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Kitchen Infinity is your local kitchen remodeling company that will guide you through the entire kitchen renovation process. We service East Hampton and your entire county, and specialize in kitchen design, countertop and cabinet installations, backsplash, knob & pull selection, clever storage solutions, full kitchen makeovers, and more! If you have kitchen goals or need help narrowing down options, our Kitchen Infinity team will work with you to help accomplish these goals!  We encourage you to continue reading and discover some of the premier services that we can offer you! And schedule a free consultation…. because why not?! It’s FREE 

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Custom Cabinets

Are you building a new home in East Hampton? Or maybe you are planning for a kitchen renovation project. If so, you will need a high-quality kitchen cabinets. Our Connecticut team of designers and installers can help you plan your dream kitchen cabinets.

We love working with owners on this exciting home improvement project. From kitchen design to installation, we are by your side. Expert artisans will ensure that your new kitchen cabinets are precisely what you want in your house.

With a broad range of design options, you are guaranteed to find a look that fits your style and budget. You will have fun working with our kitchen remodelers to choose your colors, door style, type of wood, and hardware. 

Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets can take a beating over the years. If your East Hampton kitchen needs some TLC, Kitchen Infinity is ready to help with design to remodel. We offer full cabinet refacing to save you time and money during your remodeling project. If you don’t need all new cabinets, our resurfacing team can update your existing ones.

There are door styles and colors to fit any home design. When you work with our experts, you will have a friendly, professional team for this home improvement project. We walk you through the whole kitchen renovation process and take care of all the details.

With laminate veneer and new doors and drawer fronts, we leave you with beautiful, high-quality cabinets. The process is straightforward and budget-friendly. And resurfacing takes a fraction of the time of building brand new cupboards. Soon you will love spending time in your kitchen again.


Every significant kitchen remodeling job involves new countertops. You might be completely changing the layout of your kitchen, or you may just need an update to the existing space. Either way, Kitchen Infinity is here to help.

This room is the heart of your home and deserves all the love you can give it. Whether you want quartz or granite, our experts will ensure your countertops are perfect. When your kitchen design is stunning, you will be happy for years to come. As a full remodeling company, Kitchen Infinity takes care of everything.

Once your remodeling project is complete, your new countertops will be an easy standout in your competing 06424 zip codes. Our professional kitchen contractors handle everything from measuring to ordering to installing. So you can sit back and stress less while we remodeling your kitchen.

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Highlights About The Beautiful Town Of East Hampton

Known as the Bell town because of the crazy amount of bell manufacturing going on in the 19th century. This town in Middlesex County is filled with beautiful kitchen renovations and covers approximately 36 square miles of area and is the largest inland water body in Connecticut.

Similar to East Haddam, East Hampton is famous for its pumpkin rides and farms, this community supports a rural and suburban lifestyle. It has been around since 250 years and is still going strong. Looking to visit or buy a home, here are our recommendations you should see to make your decision:

Town of East Hampton
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Pumpkin picking – All of Connecticut is full of pumpkins during autumn every year, especially East Hampton offers a ride through their pumpkin Forest. This one mile picturesque drive through scenic autumnal view, displays more than 30 pumpkin head people and their annual companions at home in their woodland houses. This place is a kids favourite. You can also buy snacks and shop in those little pumpkin shops during the drive. The rides start from 20$ packages. It's a fun getaway from your kitchen for a break from your kitchen chores and grocery shopping.

Sacrosanct gallery – The gallery hosts contemporary American art exhibitions every month of the tristate ( CT, NY, NJ) and New England region artists, showcasing unique voices and a range of styles. The gallery also functions as an artist studio and hosts several art, educational lectures and cultural workshops. This is East Hamptons social go to place to meet new community members. It's also perfect to draw inspiration for remodeling your kitchen in East Hampton, CT. Parents take their children here often as a break from the daily kitchen monotony and its recreational vibe. Plus good news: Entry is free.

Outdoor sound meditation concert – This outdoor meditation experience is hosted in August or September every year. The musicians use soothing instruments like the Himalayan bowl, planetary gongs, aromatherapy and other tools to guide their attendees to a state of deep relaxation. Gathered under a pavilion so that safety of the attendees is ensured and an intimate small group can be catered to. This experience is meditation lovers paradise, it will take you on a journey to retune and rebalance.

Devil's Hopyard state park – Located at the Right Nile River’s Chapman Falls in the town. This park offers 7 great hiking trails including river trails, forest trails and other hiking trails. It also has 5 moderate trails you can enjoy with children. The picturesque view will make your heart want to camp fish and cycle, luckily all of this is allowed. This place is a pack your kitchen and come camp with us kind of place. It has several streams and waterfalls. Dog Walkers usually come here to give their animals and themselves a breath of fresh air

Lost Spring Farm – Keeping the holiday spirit alive , this place helps you cut your own Christmas tree. You can get a walk of the Farm organized by Chatham Historical Society as a part of their “ Explore East Hampton” monthly series program sponsored by the local government. Joe & Debbie, the owners will give you history of their farm and how they plant and trim the trees with love and passion. The tour will take an approximate 1 hour. If you are looking for a more stern tour, Joe can take you on 1 hour tour of the 40+ acre property too. Adults and children all are welcome to enjoy nature. You can also tag a tree and come back on thanksgiving to take it home

New Hampton is a relaxed town to live in. If you are planning to moving in New Hampton or nearby towns like Haddam and East Haddam, then don't forgetto schedule your free kitchen design consultation with Kitchen Infinity to discuss plans to make your new kitchen absolutely stunning!

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