How Islands can Maximize Kitchen Storage 

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There can never be enough storage in the kitchen, especially when a family is involved. An island contributes a lot in the kitchen, from an extra working space to a dining area… there is so much that an island is involved in. 

A kitchen island can also provide a great amount of extra storage for the kitchen! If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen yourself, then check out our guide on how to build a kitchen island , DIY kitchen island and shop accordingly for kitchen island chairs.

The first step is figuring out what exactly you want from a kitchen counter island and then planning accordingly. How big should it be? How much storage do you need? What color should it be painted? etc.

There are many ways you can accommodate practical space into an island by making cabinets, shelves, and more. In this Kitchen Infinity guide we'll layout a few ways you can use an Island to create more space in the kitchen:

Multi-purpose Islands:

Multipurpose islands are really popular because they not only serve as extra working space, but they have cabinets below the countertops along with external extended cabinets. 

The top of these multi-purpose cabinets acts as a small bench. You can potentially use the back of the bench as a glass display and flaunt your beautiful wine glass collection.

The world is your oyster!

These islands basically have the maximum features you can incorporate in an island. You have cabinets, extended space, ample seating and some extra space you can use as another display cabinet. 

This is especially recommended if you have enough space but don't want to keep adding perimeter custom cabinets. Now you can get storage with style! 

Open and Closed Storage: 

Sometimes it’s not the lack of space that makes your kitchen look clustered, but the lack of organization. You can have as many cabinets as you want but it's not going to fix your storage problem if you're just throwing things in there and not really organizing stuff.

One really efficient way to organize things inside your cabinets is to add shelves. Compartments will really help to organize things and accommodate more things. One popular practice nowadays is to add both cabinets and external shelves to islands. 

The more storage options, the better! Kitchen Infinity provides awesome storage solutions too. 

Cabinets can be used for putting in things that you don't really use every day and shelves can be used for things that you use on a more regular basis – it all depends on how you use your kitchen.

open and closed storage in kitchen
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Concealed Storage: 

Concealed storage is another great way of getting some extra space with an island. It makes use of drawers and shelves, and as the name suggests… your stuff is concealed by doors that have fixtures to hold knives, spoons and other handy appliances. 

This is a really clever design, especially if you don’t want any sharp things laying around in drawers where kids might reach them! 

Having drawers and shelves combined also provides a really good organizational structure and this style is becoming increasingly popular with minimalistic kitchens.

Built-in Appliances:

If you’re running low on space for appliances, you can customize your island in a way that the sink, oven and the dishwasher are incorporated into the island. This is a great way to save space if your kitchen walls are already crowded.

You can also get open shelves to keep your washed utensils handy. Putting your appliances in the island will help you declutter and focus the storage area into one single point. 

It’s very convenient!

Islands can also be used to house an extra mini fridge to accommodate the cooling space you don’t have in the kitchen, or if you have always wanted a wine cooler, you can flaunt your wine collection with a built-in wine cooler and rack! 

build in appliances in kitchen
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Breakfast bar:

Who doesn’t love eat-in kitchens? They’re a great source of some family time and friends reunion. If you want a breakfast bar but don’t want a separate dining area in the kitchen or don’t have the space for it, don’t worry… islands have got you covered! 

You can use double layered islands – one that has a lower base to be used as a breakfast bar and the higher part can be used as a simple countertop or for a built-in oven/sink, whatever suits your needs the best! 

Double the functionality!

Islands with breakfast bars are becoming very popular in minimalistic themed kitchens due to their efficiency and style, though they can equally be at home in many different styles of kitchen.

Having perimeter cabinets is great and all, but if you are looking for some functional storage without needing a separate pantry or awkwardly placed cabinets, then an island may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Islands are also a great investment for your home, potentially adding a lot of resale value to your property if they’re fitted properly and maintained well.

Whatever kind of island you want for your kitchen, we wish you the best of luck on your kitchen remodel!

breakfast bar in kitchen
Image credit: Kitchen Infinity Photo
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