Hexclad Vs. Made In Cookware: Which Cookware is Better? 

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The Made In cookware line is undoubtedly our winning category for this article. Although, both Hexclad and Made In cookware offer some of the most durable and aesthetic pots and pans for your everyday use and cooking convenience. What’s more is that both cookware brands will significantly enhance your cooking experience and are 100% worth every penny. For Hexclad review, All clad Vs Misen and Hexclad Vs All-Clad you can visit our site.

With over 20 years of hands-on professional cooking experience and dedicating more than 70 hours of research, I have tried and tested a variety of top cookware brands including Hexclad and Made In. I also have 3 decades of experience cooking with and comparing kitchenware items to bring only the best options in the market to you. 

In this article, we compare Hexclad vs. Made In so you can learn how each brand’s cookware stacks up in terms of design, construction, performance and durability, price, and more. At the end of it, you will have a better grasp over what cookware works best for your needs and budget. If you want to learn more, let’s dive in!


Hexclad is a cookware brand that has been praised for its unique product design as well as cooking efficiency. It stands out in the cookware market for its patented 6-sided hexagon design which is constructed with the help of laser etching technology and gives its products an extraordinary appearance as well as cooking advantages.

In addition, Hexclad provides premium nonstick properties which ensures that you need only use minimum grease when cooking your food. The cookware is also made with 3 superior quality layers of metal which makes it durable in the long run. Its core comprises aluminum laid out between 2 layers of stainless steel for proper heat distribution and retention.

Made In

Made in is also a cookware brand that has been backed by strong endorsements from celebrity chefs and it is also featured in several Michelin star restaurant kitchens across the US. 

This brand specializes in a comprehensive, traditional stainless steel and carbon steel collection. Made In cookware is especially great if you prefer more traditional materials such as cast iron or stainless steel. It also features a nonstick range to add to its versatility and variety.

Made In offers a sturdy 5-ply cladding method on its cooking pieces that ensures even heating and that your food is cooked through properly. It showcases premium quality materials as well as an impressively affordable price point.

Key Features: Hexclad vs. Made In


Key Features


Made In

  • Design & Construction


  • Heat Conduction 



  • Heat Retention


  • Oven-safety



  • Stove Compatibility


  • Aesthetics


  • Affordability



1. Design & Construction

When it comes to Hexclad cookware, it is constructed with a hybrid of 3-ply stainless steel and nonstick coating, bringing you the best of both worlds. Hexclad uses the same design and construction for all its cookware, combining these two elements into a single, sturdy cooking piece that is perfect for all recipes and cuisines. 

To put it simply, Hexclad cookware features a unique and interesting ‘sandwich’ style design that presses a premium aluminum sheet between layers of stainless steel. This enhances heat conductivity and even cooking. 

The interior of all Hexclad cookware features the unique and patented hexagonal pattern that includes bumps and dips around the surface of the stainless steel and nonstick layers to aid in cleaning your Hexclad pots and pans and for that perfect sear on your meats and vegetables.

On the other hand, Made In cookware offers different varieties in terms of design and construction. You can opt for their stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, or nonstick cookware. They also have cast iron options for those interested in searing or grilling food. 

This cookware features a non-reactive interior with a super smooth starburst pattern that is perfect for sautéing or even searing food. This unique pattern eliminates chances of your food sticking to the pan as well. The Made in Stainless Class Frying Pan is an example of such cookware.

Alternatively, you can opt for the nonstick version of the same pan which also features a similar design but its interior layers are coated with PFOA-free material. Made In also negotiates with family-owned companies in the US, France, and Italy to source premium raw materials.

Its 5-ply bonded construction, otherwise referred to as cladding, provides maximum durability, heat control and retention, as well as corrosion resistance. 

Hexclad vs Madein Design and Construction


2. Heat Conduction 

There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on cookware if it lacks good heat conduction. This refers to how fast and well your pots and pans can conduct heat when cooking. 

We tested both Hexclad and Made In cookware thoroughly in our lab to check which cookware provides better heat conduction. For this purpose we chose the Hexclad Hybrid Deep Saute Pan and the Made In Stainless Clad Rondeau. By pouring in 3 whole cups of water and setting the burner on high, I carefully examined which pan conducted heat better. Within the first 5 minutes, both pans brought the water to a gentle simmer and boil. 

I continued this experiment with 3 cups of oil next and fried some batter coated chicken to check cooking levels, heat conduction, and final result. Both Hexclad and Made In did terrifically here. Both left a golden, crispy layer on the chicken once I was done.

Heat Conduction Made In vs Hexclad


3. Heat Retention

Heat retention refers to how well your pots and pans can maintain heat levels after they are off the heat. This is especially handy when you are cooking multiple recipes or simply want to keep your food warm for longer without popping it in the microwave.

Once we experimented with heat conductivity for both Hexclad and Made In cookware, I drained the oil out and set both pots on the counter. After every few minutes I hovered my hand over the surface of the pots and checked heat levels. Both Hexclad and Made In retained heat for at least 5-6 minutes after removing them from the heat source.

However, thanks to Made In’s three core layers of heavy gauge aluminum, it retained heat for a little longer than Hexclad.

Heat Retention comparison between Hexclad and Made In


4. Oven-Safety

Most modern cookware brands have now upgraded to pots and pans that are completely oven-safe, making them versatile and user-friendly. This helps you transfer your food directly into the oven whilst in the pan without first pouring it into a pyrex or other oven-safe cookware. You can easily achieve that last minute crispy top with popping your pots and pans in the oven.

Both Hexclad and Made In cookware provide top-of-the-line oven-safe cookware that is incredibly easy to cook in as well as bake a variety of recipes such as brownies, breads, lasagnas, pasta bakes, etc. 

Hexclad cookware can withstand up to 500*F heat inside the oven. Made In cookware comes in different varieties and based on the construction, it can withstand different levels of heat. Their stainless class collection can withstand 800*F, nonstick is safe up to 500*F, carbon steel for 1200*F, copper cookware up to 800*F, and enameled cast iron up to 475*F.

Oven Safety Comparision Made In and Hexclad

5. Stove Compatibility 

If you own an induction stovetop then you will require cookware with ferrous metals as it can be detected by the stove and allow it to heat up. Ordinary, traditional cookware that lacks ferrous metals will not be usable on inductions cooktops.

All Hexclad cookware is 100% induction compatible. On the other hand, all of Made In cookware is also induction compatible except the copper and aluminum sheet pan collections. 

Stove Compatiablity hexclad winner


6. Aesthetics

Aesthetic appeal can make a huge difference to your cooking experience. If you like the look of your pots and pans, you will enjoy cooking with them just as much. Good cookware enhances the look and appeal of your kitchen even when it is stored away in the cabinets. 

Hexclad’s unique, modern and sleek design makes it stand out from all other cookware brands. The beautiful patented hexagonal design on its interior surface is unique to this brand. Hexclad undoubtedly counts on its unique design to set itself apart from competitors. 

While Made In may have more variety including stainless steel, carbon steel, nonstick, and copper cookware, etc,. it looks very much like any other cookware in the market. There is no unique design feature that makes it uniquely identifiable. 

Aesthetics compared between hexclad made in

7. Affordability

No matter how impressive a cookware is in every other aspect, the most crucial and important determining factor for any homeowner is affordability.

Hexclad cookware offers a range of benefits including a unique, top-of-the-line interior design that aids in cooking and cleaning up afterward. However, this brand can be quite pricey and even single cooking pieces can cost a lot. 

Made In cookware provides several different options from stainless steel to nonstick cookware; however, Made In cookware is not the most unique or appealing in terms of design and aesthetics. But, despite that it is backed by strong endorsements from well-renowned chefs and it retails at an impressively affordable price.

Affordability madein vs hexclad cookware


Pros and Cons: Hexclad vs. Made In Cookware




  • Unique patented hexagonal design that aids in cooking and cleaning afterwards.
  • Expensive
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Poor heat retention
  • Hybrid 3-ply stainless steel and nonstick material design for heat conductivity.
  • Lack of variety
  • Nonstick
  • Safe to use with metal utensils.


Made In



  • Comes in a variety of stainless, carbon steel, and nonstick ranges.
  • Nonstick collection and design is not as innovative as the HexClad range.
  • Professional cookware endorsed and trusted by 5-star Michelin chefs.
  • Carbon steel collection is not dishwasher safe.
  • 5-ply bonding method to enhance heat conduction and retention.
  • It is not as aesthetically innovative or unique.
  • Hybrid material construction in the base.
  • Affordable


What are Hexclad and Made In Cookware?

Hexclad is a unique hybrid cookware set featuring a patented hexagon-shaped surface that combines the durability of stainless steel with the nonstick performance of PFOA and PFTE free ceramic. Made In Cookware is a direct-to-consumer premium cookware brand where products are crafted using five layers of metal (Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel) to create lightweight yet durable and non toxic pieces.


Price Range

When it comes to price range, Hexclad pans tend to be pricier than many other brands due to their patented hexagon design. Most sets range between $300 – $600 depending on size and number of pieces included in the set. Made In Cookware offers more affordable options for home chefs, ranging from $99 – $299.


In terms of design and style, the Hexclad pans have a striking geometric design that will stand out in any kitchen. The stainless steel exterior is also polished to a mirror-like finish that adds an elegant touch. Made In Cookware offers more traditional designs with sleek lines and matte finishes.


Hexclad's hybrid construction makes them incredibly durable and designed to withstand long-term use in your kitchen. These pans are oven safe up to 500°F and also dishwasher friendly which makes cleaning easy. Made In Cookware products are made using five layers of metal making them exceptionally strong and longer lasting than other cookware brands.

Versatility/Cooking Options

Hexclad's unique hexagon design offers superior heat retention and even cooking, making it great for searing, sautéing, and frying. The nonstick surface ensures food won't stick to the pan and makes cleaning up a breeze. Made In Cookware is also versatile as their pans can be used on any type of stovetop or oven, including induction cooktops. They are also compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stoves. These pans are perfect for simmering sauces and braising meats, as well as baking desserts in the oven.


FAQs for Hexclad vs. Misen Cookware

Are HexClad pans made in China?

Hexclad pans are manufactured in China, although they are designed and planned in California, USA.

Is Made In cookware made in the USA?

Most of Made In cookware is made in the USA including frying pans, knives, pots, etc. However, a few pieces are also manufactured in France and Italy.

How long do HexClad pans last?

Hexclad pans can last from 20-30 years if proper care and precaution is taken when using and cleaning them.

Is Made In dishwasher safe?

Yes, most Made In cookware is dishwasher safe but its carbon steel collection is not. To avoid rusting or the nonstick layers from peeling off prematurely, it is recommended that you hand wash your Made In cookware and dry it thoroughly before storing it away. Avoid the dishwasher as the rough wash cycle can lead to early deterioration.

Is HexClad good for searing?

Yes, Hexclad cookware is great for searing your meats and vegetables. It works just as well as stainless steel or cast iron when searing. 

Does either brand offer better heat retention than the other?

Both Hexclad and Made In cookware are designed to retain heat well, however Hexclad offers a patented heat-spreading hexagonal surface which allows for even cooking without the need to turn the food. The pan's sides also stay cooler than traditional pans, so you can safely touch them during cooking.

Are Hexclad or Made In cookware more durable than the other?

Both brands offer high quality products that are made from stainless steel and have been rigorously tested for durability. While both brands promise superior performance, Hexclad comes with a lifetime warranty while Made In only offers a one year warranty.

Which brand may be better suited for a beginner home chef?

For beginner home chefs who want an easy-to-use and durable cookware set, Hexclad is the better choice. The patented heat-spreading hexagonal surface allows for even cooking without the need to turn the food. Plus, it's backed by a lifetime warranty which provides an extra level of assurance that your purchase will last for years to come. Made In cookware is also a great option but may be a bit more challenging for beginners to master.

Which Brand is Better? Our Verdict

The Made In cookware collection wins the race when it comes to its many features, advantages, and more – all that with an impressive affordable price tag. It also offers homeowners with several varieties of cookware materials, designs, and construction.  

But, this doesn’t mean that Hexclad cookware isn’t worth it. Its state-of-the-art construction is unique in its construction and design and offers the best of both worlds, stainless steel and nonstick. This sets it apart from all other cookware and makes it a unique addition to your kitchen.

Top Picks for Hexclad Cookware

  1. Best Set: Hybrid Cookware Set (13 PC)
  2. Best Versatility: 14” Hybrid Hexclad Pan
  3. Best for Searing: 12” Hexclad Hybrid Griddle Pan

Top Picks for Made In Cookware

  1. Best All-rounder: Made In Stainless Steel Set (10 PC)
  2. Best for Cooking Stock: Stainless Class StockPot
  3. Best Multi-purpose: Made In Dutch Oven
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