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When you’re looking for a dishwasher, there are many brands to choose from. You want a dishwasher that will last and clean your dishes well. You will need dishwasher pods but in case you have run out of them, you can try these best dishwasher detergent substitutes.

It's a fact that there are lots of factors to consider when you buy a new dishwasher since it is one of the most important home appliances today.

Fortunately, we have looked at hundreds of models over the years so you can find one that’s right for your needs and budget without breaking the bank or causing problems down the road.

In this article, with the help of Consumer Reports, we'll help you make smart decisions about buying appliances in an increasingly complex marketplace. Be sure to also check out our list for the best kitchen appliance brands , Bosch Vs Frigidaire dishwasher, are Frigidaire refrigerators good and who makes Frigidaire for you.

Let's get right into it.

Consumer Reports and what they mean

A consumer report is a type of report that provides expert advice on the products and services that are available for purchase. The experts are professionals who provide reviews of the products. When it comes to dishwashers, consumer report reviews can give you a good idea of what to look for when buying.

Consumer reports also help you avoid products that aren't worth the money. One such report covers dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, room air conditioners, and more.

They are an independent organization which means they don't receive any outside funding or advertising dollars. You can trust their information about products because they aren’t biased toward any one manufacturer or product line.

Dishwasher brands you should avoid

Let's look at some of these dishwasher brands to avoid.

JennAir Dishwasher

The first of these dishwasher brands is JennAir.

This is a brand you are better off avoiding as they lack many features of mid-range and higher-end models while also costing more than other brands with the same build quality.

They rarely offer any kind of guidance system when it comes to finding out the best model for your situation and often just expect people to spend more money on their products without any reason.

Points to remember about the JennAir Brand:

  • If reliability is a priority, then this is a dishwasher brand to avoid
  • A Yale Appliance study revealed that 38.3% of JennAirs required servicing within 12 months
  • Be careful who you buy your goods from and what their quality assurance is

Miele Dishwasher

The second dishwasher brands to avoid are Miele.

They are in general a high-quality company but when it comes to dishwashers, they seem to be having a bad time. 20% of all buyers had problems with their dishwashers. This is terrible for a company that’s known for quality and reliability.

Support is also not their strong point and many buyers have complained about calling after-sales service only to reach busy lines for a long period of time.

There are also reports that the controls inside Miele dishwashers can fail, which is perhaps an even bigger risk when you consider how these models cost so much more than comparable units.

Points to remember about the Miele Brand:

  • Miele is a high-quality brand by most standards but this seems to not be the case with dishwashers
  • 20% of owners had issues with their dishwashers
  • Their dishwashers have a good lifespan but might need frequent repairs
miele dishwasher
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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

Another in the dishwasher brands to avoid category are Fisher & Paykel.

The numbers don't look good with this company.

More than a quarter of people who buy new washers need them repaired within the first year.

They are also more expensive than other brands with comparable features, making this a brand to avoid.

Points to remember about the Fisher & Paykel Brand:

  • Fisher & Paykel models are typically overpriced compared to other brands with the same features and build quality
  • 27% of Fisher & Paykel owners needed repairs within the first year
  • Since this is a premium brand, repairs will cost more than those by other companies which means more money out of your pocket
  • Buying a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher could mean spending more of your time fixing problems than actually using it.

Frigidaire Dishwasher

Frigidaire is another dishwasher brand to avoid. Customer service is the problem here as many owners report having to call the company for help only to be put on hold for a long period without getting through.

If you ask us, that's not good after-sales service at all and one of the reasons that Frigidaire is a brand that you might want to avoid if it can be helped.

Also, customer support didn't seem to have good knowledge about their dishwashers and would often give out wrong information that was not true. When we say “Wrong”, we mean it.

Points to remember about the Frigidaire Brand:

  • A company that won’t stand behind their product and make you feel like an inconvenience
  • Won’t address your needs or requests
  • Poor customer support with the people that are supposed to know about the product, not being knowledgable.

Samsung Dishwasher

Even though Samsung creates a ton of great equipment, when it comes to dishwashers, people don’t always get what they pay for. Many models have an incredibly short lifespan, with some lasting less than a year.

Samsung has also had many complaints about its after-sales service and warranties. Through past experiences, expected promises do not always translate to them handling the situation correctly.

With reliability issues and poor customer support that are not necessarily going to get any better, it may be one of the dishwasher brands to avoid.

Points to remember about the Samsung Brand:

  • A Samsung dishwasher doesn't typically last as much as other brands out there
  • There have been several issues with their customer service and warranties over the years.
  • When it comes to consumer reports, they were one of just three brands that got a POOR rating.

What should you look for when buying a dishwasher?

When choosing a dishwasher, there are a number of factors to consider in order to ensure that you are getting a high-quality and reliable appliance. The first and most important factor is the size of the dishwasher. You will want to make sure that the dishwasher you choose will fit in your kitchen and can accommodate the amount of dishes you typically need to wash. Additionally, you will want to consider the features that are important to you, such as a food disposer, adjustable racks, and a delay start option.

Size of Dishwasher 

  • Consider the dimensions of the dishwasher and ensure it will fit in your kitchen
  • Consider the capacity of the dishwasher and make sure it can accommodate the amount of dishes you typically need to wash

Dishwasher Features

  • Consider the features that are important to you, such as a food disposer, adjustable racks, and a delay start option.
  • Consider if you need additional features like a built-in water softener, or a third rack.

Energy Efficiency

  • Consider the Energy Star rating of the dishwasher, which indicates that the appliance meets certain energy efficiency standards
  • This can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint

Reviews and Ratings of Dishwasher Brand

  • Research and read reviews and ratings of different dishwasher models before making a purchase
  • Consumer reports, magazines and online review sites can provide valuable information about the performance and reliability of different dishwashers.
  • This will help you make an informed decision and avoid any potential issues with a poor-performing brand or model.

Firstly, you need to consider the price range and features you want from your unit. If you spend a lot of time doing the dishes, then you can’t go wrong with dishwashers for sale that have an Energy Star rating. This rating means that they are much more efficient than typical units on the market today.

What's more, it will use less water during each wash cycle, which is great if you're on a limited supply or live in an area where water isn't plentiful. However, not all units with this rating are created equal so check carefully before buying one if low consumption is really important to you.

Additionally, there are some things to avoid when you're looking for a new dishwasher machine.


For example, don't get too caught up in the sales pitch about how great the stainless steel tub looks as this is only an aesthetic feature and it won't affect how well your dishes will be cleaned (more on this later). Also, stay away from models which claim to ‘self-clean or ‘steam clean'.

While these features may save energy and time they also usually mean that the quality of cleaning isn't as good as it could be so most people end up having to re-wash their dishes after using them anyway.

Finally, look out for brands that you should avoid. As we mentioned above, some brands lose their reputation over the years, and after-sales service can seem like they are doing you a favor if you need anything.

Before buying, research any brand that you're unsure about and make sure to avoid products from those brands with less than stellar reviews.

How much should I spend on a new dishwasher?

When it comes to price, consider what is most important to you when looking at prices as these features tend to increase in price as well:

Is energy efficiency worth paying extra for, or do you want something that has a china protection feature?

While Energy Star was mentioned above, this label doesn't necessarily mean that your dishwasher will be perfect – just more efficient. However, keep in mind the other factors we mentioned, too – like how long your dishwasher might last and its overall quality.

When it comes to price, you can find models on the market that are far less expensive than they were even a few years ago so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars for a new unit – these models can also be reliable dishwashers, despite the price.

One thing to look out for though is whether or not there will be any manufacturing defects such as cosmetic issues, damage during shipping, etc so make sure to read the warranty carefully before making your final decision.

What are some good dishwasher brands?

There are lots of reliable dishwasher brands out there but we've found that some stand out from the crowd because they have an excellent track record when it comes to safety and durability.

Let's now have a look at some good brands to consider when you're looking for a new dishwasher.

Bosch Dishwashers

When it comes to Bosch, you can rest assured that the German manufacturer delivers quality. They are one of the few manufacturers who build several different models to choose from, which suits most budgets and lifestyles.

Bosch dishwashers come with multiple wash cycles including light, heavy, china protection/sanitation (depending on the model) so you can get dishes clean without worrying about them being damaged or breaking during wash cycles.

Other features to consider when buying a Bosch dishwasher include an adjustable upper rack, adjustable feet, and the option to add a third-party soap dispenser if you want.

Maytag Dishwashers

Maytag dishwashers are another great brand to consider. Known for their reliability and long lifespans, these dishwashers are a good value for money as you know that you'll be using the same machine for years to come without spending any more on service or repairs.

Maytag dishwashers use very little water so they're an environmentally friendly option. The company also uses recycled materials in their packaging so it's easy to support their efforts to maintain their green image by choosing such a unit when shopping around.

They have several different models available including countertop machines and portable ones which are perfect if your kitchen is small or out of the way and you don't want something permanent taking up space.

Another factor in favor of this brand is that they are a very reliable brand and their after-sales service is excellent. There are plenty of online resources including the company's website, forums, reviews on Amazon, etc as well as in-person help so you'll never be stuck for answers if you run into any issues.

Whirlpool dishwashers

Whirlpool also has a large lineup of dishwasher options and surprisingly, they offer quality machines at an affordable price tag.

Whirlpool dishwashers are built to last and their customer service is also among the best in the industry so you'll be able to get help if you ever need it.

As with any major appliance, Whirlpool has made some recalls over the years but it's good to know that Whirlpool responds quickly which makes them even more reliable.

Kenmore Dishwashers

Kenmore dishwashers are yet another brand worth considering as they're part of one of the largest manufacturers in North America. The company has several different models from low-end to high-end and most of them come with a quiet operation so you won't have to worry about noise pollution or disturbing the peace when you're home.

Moreover, Kenmore dishwashers are easy to install and they use very little water so the environmental impact is low as well.

In addition, Kenmore dishwasher reviews we've seen online are almost all positive so you can rest assured that most customers are happy with their purchase. You'll have access to a lot of information about these machines even before you decide to buy one.

GE Dishwashers

There are many GE appliances to consider and their dishwashers are one of them.

GE dishwashers are some of the most popular machines on the market and for good reason. They have a large lineup including portable units which are great if space is an issue as they don't take up much room at all.

They also provide long-lasting appliances that won't cost you too much money either which is always a plus.

The good thing about GE Dishwashers is that they are easily repairable. Another factor that makes this a popular dishwasher brand is their after-sales service. which has been ranked as the best dishwasher company in the industry by J.D Power for years. It's easy to be a happy client with GE dishwashers around.

Other things to consider when choosing a reliable dishwasher

There are various types of dishwashers that you should know about before making a decision. Let's cover some of them here.

Portable dishwashers

A portable dishwasher is smaller than a traditional dishwasher. It weighs less than 100 lbs so you can move it when needed without any problem.

You need a power outlet nearby and because of its size, you can store it easily. The downside is that most portable dishwashers only have 4 to 6 place settings.

Countertop dishwashers

A Countertop dishwasher is perfect if you don't have a lot of space. You can also purchase them to complement your other appliances as they look just like regular countertop appliances.

Sometimes, a countertop dishwasher is also portable because it has wheels and casters to make it easier for you to move it around. This might be a good reason for you to consider going for a countertop dishwasher when buying a new dishwasher.

Budget dishwashers

A budget dishwasher is just that – budget-friendly. They're not very expensive and they won't break the bank even when you purchase one.

However, with that said, budget dishwashers will not have all the features of more expensive models but if you do not need a lot of bells and whistles, the benefits of these machines will outweigh any disadvantages.

Customer service

Customer service is also crucial when it comes to dishwashers so if you're buying from a company that has dubious reviews rather than proven methods such as email, live chat, or other forms of online contact, you might want to reconsider.

After all, what's the point in having a dishwasher if it doesn't work or if it breaks down?

Third rack in your dishwasher

Some dishwashers also have a third rack. It's not something that you'll find on all models but if you want to wash your flatware, glassware, and plastic items easily and quickly, have such a rack is an option that you should consider.

Energy efficiency

Also, think about the energy efficiency of the dishwashers you want to purchase. For example, there are models with strong eco-credentials and others that use too much energy for no good reason. Make the right decision before you invest in a new dishwasher.

Wash cycle

The wash cycle is also important to consider. Your dishwasher might have more wash cycles than you need but if it doesn't, this is something that can cause problems down the road.

Stainless steel finish

Some dishwashers also have a stainless steel finish. If you want to match it with other stainless steel items in your kitchen, pay close attention to this detail.

Utensil holders

In addition, utensil holders are a crucial part of your new dishwasher. You want to have a place where you can put all of your utensils so you don't have to pile these dirty utensils up on the counter.


Noise level

The noise level is something that you'll also have to take into consideration. Some dishwashers are extremely quiet while others can sounds as if a blender was working. You don't want to wake your neighbors up when using the dishwasher.

Control panel on your dishwasher

A control panel is also important to consider. Because it's located on the top, you have access to the controls so you can pause the cycle or alter some of the wash cycles.

Sometimes, control panels also have indicators that show which stage of the cycle you're in and what's happening right now so it's easy to monitor.

Speaking of machines to avoid buying, here is a list of washing machine brands you should avoid.

FAQs about Dishwashers to Avoid

What are some dishwasher brands that have a history of poor performance and customer dissatisfaction?

Some dishwasher brands that have a history of poor performance and customer dissatisfaction include Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

Why should I avoid certain dishwasher brands?

Certain dishwasher brands should be avoided because they have a history of poor performance and customer dissatisfaction, such as frequent breakdowns, leaks, and poor cleaning performance.

Are there any specific models of dishwashers that I should avoid?

Specific models of dishwashers that have a history of poor performance and customer dissatisfaction include Frigidaire Gallery FGID2466QF, Whirlpool WDF540PADM, and Kenmore Elite 14743.

How can I find out which dishwasher brands and models have a history of poor performance and customer dissatisfaction?

You can find information on the performance and customer satisfaction of different dishwasher brands and models by reading consumer reports, magazine reviews, and online reviews.

Is it worth it to spend more money on a high-end dishwasher to avoid potential issues with poor-performing brands and models?

It depends on your individual needs and budget. While high-end dishwashers may have more features and better performance, they may not be necessary for everyone. It's important to research and consider all options before making a purchase.

Are there any other factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher besides the brand and model?

Yes, other factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher include the size, features, energy efficiency and reviews/ratings of different models.

Is it possible to repair a dishwasher from a brand or model that is known to have poor performance and customer dissatisfaction?

It is possible to repair a dishwasher, but it may be more cost-effective in the long run to purchase a new, higher-quality dishwasher from a reputable brand. It's important to weigh the costs and benefits of repairing a dishwasher versus purchasing a new one.

Can I trust the Energy Star rating when choosing a dishwasher to avoids?

The Energy Star rating is a reliable indicator of a dishwasher's energy efficiency, but it's also important to check the reviews and ratings from other sources to make sure that the appliance also have other good performance.

Final thoughts on Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

In conclusion, choosing the right dishwasher brand from the many dishwasher models is an important task.

Ensuring that you have the right knowledge to know what to look for before deciding on a particular model is equally important.

Some of the dishwasher brands that we covered in this article are not worth your money but many others have all the features you'll need to run a happy household.

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