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Kitchen Infinity is your local and trusted kitchen remodeling contractor servicing Avon. We specialize in cabinet and countertop installations, kitchen design, backsplash selection, clever pantry storage solutions, full kitchen makeovers and more! Whatever your kitchen needs, our Kitchen Infinity team would love to help bring your dream kitchen to life! Find out why our customers recommend us to their family and friends. Schedule a free estimate today! No hook. No Fee. No Commitment

After you finish reading about some of our services below, take full advantage of our free offer.  Book your consultation near the bottom of the page or call us directly to speak with a real human if you prefer. This whole kitchen process can seem a little overwhelming without the right guidance; that’s why the team at Kitchen Infinity is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Infinity loves remodeling Avon kitchens using custom cabinetry. With vast experience and a top-notch work ethic, we give your home the attention it deserves. We are premier kitchen remodeling contractors in Connecticut.

With custom cabinets, your Avon kitchen will stand out above the rest not only in your 06001 zip code but in your competing zip codes as well! It’s okay to show off a little. Our cabinetry usually serves as the centerpiece of any high-quality kitchen remodel. We use the best materials and hire the most experienced craftsmen. When we finish your custom made cabinet work, you will have a showroom-quality space.

You can choose from many types of wood and several styles of door panels to create the look you want. Our design team will help you decide which options work best for your decor and space.


Your home improvement project won’t be complete without new kitchen countertops from Kitchen Infinity. We’ll turn your kitchen into a welcoming and gorgeous space. As Avon’s standout kitchen remodelers, Kitchen Infinity has the expertise required for your countertop installation.

Offering both granite and quartz allows us to create stunning new workspaces for all of your chopping and kitchen prep needs. Your new kitchen countertops will bring you joy and serve you faithfully for years and years. And your home value gets a boost, too, once your new kitchen design is in place!

Cabinet Refacing

Do you feel like your Avon, CT kitchen cabinets have seen better days? If so, it might be time to talk to a Kitchen Infinity remodeling contractor about refacing your cabinets. This simple option gives homeowners the beautiful results they deserve at a price they can afford.

From estimates to color selections, our company can get it done for you. We use high-quality laminate to resurface your kitchen cabinets, allowing you to reuse them rather than replace them.

Next, we install new drawer fronts and cabinet doors. And we finish with beautiful new hardware. We only use the best materials so that your Avon kitchen shines with elegance and excellent artistry.

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Moving To Avon? Get Your Kitchen Remodeled

The green city of Avon lies in the Farmington valley of Hartford County. It lies in the suburb of Hartford yet has a population of 18,302 people. The town itself is not really a very old town since it was first settled in around 1645 and was a part of Farmington valley. Among the very first people who arrived in this town in the 1700s was Ebenezer Booge who was a pastor in the congregational church and a Yale Divinity school graduate. The opening of Farmington canal opened new opportunities for the locals like bringing business to the locals. The hopes of industrial and commercial growth made the Connecticut general assembly incorporate the city in 1830 and it became a suburban enclave.

Avon town sign
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Among many other things, Avon is known for its traffic accidents since it is near the Talcott Mountain which is also known as Avon Mountain. One such accident occurred at the foot of Avon Mountain at the intersection of route 44 and 10. Three really severe accidents occurred in which trucks were involved and in all of them the drivers including some other people died which made the state of Connecticut modify the route 44. They added a runaway truck ramp and widened the road on route 44 which has decreased the overall percentage of accidents that have taken place since it was widely covered by the media. One such incident that occurred was involving a dump truck in which the driver lost control of the brakes he swerved to avoid crashing yet lost control and collided with traffic which resulted in the death of four people including the driver. Similar incidents have also occurred which finally made the state take action.

The population of the city has gradually increased and the .  There are several attractions in the city, the oldest of them being the Avon free public library which can be traced back to 1791, today the library houses almost four million titles. Avon's congregational church is also a national historic place since it was built in 1819. The Farmington canal heritage trail runs through the city which is an adventure spot for many people; it is 130.7km long and connects Connecticut and Massachusetts together. The city is home to one public school and two elementary schools which are responsible for the education of the city's small population.

The city is filled with lush green gardens and lawns and people tend to design their structures so as to maximize the beautiful view. For this reason, residents of this city get their houses designed with south facing large windows, big lawns, kitchens with the view of lawns and sometimes, outdoor kitchens as well. If you take a walk around Avon, you'll notice that almost all the houses are adorned with glass windows and beautifully maintained lawns.

If you're a resident of this city and your kitchen is not designed in a way that fits in the Avon's style, we can help you. With Kitchen Infinity's kitchen remodeling team in Avon, your kitchen will get a whole new look and you won't have to stress yourself out on anything. Not only that, we offer services in neighboring towns of Berlin, Suffield and Granby to name a few. Our team will take care of anything from design to implementation!

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