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Kitchen Infinity is your local and trusted kitchen remodeling contractor servicing Glastonbury. We specialize in cabinet and countertop installations, kitchen design, backsplash selection, clever pantry storage solutions, full kitchen makeovers and more! Whatever your kitchen needs, our Kitchen Infinity team would love to help bring your dream kitchen to life! Find out why our customers recommend us to their family and friends. Schedule a free estimate today! No hook. No Fee. No Commitment

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Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Infinity loves remodeling Glastonbury kitchens using custom cabinetry. With vast experience and a top-notch work ethic, we give your home the attention it deserves. We are premier kitchen remodeling contractors in Connecticut.

With custom cabinets, your Glastonbury kitchen will stand out above the rest not only in your 06025 zip code but in your competing zip codes as well! It’s okay to show off a little. Our cabinetry usually serves as the centerpiece of any high-quality kitchen remodel. We use the best materials and hire the most experienced craftsmen. When we finish your custom made cabinet work, you will have a showroom-quality space.

You can choose from many types of wood and several styles of door panels to create the look you want. Our design team will help you decide which options work best for your decor and space.


Your home improvement project won’t be complete without new kitchen countertops from Kitchen Infinity. We’ll turn your kitchen into a welcoming and gorgeous space. As Glastonbury’s standout kitchen remodelers, Kitchen Infinity has the expertise required for your countertop installation.

Offering both granite and quartz allows us to create stunning new workspaces for all of your chopping and kitchen prep needs. Your new kitchen countertops will bring you joy and serve you faithfully for years and years. And your home value gets a boost, too, once your new kitchen design is in place!

Cabinet Refacing

Do you feel like your Glastonbury, CT kitchen cabinets have seen better days? If so, it might be time to talk to a Kitchen Infinity remodeling contractor about refacing your cabinets. This simple option gives homeowners the beautiful results they deserve at a price they can afford.

From estimates to color selections, our company can get it done for you. We use high-quality laminate to resurface your kitchen cabinets, allowing you to reuse them rather than replace them.

Next, we install new drawer fronts and cabinet doors. And we finish with beautiful new hardware. We only use the best materials so that your Glastonbury kitchen shines with elegance and excellent artistry.

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Did you know that Gideon Welles, an aide, confidant and later a friend of Abraham Lincoln was a resident of Glastonbury, Hartford County? He was also the Secretary of the Navy under Abraham Lincoln and soon gained fame as the Father of the Modern Navy. The history of Glastonbury is filled with legends like him.

The first ever anti-slavery petition brought before the Congress was also brought from here. Forty women, including Hannah Hickok Smith and her five daughters, signed a petition denouncing slavery. On February 5, 1840, it was presented to Congress by the former president, John Quincy Adams. The history of Glastonbury is one of the most amazing parts of this small town, if you want to learn more about the bewildering history of Glastonbury you must visit the Museum on the Hubbard Green MT.

Town of Glastonbury
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Apart from an interesting history lesson the town has much more to offer. Like its surrounding towns where Kitchen Infinity also provides kitchen remodeling services in Granby and Bloomfield, the town is blessed with rich farmlands where you can hand pick fruits and veggies. There are also parks right in front of the river for your perfect Sunday getaway. The town has excellent housing communities and offers special discounts to low income families. The local authorities and some private investors have developed state of the art low income apartments which cater to all your needs. Other than that, the high-end housing and apartments are just a work of excellence where you can customize the apartment however you see sit and how best to give your house a new look than to remodel your kitchen. Our kitchen remodelling team in Glastonbury design and remodel state of the art kitchens which are perfect for your house.

And when you’re done with your house you can step out into this awe-inspiring town and enjoy the most wonderful recreation activities. Here’s what you can do in Glastonbury to light up your gloomy weekend.

RiverFront Park  – This is a tourist and resident favorite spot all year round. The river and admirable scenery are not the only good things about the park. A local tour company also offers river recreation including boat tours, kayaking, and more. If your children are small then their playgrounds are literally the best in CT. Don’t forget to visit this park. And when it comes to kids and creating the most important room in your home, the special team of kitchen remodelers in Connecticut will help make you feel wonderful about your kitchen and will help bring the family together.

Rose Berry Farm  – Competing with Farmington in crops, Glastonbury has a variety of crops growing. As their name suggests the juiciest berry are grown in this farm and if you get the chance to go during the season you can hand pick some of the best for yourself. The farm also runs a stand at 1200 Hebron Avenue, stocked with seasonal produce like berries, peaches, herbs, flowers, cucumber, lettuce, peppers, spinach, apples, pears, and lots more. So, don’t be sad if you can’t go to the farm!

Minnechaug Golf Course – At the foot of east Glastonbury’s Minnechaug Mountain, lies this nine-hole par 35 municipal course. Fun fact; there’s a menu for the course restaurant, Giovanni’s Pizzeria so you can call ahead and your order will be ready when you are. Once you’re done golfing be prepared for some great pizza! This place is known for its delicious pizza so don’t miss out on this one.

Welles Turner Memorial Library  – This library is like a church for the local community. All year-round people keep gathering here but mostly during summer vacations when the children have book clubs, games, story times, movie screenings and a great deal more. Families really come together and enjoy. If you’re a tourist, you should visit the library not just because of the distinguished architecture of the building. The library is also a handy resource, providing free maps, newspapers, free Wi-Fi, computer banks and restrooms.

Explore your town more and have the greatest weekends!

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