How Do You Clean A Greasy Range Hood?

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The kitchen has become one of the most important rooms at home and as such, it's also a very high traffic area. 

Due to its frequent use, a range hood often becomes greasy and needs to be cleaned. However, cleaning a range hood is no easy task. Grease builds up on the surface and can be difficult to remove without damaging the appliance.

We have all been there before – you're cleaning away when suddenly you realize that you can't reach the top of the range hood or maybe you start questioning yourself on your cleaning methods.

If so, don't worry because we've got you covered in this article. While we are at it, be sure to also check our guide to the best range hood reviews for your stove type.

Let's get right into it.

How to clean a greasy range hood

Before you get started on the grease removal process, it's essential to make sure that no food is left on your kitchen cabinets. The last thing you want is for them to get all dirtied up and leave you with a big mess once you're done cleaning.

1) Clean away any loose particles from your range hood or kitchen appliances. 

You can use a cloth and warm soapy water or a rubber scraper to remove any loose dirt. The quicker you get rid of the loose particles, the easier cleaning will be.

2) Now it's time to tackle those tough grease stains. 

To do this, we are going to need some liquid dish soap (you could also go for a biodegradable environmentally friendly one). Your hands must be perfectly clean before getting started with this step as oil from your fingers will mix with the suds created by the dish soap and end up making more of a mess than you started with.

Use a small scrubbing brush and start at one corner of your range hood.  

Apply a generous amount of the dish soap – you want enough to create a lather but not too much as this will end up dripping down onto your stove. Brush the greasy area up and down making sure that no area is missed.

3) Rinse your range hood with warm water

Once you've gone over the entire range hood, leaving no section untouched by your cleaning brush, start rinsing with warm water. 

The same applies here – be very careful not to get any water on any areas where it shouldn't be. Continue scrubbing and rinsing until all grease has been lifted from your appliance. Now, wipe away soapy suds with a clean cloth or rinse with fresh warm water.


4) Now that you're done washing away the grease, it's time to give your range hood a good cleaning. 

A great tip is to use baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. This is a good combination to use if you want to successfully clean your range hood.

5) The next step is to leave it to dry thoroughly before you turn it back on. 

This will prevent any corrosion from forming and also reduces the amount of time that you might have been waiting in vain for your oven to warm up.

Cleaning tips for your kitchen appliance

If you are looking for a great way to make sure that all greasy areas are clean – both inside and out, here are the best cleaning tips to follow:

1) Use an oil splatter screen.

 It is very important to keep your stovetop clean – this way you can prevent grease from splattering everywhere and making a mess in your kitchen. If it gets bad enough, grease and food particles can start falling into the burner which will cause smoke or even catch fire.

2) Keep all areas clear of clutter. 

Over time, small things like spoons, plates, or cups make for a great place for dust and dirt to hide. Make sure that everything has its own designated spot so you don't have to worry about hunting down lost items when you're cleaning (or even worse – finding them unexpectedly months later).

3) Use warm soapy water 

If your range hood is especially dirty and you want things done quickly, put on some rubber gloves, mix up a little warm soapy water in a bucket and scrub. 

Use the brush side of the sponge to remove any grease, food particles, or other debris that may be stuck in grooves or hard-to-reach places. Now for the fun part – rinse it all away and let it dry before putting it back into operation.

soapy water to clean kitchen hood
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4) Remove any buildup from vents using an air duct cleaning brush. 

This will not only keep small dust particles out of the air around your kitchen but also help prevent fire hazards.

5) Use vinegar and water to wipe your range hood

Give your range hood a good wipe-down with vinegar and water to get rid of any grease or grime that might have accumulated over time.

The safe way to clean your kitchen hood

Cleaning a greasy stovetop should not be done without proper safety precautions. Here are the things you must remember:

Never use any cleaning solution that contains ammonia or bleach. These harsh chemicals can cause serious respiratory damage if they come in contact with your skin, eyes, or mouth. If you have young children at home, keep these two items out of reach so that there is no risk of injury. 

Make sure that all other cleaners are tightly sealed and stored away from curious little fingers either. You don't want to be cleaning up a mess caused by your child's curiosity.

2) Make sure that you don't splash water around with wet rags and a sponge. This can result in slippery surfaces and cause injuries if you slip while carrying hot pots or pans – especially so near the stovetop.


3) If you find yourself reaching for your cleaning products while wearing a T-shirt, tie it up at the sleeves first. This will protect your forearms from any accidental splashes on the chemicals contained within them.

4) Always remember to turn off your range hood before giving it a good wipe-down. Failing to do this could lead to a severe electric shock which could result in burns or even death. 

You must make sure that all electrical components are completely dry before you even think about turning it back on.

Final thoughts on cleaning a greasy range hood

In conclusion, cleaning a greasy range hood doesn't have to be difficult. With these cleaning tips, you'll be able to keep your kitchen appliances looking as good as new.

Moreover, you will now have a much better idea of how to keep your range hoods clean so you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen without worrying about the condition of your appliances.

Good luck, and happy cleaning.

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