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July 20th, 2022

Kitchen Infinity is excited to announce that we have acquired the domain, Design Event ( By combining the experience of Design Event with the innovative and out of the box design philosophy of Kitchen Infinity, we not only aim to expand our reach to Europe but we aim to bring some of the most informative and comprehensive home and garden décor related articles. 

Design Event is a platform that was established in 2005 to showcase and support designers across the Northern area. The organization uses multiple platforms for showcasing good designs such as Northern Design Festival, London Design Festival and a number of talks featuring the best designers in the area. The website was formerly owned by Design Event to show some of the best and carefully curated selection of works from various designers in design festivals and other such events. As we combine the websites of these two legendary websites, Kitchen Infinity and Design Event will continue driving growth together as one. For more questions about the acquisitions please contact head of business development, Michael Meyer:


We are also proud to announce that Design Event had previously won the prestigious Homes and Gardens design award for best ‘Backer of British Design’ in 2015. The award is also of immense value to Kitchen Infinity as it amplifies our faith in Design Event and its super talented team.  

Design Event 2015 Home & Garden Award Winner for Best Designer 

Home and Gardens Designer Awards Winner 2015

Kitchen Infinity is a fast growing online platform focusing on house and garden design tips and inspiration. Our team of talented writers have hands-on experience in the design, construction and interior design fields and are able to write easy to understand articles that can help you in making decisions regarding the design and decoration of your own house and garden. Kitchen Infinity also focuses on a number of different buying guides related to home appliances, utensils and tools. Our buying guides are thoroughly researched and present a complete picture of different products for our viewers.

We look forward to sharing our most popular articles and topics with Design Events readers and views, including: 

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Dino Paccino

Dino Paccino

Dino is a lifelong writer and home improvement specialist. He enjoys bringing cutting-edge information on home renovation and remodeling to Kitchen Infinity.

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