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Colors are basically everything for a kitchen because the wrong kind of color will definitely catch your eye and lead to regret. Kitchens need to feel warm, inviting, and preferably… chic!

Still, everyone likes different aesthetics.

Every color serves a different purpose. Some are comfortable, welcoming colors and others are more appetite inducing, vibrant colors. So with all of this choice, how do you know the right kind of color for your kitchen? Be sure to check out our article on the best kitchen paint colors with white cabinets and also navy cabinets with black hardware.

Here is a color palette presented by Kitchen Infinity to help you decide the right kind of color for your kitchen:

Warm Undertones

Colors like red, yellow, green, gray, ivory, blue are all warm colors. They are also the most popular colors because kitchens tend to be naturally the busiest area of a home, so the center point of the home has to be welcoming, inviting and appetizing. There are also dark gray dining room walls

We’re trying to calm everyone down, not ramp them up with crazy colors!

  • If you’re looking for a light and airy look, white, ivory and yellow are the right color choices for you. White goes with almost any kind of theme, whether it is minimalist, traditional, cottage core or any other… white always has your back! It is amazing for both walls and accents. Yellow is the color for vintage lovers – a light and vibrant yellow undertone for the walls with wood or white cabinetry is the dream kitchen for anyone wanting to go truly retro.
  • Green is the color of nature and calmness. If you are looking for a soothing and calming vibe, go for a green or green-tinged look. On the other hand, if you want the calm of the ocean, combine this with a blue undertone. Both these colors are inviting and soothing. The most popular shades used for kitchens are mints, apple greens, and crisp blues. They aren't too dark/moody, and they can add a very subtle pop of color, especially if the overall theme is white. 
warm color paint in kitchen
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Bold colors

Nothing speaks bold like the color red. Red is known to be a very appetizing (and sexy!) color, so it’s definitely a good choice for a kitchen.

However, red has many different shades and you have to use it sparingly so your kitchen doesn’t end up looking like La Tomatina.

  • Coral red is an amazing choice for contemporary, farm style or cottage core kitchens. Red also has a little bit of a hipster vibe to it. So if you’re in love with trippy styles, you’re definitely going to love red with a hint of pink. Now you can't obviously paint your entire kitchen red – it would be too overpowering. Nonetheless, you can either paint one wall red or use red tiles for your backsplash. Even raspberry red is popular for custom cabinets with neutral countertops and white accents. 
  • Another bold and inviting color is purple. It's a really trendy color and it’s often used in contemporary kitchens, though it can also work for minimalist designs too. Purple is known to be a really spiritual color – it has an enchanting vibe that can be really relaxing when used correctly.

One thing about bold accents is the use of proper lighting. Nobody wants to look at a dull and boring kitchen! So make sure if you go for a bold look, you have lights in all the functional and decorative spaces.

bold color paint in kitchen
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo

Neutral Undertones 

Darker colors like charcoal black and smokey gray are the perfect neutral tones for absolutely any kind of kitchen. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, minimalist, traditional or even a cottage style kitchen, these colors are great neutrals that give you the freedom to pop some colors here and there in the backsplash, cabinets or countertops

Neutral colors are brilliant counterparts to vibrant accent colors.

Though they might seem dull, gray and charcoal black can work wonders if they are paired with white or light accents in the cabinets and countertops. You can even use bold colors in your backsplashes like blue or teal or even a sea green in order to get a really calming and relaxing look. 

In fact, grey can go with a huge spectrum of colors, whether it's red, blue, green, yellow or anything you want to incorporate in your cabinets, countertops or backsplashes. Grey is one of the most popular accents used for kitchens (after white, of course) and it makes complete sense why! 

I mean, who doesn’t love a relaxing grey moment?

Your color story is one of the first things that anyone is going to notice when they look at your kitchen. It has to be a very thoughtful choice and you need to think what kind of vibe you are looking for in the space.

Think about the colors you like, the feeling you’re trying to evoke, and how your colors make sense in the space at the large. 

Whatever color you end up painting your kitchen, we wish you good luck!

neutral color paint in kitchen
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo
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