Every Important Thing You Should Know About a 2 Person Hot Tub – Are They worth Buying?

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You've just moved into your new house with your partner and things are really looking good for the two of you.

Everything is in perfect shape, and you can't wait to start enjoying the cozy life the house promises to offer. You settle in, and the first thing both of you think of is having a warm bath together and enjoying relaxing sensations like you do in a table shower massage, before retiring to bed for a busy day tomorrow. To your dismay, the bathtub in the house is a perfect fit for one, and the water isn't even flowing in warm! If you want to know about table shower massage near me, we got that covered as well!

You start thinking about options to improve your bathing experience, and boom, the idea for a 2 person hot tub strikes. What do you do next? How do you buy and install a reliable two-person hot tub, and where do you install it in the first place?

If you've found yourself in such a predicament before and have come looking for answers, you came to the right place. You can also check out our guide to the most comfortable bathtubs and best spa cover for your bathroom! Here's every important thing you should know about a two-person tub.

What are Two-Person Hot Tubs?

Just as the name suggests, a two-person hot tub is built for two people with two seats and is a perfect choice for young and elderly couples.

They are a great bath option for achieving intimacy, wellness, and fully unwinding from a tiresome day with a spa-like experience. They exist in various models, types, and designs to fit your specific needs, including offering health solutions. Most 2-person hot tubs offer soothing solutions to muscles after an exhausting exercise. You and your partner can enjoy a revitalizing bath session in your two-person hot tub after your evening jogging session or in-house gym events.

Regardless of how you choose to use your hot tub, it is crucial that you understand what works best for you and your room or space. It would help if you started by understanding the types of 2-person hot tubs that exist. Here are the key types you can consider.

Key Types of Two-Person Hot Tubs

There is a wide variety of two-person hot tubs in the market today. But only the ones that meet your needs will qualify as ideal options.

Here are the different types of two-person hot tubs that you can shop for vary based on your needs:

1.  Inflatable (Play) Hot Tub or an Outdoor Hot Tub

Despite being new to the market, these hot tubs are a sensation. They are a great option if you need a convenient 2 person hot tub that you relax in and play a little.

They are air-filled, which means you can deflate them and move around with them to your outdoor locations. Mostly, they are made of PVC materials or polyester and are fairly cheaply available in local stores, making them a preferred choice for many users. They also boast a variety of shapes and various excellent features to choose from.

You can rest assured that you will enjoy the outdoor hot hub with one of these specialized to achieve high water temperature outputs. An inflatable hot tub connects to a 110v outlet making it easy to fit into your home's existing electrical work. You don't have to organize any special electrical work to fit the specific needs of the tub.

However, this hot tub option is much less durable as they can easily get punctured and are a little less comfortable. They do not offer as much space as a four-person hot tub and they don't come with molded seats.

2.  Wooden 2-Person Hot Tub

2 person hottub
Credits: https://pixabay.com/photos/whirlpool-hot-tub-garden-summer-1580294/

These were arguably the first hot tubs sold in the hot tub market and were released about 60 years ago.

When choosing a wooden two-person hot tub, you should pay special attention to the tub's heating source. A reliable heating source heats the water much faster for an effective hot bathtub experience. You can consider electric, wood fire, gas, or multiple heating options for a wooden hot tub that combines all or two of these options. Depending on the heating option your wooden hot tub uses, you can either install it inside your house or outside in your backyard.

These hot tubs are, however, bulky and are mostly fit for outdoor installation. They are also more costly than inflatable hot tubs which are a plug-and-play model. These two-person hot tubs require maintenance regularly, especially when using firewood as the heat source.

3.   Molded 2 Person Hot Tub

If you've ever desired to own a two-person hot tub that can help you meet your hydrotherapy needs, then this is the top pick you should consider. They are excitingly much more affordable and durable than inflatable hot tubs, but a little heavier and sturdier.

A molded hot tub weighs below 300 pounds, making it easier to carry to your desired location for outdoor use. With its contoured seats, you can relax in one for long hours while enjoying the fresh air.

Despite offering a comfortable hot tub experience, their plastic appearance tends to be less attractive to many users. However, if you need to enjoy the sturdy performance of a molded hot tub, you have to go with the plastic appearance. There are also models equipped with a two-speed pump if you are looking for more powerful jets.

4.  Portable Two-Person Hot Tub

Nearly every other hot tub in the market today is portable. However, the portable hot tubs that first saw the light of day were a new hot tubing option after the wooden hot tubs. They offer the most choices for color, seating configurations, and features found in all the existing hot tubs on the market. Most people imagine what an ideal hot tub looks like are captured in these portable two-person hot tubs.

They are sufficiently durable and are considered a more permanent option than most types of hot tubs. If you are worried about energy efficiency, portable hot tubs are the best to consider. They offer energy-efficient hot tub solutions that allow you to enjoy better performances in the long run.

The only drawback is that they are huge and are not easy to move around even though they are portable. You'll also need a special pad put in place to support their weight anytime you're installing one in a new location.

Essential Features to Look for in a Modern 2-Person Hot Tub

The main purpose of buying a hot tub is to add fun and comfort to your life. That's why you should consider a two-person hot tub that meets most of your comfort needs. All that depends on how much you concentrate on the hot tub's features when buying.

Here are some of the essential features you should consider when choosing your 2-person spa.

a)  Massage Jets

Credits: https://visualhunt.com/f5/photo/4828082993/809898e0c6/

Getting into the hot tub with your partner is the best feeling for a couple in love. However, massage jets can make the experience even better and more rewarding.

Massage jets will immediately allow you to start to relax after you enter the hot tub until the moment you step out of it. They work on the sore muscles in your feet and other parts of your body for a relieving feeling by the time you step out.

What’s more, you can adjust the position and angles of the jets to a suitable position for a maximum body massage experience.

You can pick a hot tub with massaging foot jets, neck jets, and other jets for additional therapeutic benefits of body massage.

b)  Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub with a cover is not only safe from debris and leaves falling from the trees in your backyard. It is also protected from uncontrolled heat loss and can maintain warm water temperature for a longer time than an uncovered tub.

The cover helps your hot tub to be energy efficient and minimize operating costs in the long run. You won’t need to be re-heating water every time you want to use the tub, as most heat is retained under the cover.

Most hot tubs come with covers. However, if you get a hot tub with befitting features without a cover, you can always buy it and purchase the cover separately.

However, if it’s not compelling to buy a particular hot tub, it is best if you choose one that has a cover from the start. This way, you save both time and money, and you’re also sure to get a cover that perfectly fits the hot tub.

c)  Water Treatment / Self-Cleaning System

You and your partner spend a lot of your time relaxing in your hot tub after a long tiring day at work.

The problem comes when hard water sediments and dead cells from your body accumulate in the water, making it dirty.

It would help if you had a perfectly working inbuilt water treatment system to help in self-cleaning the water.

A perfectly designed self-cleaning system works greatly through several smartly installed powerful filtration jets.

These jets will push away all the floating debris and sediments to the energy-efficient skimmer that helps remove them from the water.

The cleaning system also works effectively on your hot tub’s floor. With the help of an automatic floor vacuum, it will clean across the hot tub floor, getting rid of all the dirt and debris in the process.

A self-cleaning system helps to keep your water crystal clear and ready for use anytime you need to relax in the tub.

d)  Entertainment Features

While these mostly qualify as hot tub’s added features, they ensure you are comfortable and that you can relax to the fullest when in the hot tub.

Some of the most common entertainment features include audio entertainment systems and HD video monitors.

You can enjoy music from Bluetooth audio systems built into the hot tub that allows you to connect to your phone’s music list or FM radio.

The HD video monitors allow you to stream your favorite videos when enjoying your bubbly spa moment with your loved one.

The HD video monitors and the Bluetooth audio systems are water-resistant to enable you to enjoy your video streams and FM radio music without worry.

e)  Hot Tub Lighting

Credits: https://visualhunt.com/f5/photo/195435778/586d53e0e1/

It always feels romantic to use your spa in the dark, especially when you need minimal disturbance. However, with the introduction of LED light fixtures, the hot tub becomes a more romantic and comfortable space to be in.

While it can be satisfying to use the light from your home’s roof or security fixtures, buying a spa with internal lights creates a unique spa atmosphere.

It is more important to light up the tub if you’re considering using it far from home where there’s insufficient light to spice up your spa moments.

Some tubs make it more attractive by adding a control system that allows you to change the LED light color or brightness to your desired preference.

f)  Cooling Abilities

Some people are surprised to learn that spas have cooling abilities because of the notion that they’re supposed to heat water and nothing more.

The truth is, you will always need your hot tub’s water temperature to vary with changing seasons. For the hot summer seasons, you will much enjoy a spa with low-temperature water and warmer water for the chilly winter season.

Not all tubs offer this feature, so you have to check if the spa you want to buy has temperature control features before settling for one.

g)  Molded Seat

The more comfortable you want to get in your spa, the more detailed you get when listing down favorable features.

A Molded seat is an additional comfort feature that gives you a remarkable experience inside your hot tub.

Since you spend long hours inside the spa, it is only fair if you can break from standing and take some rest sitting inside the bubbling water.

h)  Insulated Spa

Most manufacturers will insulate the spa's interior with a thick layer of expanding foam to help minimize heat loss and maintain water temperature.

An insulated spa will either have its entire cabinet or the shell’s underside and the interior floor filled with foam to minimize heat loss.

Using an insulated hot tub is particularly important when you live in a cold climate. You should always check if the spa’s interior is insulated before you pay for it.

Health Benefits of using a Two-Person Hot Tub

Credits: https://visualhunt.com/f5/photo/27621762542/e3c4275b9f/

While many people buy a hot water tub/spa for recreational purposes, you gain more benefits when you continuously use the spa.

The incredible health benefits explain why some doctors recommend using one for their patients suffering from various conditions. Some of these health benefits are even better achieved when you enter the tub with your loved one.

Here are some of the outstanding health benefits you enjoy from using a two-person hot tub.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

The experience you get in a hot tub is more often a therapeutic experience than a recreational one.

The massage, music, and comfort a spa gives you help you to recover from all manners of stress and anxiety that you could be going through.

If you feel tired, worn out, and stressed, entering a two-person spa is the best and easily accessible way of getting relief.

Moreover, you can enter alone and enjoy the extra space when your partner isn’t around for the spa moment.

Promotes Good Sleep


There’s a lot that goes on during a day that can deny you the pleasure of a good night's sleep at night. Lack of sleep will make you feel groggy and nervous and interfere with your overall health in the long run.

Entering a hot bathtub with your loved one at night before you go to sleep can help you relax your mind and body, which ushers you into a powerful night's sleep.

Ideal for Muscle Recovery

Your muscles are highly likely to ache when you start maintaining rigorous exercises such as weight lifting and running.

If you’re using a molded hot tub, it becomes easier to achieve hydrotherapy and eliminate your muscle aches in a painstaking massage process inside the spa.

Hot spa water will help rejuvenate your tired muscles to keep you going with your exercise and continue pursuing your fitness goals easily.

Helps in Achieving Weight Loss Goals


Losing weight is one of the most complicated health challenges to solve. Many successful strategies can be employed to help solve overweight challenges.

But most of these strategies are either overwhelming or involve too much sacrifice that sees partakers forego certain meals and engage in extensive exercise.

A hot tub offers a discomfort-free and easily accessible option for weight loss as it helps relax your muscles and increase respiration.

Through the spa massage, you get the restful sleep that triggers progressive weight loss. It works excellently after you’ve had an exhaustive exercise and you soak yourself in the hot spa water for a long time.

Additionally, you can soak yourself into the spa 20 minutes before eating to help tame your appetite and reduce your urge to consume excessive food.

The process helps you become less hungry and increases your body temperature, making you eat a little food that’s enough for the moment.

Your body will demand more water to keep you hydrated and fuller, which in return helps to keep your body in shape. 

A similar option is burning calories through a Sauna!

Helps with Pain Relief

Credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-unrecognizable-woman-showing-chiropractor-painful-spot-on-back-4506109/

The relaxed feeling that comes with soaking yourself in a spa can help you eliminate various types of pain all over your body.

Soaking in the hot tub will help you and your loved one’s muscles, tendons, and joints to get relieved and drive away from the pain.

A two-person spa can help you and your partner get relief from arthritic pains. The massaging and heat action in the tub eases the inflammation and the tension that causes pain making your arthritis less painful.

While in the water, you won’t have to support your own weight, thus relieving joint pains and improving range of motion and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a 2 person hot tub cost?

It is always a great idea to go for a two-person hot tub if you are looking for a solo relaxing point after work or a duo soak option with your significant other. These hot tub options are available at friendly and affordable prices, making them an ideal choice for many.

A standard spa will cost you anything between $2,500 and $7,000 depending on design, the material used to make the tub, and any additional features.

It is possible that you can buy a luxury 2-person hot tub at a costlier price than what you could pay for a basic 6-person tub. This is because the additional features installed in the luxury 2-person spa making it costlier.

What is the smallest hot tub available?

If you are looking to install a small and compact hot tub for personal use, the smaller the size, the better the tub’s quality.

Getting the smallest tab that perfectly fits in small spaces and gives you the comfort and relaxation you yearn for can be a daunting task.

However, you don’t have to worry about finding the smallest choice anymore. Tiny-2 Person Hot Tub is arguably the smallest hot tub available in the market today, with a size of 2m x 1.1m x 0.83m.

Its small size makes it an ideal choice for indoor use and you can easily put it in your bathroom too if the design layout of your bathroom is spacious enough. You can easily connect it to a standard wall socket for maximum indoor relaxation.

Why are hot tubs bad for you?

The problem with hot tubs comes when you fail to perform regular and effective cleaning.

When left with dirt for long or not cleaned properly, the moist environment becomes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

When this happens, you will start having unending trips to your doctor seeking treatment for various skin ailments.

If you’re pregnant, a hot tub’s temperature of above 1010F can be risky for you, especially in the first trimester. You need to consult with your doctor before using a hot tub.

What size is a two-person hot tub?

A two-person hot tub is ranked as a small-sized tub which should typically measure 5.4 inches long, 5.4 inches wide, and 29 inches tall. These are the measurements of a typical small hot tub. You can expect varying sizes from different models.

Final Thought

Buying and installing a 2-person hot tub is an easy process if you take your time to weigh available options before making a final purchasing decision.

It is always important to consider features that best meet your needs and help solve your health problems.

The more features your hot tub has, the more comfortable your bathing experience becomes.

This information should help you make a more informed choice in your next hot tub purchase.

If you're not a big fan of 2 person hot tubs and would rather have a shower, here's an article to help you with that: Choosing The Right Shower Dimensions

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