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As an adult, you have probably been or heard about a massage parlor or spas once or severally. While it isn't everyone's favorite activity, most people enjoy the importance of a good massage, especially what it does to aching and sore muscles. Several types of massage exist, typically categorized based on their exact origin and the process.

Among the many types is the table shower, also called the Vichy shower, Scotch hose, Swiss shower, or hydrotherapy, which is increasingly becoming popular. The article below outlines all you should know about table shower, including its history, importance, how it's done, and myths associated with it.

What is a Table Shower Massage?

As the name suggests, a table shower simply describes a situation where clients lie down on modified tables. They are then showered with water draining from more than five showerheads attached to a water pipe. A typical table shower involves being showered with huge amounts of water, pouring at an estimated speed of 13 gallons per minute.

With the client's direction, the masseuse may move the water bar and direct the water streams to specific parts of the body. For a better experience, the therapist may opt for handheld showerheads, adjust the water temperature, water pattern of movements, and more options. However, a standard or ideal therapy involves an entire body water massage, which is achieved by adjusting the position of water jets.

Massage experts recommend that clients consider a table shower after undergoing a normal body scrub. In most cases, salons and spas combine this therapy with manual massage to give clients holistic pleasure. In some Asian countries, this table shower involves sexual massage.

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The Interesting History of Table Showers

Your Vichy Shower [Table Shower] Massage Guide
Credits: https://completehomespa.com/vichy-shower-massage/

While the exact history of table showers is unclear, what stands out is that the name “Vichy therapy” is from the Vichy town in France, which has a long history of hydrotherapy. Even though it became popular in Asia, the chances are that this type of kneading has its roots in Europe.

Some history enthusiasts claim that one famous medieval French royalty, Julius Caesar, came across the therapeutic Vichy Springs as he sought to conquer Gaul. It is reported that his horse drank water from these springs and recovered immediately from intense fatigue. This made the ruler believe that water from the springs had healing capabilities and began building spas around the area.

It was until the 19th century that most people heard of this process globally. Several decades later, approximately 1500 years after, thousands of people still spend weeks in the springs enjoying the relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere that comes with bathing from Vichy waters in France. Currently, the region plays host to several spas and resorts offering Vichy showers massages.

Similarly, Vichy town remains one of the popular spa cities with more than five natural springs and several establishments offering a wide array of treatment, ranging from oxygen therapy, cold-water therapy, mud cures, mechanical therapy, and carbonate spring baths.

5 Things to Expect from Table Shower Treatment

There are several reasons why you should get a table shower. Be it to relax or head-to-toe rejuvenation, you can ask for a table shower either before or after a regular massage. If you go for a table shower before the normal kneading, expect a more pleasurable general experience. If used after the normal rub-down, this treatment helps eliminate heavy-scented oil from your skin. Below are some things to expect during the treatment;

What You Should Wear

Like any other type of massage, you can go for a table shower completely naked. However, this is limited in some places by state laws. Besides, like other customers, you have your desired level of privacy, and you can use towels to cover your body. You can also opt for disposable undergarments.

Whether you choose to go naked, wear disposable underwear, or use towels, you should take a regular bath before the process. You should then lie down on the table and wait for instructions from your assigned therapist.

Water Temperature

Temperatures during this therapy depend on the client's preference. Some clients prefer warm baths while others like their water chilly, extremely hot, or alternate hot and cold water jets from the bar. Feel free to voice your preference to your therapist as you feel from your skin. You can also request the therapist to change water temperatures during the course of table treatment.

The Massage Room

What is a Table Shower? The History & Benefits
Credits: https://www.sunrisespecialty.com/table-shower

Most salons and spas do their body massage therapies in a private room. Typically, the size of shower massage room has a massage table at the center and several clean towels that you can use to cover your physique. In most cases, the table shower room has metal rods or a bar just above the bed with between 5 and 7 shower heads that pour water at high pressure, giving customers a rain effect. However, note that this varies from one massage parlor or spas to another, as others use handheld showerheads that reach clients on the table.

Vichy Shower Treatment

The table shower treatment occurs as follows;


The body massage process basically starts with the client lying facing down and a simple, gentle massage at the back. The masseuse will adjust water temperatures according to your requests. Once the entire back skin is moisturized or wet, the therapist uses a loofah or coarse mitts to rub the customer's back gently yet thoroughly.

An ongoing backwashing session
Credits: https://plainhelp.com/what-is-table-shower/

Turning over

Once the therapist is done with your back, he/she will request that you turn over to your front. The same treatment is repeated over the front part of your body, except on the face and hair.


As mentioned, the Asian table shower comes with some “extra services.” While this may not be available in American spas, Asian settings inherently have the “chakra treatment.” During this procedure, showerheads are aligned to the appropriate chakra. According to them, humans have seven chakras, which corresponds to the number of showerheads used. This treatment aims to remove toxins from your organs and clear your body's energy field.

An illustration of charkas
Credits: https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/7-chakras

Additional Services

Most modern spas offer their clients additional luxuries, especially if you are willing to spend more cash in your stress-relief sessions. Some luxurious treatments include seaweed, mud wraps, chocolate, exotic oils, or sea salt kneading. These treatments can complement a regular table shower and are guaranteed to enhance the whole experience. You certainly won't regret the cost.

7 Benefits of Table Shower

The importance of a table shower include;

1) Promotes Full-Body Relaxation

Like other types of massages, anticipate unmatched relaxation after a season of table shower. Relaxation from this therapy is on another level, as it combines hydrotherapy with regular kneading.

You will certainly relax and enjoy as the masseuse gives you a kneading complemented by pressurized water. Water used in this massage therapy also has some cleansing effect on the body and the mind. You'll certainly feel renewed and purified after the therapy.

2) Improves Healing Process

This process is also beneficial in improving health and your general body healing process. Its effectiveness in alleviating muscle and joint injury cannot be compared to other alternative therapies. Water jets under pressure promote the soothing process on sore muscles and increases oxygen supply to the body. More oxygen for the muscles promotes faster healing.

3) Detoxifies and Mind Reliever

Hydrotherapy also has detoxification and stress relief benefits. As mentioned, the procedure is not only good for the body but also the mind. Sprinkles aligned with your charkas coupled with water effect provide complete detoxification, relieve you from negative energy, enabling positive energy to overwhelm your body. The therapy also clears the mind, enabling you to concentrate and be creative.

4) Increased Circulation

Alternating warm and cold showers during the process naturally improves your body's circulation. Combined with great kneading, your body will be in for unlimited benefits. Typically, this procedure begins with a hot splash. Once the session is over, request for a chilly shower. The heated water at the start will expand your blood vessels, the following procedure relaxes the vessels and muscles, and the chilly bath at the end strengthens your blood vessels as they will shrink.

5) Pain Relief

Most patients report pain relief after a hydrotherapy session. This is because the treatment process clears blockages in the lymphatic system, eliminating acne, headaches, stomach pains, appetite loss, depression, menstrual cramps, fatigue, and cellulite.

6) Full Body Treatment

Full body treatment is probably the greatest benefit of this procedure. In spas, the session begins with a heated bath, followed by a full-body scrub, which removes dead skin and cells from the body in preparation for the kneading. Depending on your preference, the procedure can be done solely or combined with mud wrap or any other item.

Always check what the beauty parlors offers and choose a combination that suits your body needs. Nonetheless, the fact that you will get a warm shower makes it possible to enjoy more advantages of the massage than getting a kneading alone. The body muscles relax, and skin pores expand due to heated water. As such, your skin soaks up more oil during the session.

7) No Pause between Treatments

If you have visited massage parlors or spas before, you will agree that you don't always go there for a session. Sometimes you might prefer mud wrap before a relaxing kneading or any other idea. That said, unlike other contemporary massage treatments, you won't have to take breaks between mud wrap and actual sessions.

Since you are lying on a shower table, the masseuse will simply clean the mud before proceeding with the kneading and any other treatment. Through this, you remain relaxed the entire period, eliminating the annoying few minutes when you have to pause to take a bath.

Tips to Know Before Getting a Table Shower Massage

You should know the following before you visit or book a session on their website ;

· Table showers are not a good choice for those who aren't comfortable lying half-naked or completely naked during the procedure. As mentioned, some spas provide disposable undergarments or a towel to be worn before getting on the table. Regardless, your skin will be exposed at some point during the massage. Therefore, it is better to develop some comfort to lie naked on the table with the masseuse around before you visit.

·  Always ask the spa about their policies on table shower sessions before visiting the spa or book for any service on their website. For instance, some don't provide disposable undergarments or allow guests to choose between male and female therapists.

· Always check the spa's reputation, especially if you have some doubts about the idea of sexual offers. Book a session with a reputable parlor or spas instead of a local boutique without an established reputation. As you search, focus on the service that the spas offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Table Showers

Here are a few frequently asked questions about table showers:

Why do people get a table shower before a massage?

It’s very common to get a table shower before a massage for a number of reasons. For one, it can make a massage feel better as the water pressure prepares the skin and promotes circulation. A shower can also help you remove any lotions or oils from your day before allowing the masseuse to take full control over the products that will enhance your massage.

Do people have sex during a table shower massage?

Historically, table showers have sometimes been associated with illegal prostitution, but the table itself offers a long list of other benefits not related to sex. Most people visit a table shower alone before receiving massage services, meaning it’s not typically used for sex. Table massages offer relaxation and stress relief as a solo treatment.

What is an Asian table shower?

An Asian table shower is a spa treatment in which you lay on a table underneath a shower. Its primary goal is to enhance relaxation and tension, but it’s also a good way to cleanse the skin and open the pores. In most spas, Asian table showers are used in combination with other massage treatments, like salt scrubs.


Table shower massage isn't far from what its name suggests. Clients lie down on waterproof tables as sprinklers and therapists work on their bodies. To enjoy the full advantages of this procedure, ensure that you choose a good table shower salon. Everything, from the massage table to the towel used, should be very clean and sanitized. The environment should also be properly set, as it contributes to the effectiveness of the overall experience.

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