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Pictures are a way to express creativity and personality.

Hanging pictures at the right height can be difficult since there is no one set standard for how high to hang them.

Most people agree that they should be somewhere between eye level and your chin, with some variations depending on what type of photos you have and the size of your room or space.

In this article, we'll tell you everything there is to know about how high to hang pictures and offer some tips on finding the perfect height for you.

Let's get started. 

How high it should be

Depending on how you look at it, one of the benefits/downsides of how high to hang pictures is that there's no set standard. The picture placement you choose will depend on how tall you are, how big your room is and how large your pictures are.

But as a general rule of thumb, hanging pictures too low or too high can look strange and awkward, so it's best to find a middle ground. That being said, most experts agree that they should be somewhere between eye level and chin level. This area gives the viewer ample distance from which to view the photo but also allows them to get close enough so that they can see details.

How High to Hang Pictures {Top Tips for the Best Placement}
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There isn't one perfect height for how high to hang photos if you're using several different-sized frames. Photos are more complicated than just height, however. We'll explain how to find the perfect placement in the next section.

Make sure that your pictures are hung at a comfortable height for you and anyone else who will be spending time in the room. You don't want them so low that it becomes uncomfortable or difficult to look at them and you don't want them so high that they're out of reach. If you're hanging photos above a fireplace, for example, you might decide to make them higher up. These areas are typically closer to eye level anyway – meaning larger pictures wouldn't need to hang as far down as normal because people's eyes start approximately 3 feet off of the ground when they stand.

If you're hanging pictures as a way of decorating a bedroom, how high to hang pictures might not matter as much. Some people might want their photos lower while others may prefer them higher up, depending on how they intend to use the space (i.e. sitting or lying in bed).

Therefore, it depends on the room you're hanging the pictures in.

How far apart should they be?

Your next question is probably going to be how far apart your pictures should be from each other. This especially becomes relevant when using different sized frames and organizing them in a grouping on the wall altogether. Not only will how high to hang pictures affect what size of picture frame you use, but that decision can also influence where on the wall you place them as well.

What's best for one room might not work so well in another – but here are some universal guidelines: (1) group photos with similar colors or themes close together; (2) center larger groups of photos; (3) hang frames in a triangle or square alignment; and/or (4) place smaller pictures between larger ones.

Creating triangles and squares with your picture placement is known as a “framing” technique for how high to hang. If you have similar-sized frames, it's best to stagger them so that they form a diamond shape on the wall rather than arranging them all right next to each other. If you decide not to do this, then work around the largest frame by framing each photo with the same sized frames.

Use these guidelines when deciding how far apart your pictures should be: make sure that there's enough space between them so that people can view them from different angles without bumping into one another. Keep in mind that if you're hanging photos above a mantle, they'll need to hang closer to each other since people won't be standing as far away from them.

It's important to make sure that your pictures are placed so that even the frames are centered within the walls. The most common mistake homeowners make is hanging their pictures on an angle rather than level with the floor and keeping them straight all around (this includes grouping multiple pictures together). 

pictures hung far from each other on wall
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What are common mistakes to avoid when hanging pictures?

Having a plan in place before getting started is crucial. Let's say that you're virtually designing your kitchen and you want to know where all pictures in the room should go. You can use an online tool to determine how high to hang pictures – if your measurements are even slightly off, you'll need to make adjustments.

Easy mistakes like that can be overlooked which is why you need to get your plan in order first. If you're hanging something above a mantle or fireplace, then there will be a bit more flexibility with where on the wall it goes because people start paying attention from about 3 feet up. However, when hanging photos on a wall across from an entryway or any place else that you want people to look at immediately (i.e. no eye contact required), then everything needs to be placed perfectly in line based on sightlines alone.

How High to Hang Pictures, Solved
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Remember that you want your pictures to be placed at a height where everyone can view them, not just the person that hangs them up.

What’s the best tip to consider when hanging a picture on the wall?

Go with the flow. This is an important tip so keep it in mind if you've ever tried hanging something on a wall. At the same time, make sure there's enough space between the picture and any other object (like a light fixture) or person nearby (i.e. sitting down). The last thing anyone wants is for their artwork to be damaged – or worse, someone to get hurt.

Final thoughts on how high to hang pictures

In conclusion, you can hang pictures pretty much anywhere, but some considerations should be made to the height of the room, the size of the picture you are changing, and how it will be observed by its viewer.

What's important is to keep the pictures in balance with other pieces around them. A painting that is too small for its space will cause the room to look crowded, and an oversized picture might look awkward with a lot of space.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can creatively hang pictures in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

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