worry about! We can also help with your kitchen bath design and bathroom remodeling. Although our focus is interior design and kitchen construction for kitchen makeovers.

Our Connecticut kitchen renovation team is known for their expertise, attention to detail, industry-leading equipment and of course, unmatched professionalism!

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