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Who Is Kitchen Infinity?

Kitchen Infinity is a local kitchen remodeling service provider located in Fairfield County. Our expertise lies in designing your kitchen, making custom kitchen cabinets, installing a countertop, and giving a homely look to your new cooking space, whether you’re opting for a modern, traditional, or transitional design.

Our team here at Kitchen Infinity promise to give you the kitchen of your dreams. The testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations from our customers speak for themselves! Below, you will find out more about the remodeling services we offer. Don’t forget, you can also get a free kitchen consultation by scheduling a meeting with us!

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Step-by-Step: Kitchen Remodeling in Fairfield, CT

To ensure that our customers understanding what we offer them, here’s a breakdown of the process we follow at Kitchen Infinity:

  1. The first stage takes place when our estimator sets a meeting with you. Here, you get an initial consultation concerning your kitchen. We then create a proposal for remodeling the space, which you can review.
  2. The next step is setting your meeting with our design specialist. At this stage, you choose the styles and colors of your cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and other parts of the kitchen. The aesthetic and budget are taken into consideration throughout this process. Our design experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable hardware for the kitchen within your price range.
  3. After taking measurements, installers will then put in the order for the parts you need.
  4. We install the materials after they arrive. The Kitchen Infinity team is responsible for all facets of the kitchen remodel project. 
  5. You say hello to your beautiful new kitchen!

Kitchen Infinity makes your brand new kitchen remodel as simple, straightforward, and efficient as possible from the initial planning stages to the final reveal.

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Custom Cabinets

A lot of different parts are involved when remodeling a kitchen in Fairfield, CT. For instance, let’s talk about cabinets. Getting the right material, color, and style can take a lot of time. As your Fairfield kitchen remodeling experts, we have decades of combined experience in the industry, so we can help you to choose the right cabinets for you.

We often recommend custom cabinets because they maximize the storage space in your kitchen and work with the dimensions of the space rather than against them. We will show high-quality cabinets that will make your Fairland kitchen the way you want it to be. From our initial meeting until we hand you over your kitchen, all the work will be carried out promptly with professionalism.

We take all home remodeling projects seriously, whether it is kitchen renovation or a generic home project. Customer service and customer satisfaction  is our top priority and ensure to deliver it.


For money and hassle reasons, you may not want a complete makeover of your kitchen at this point. In this case, cabinet refacing is a brilliant way to breathe new life into your kitchen without taking up a lot of time and costing too much money. Resurfacing involves replacing the cabinet door/handles while keeping the framework intact.

With this resurfacing option, the cost and time are reduced significantly. The kitchen upgrade will be finished very quickly as you do not have to wait for new cabinets and then wait even longer for their installation. The resurfacing option is a great way to quickly change the feel of the room without too much stress. If you're remodeling your kitchen in Fairfield, CT on a budget, resurfacing is a strong option. 

Customer satisfaction is our end goal and we have delivered it in every project we have undertaken.


Every part of the kitchen is equally important, and one should not compromise on countertops. Counters play a huge role in building a state-of-the-art kitchen for you. The remodeling team at Fairland will assist you in selecting the material you want for your counters, be it quartz, marble, granite, or anything else. If you are unclear about the color coordination, the experts are here to assist you.

Regardless of the size, be it big or small, we handle all sorts of countertops projects. We do not compromise on quality, and you can see this from the sample work we have in our illustrious portfolio. Our Kitchen Infinity team at Fairland will make your countertop dreams come true, no matter the material or aesthetic you’re going for.

Our other home improvement projects kitchen and bathroom remodel. However, we like to stick to kitchen renovation in particular. Our excellent customer service, paired with expertise in our work sets us apart from others.

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Getting to Know Fairfield County 

Located on the Gold Coast of Connecticut, Fairfield is a land filled with nature’s blessings. In this town, you will find Long Island beaches and green, quaint cities as neighbors.From culture and arts to tourist attractions, everything is offered at Fairfield, CT, making it an excellent place for one to move with their families. As you can see there is more than stunning kitchen renovations!

For instance, in the summer, Jennings Beach is one of the top attractions for people to visit with their families and friends. You will find film screenings and food trucks on the beach, which makes it super fun.

Situated in front of residential areas, Jennings Beach is wide and long, blessed with fresh air and beautiful waves. While the beach faces the east of the town, on the north, you will find a fishing pier over Ash Creek. This is what makes the beach a great attraction – you can go fishing and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. 

Many events are often organized in Fairfield, such as the Sand Jam Family Dance. Family-friendly films are also screened on film evenings. For instance, in summer 2019, blockbusters such as The Incredibles 2, How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 were screened for visitors’ enjoyment.

Living in Fairfield is indeed a great decision, especially if you are thinking of moving here with your family. This homely, modern town welcomes you and offers you some magnificent attractions and services to make your stay here in Connecticut as homely and comforting as possible.

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