How Much Does a Toto Toilet Cost

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How much does a Toto toilet cost?

Toto is a Japanese company that has been in the toilet business since 1917. They design, manufacture and sell toilets, bidets, urinals, and other sanitary ware products around the world.

Totos' innovations have revolutionized how people experience their day-to-day lives: from washing dishes or clothes (with Totos' revolutionary sink/dishwasher combination) to going about one of our most basic human functions–going to the bathroom. You can also check our guide for the best Toto toilets in the market for you!

In this article, we'll speak about how much a Toto toilet costs and what to expect from their toilets. We also get into the pros, cons, and installation of Toto toilets – let's get right into it.

The cost when installing a Toto toilet

If you are considering installing a toilet, deciding which type of model you want is the first step.

The Toto Drake II (2-piece) toilets are the most popular and cost between $300 – $500 dollars. 

Without getting into all the varying features and differences between these two toilets, for our purpose we will consider this comparison: As a general rule of thumb, 2-piece models are typically easier to install when compared with one-piece models; but if your budget allows for it, then go for the one-piece model over the 2 piece model as they tend to be more comfortable in use.

Keep in mind that the cost of installation might also vary according to your location. 

What's under the hood?

The Toto Drake II 2 piece model has an 8″ rough-in size and uses 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF). It also comes with a standard 12-inch seat height that some people may find a little low. 

It is important to keep in mind that you are paying for the quality and name of these toilets, but it is also a choice between more water consumption or lower power flushing. 

Just to give an idea of what you will be spending on installation, let's say that your toilet has been leaking and damaging your flooring – removing this old toilet will cost around $135 (including clean up), and installing a new toilet will cost around $300 – $350 depending on what type of toilet you choose.

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1 piece or 2 piece models are typically harder to install than 2-piece models. Most plumbers will charge anywhere between $100 – $200 per hour depending on your location (the national average is around $130-$150 / hour), but in some cases, it may be a bit higher or lower based on the difficulty of installation and availability of materials; so depending on what you have, expect to pay around 2.5 hours for an experienced plumber to complete the job – be prepared for additional costs if you need new flooring as well.

Why go with a Toto toilet

The benefits include more comfort, ease of use, and water savings so you can worry less about your next bill.

For some, it may not make sense to spend as much as discussed above on a toilet; but in the long run, it will save you money and provide benefits such as:

1. A perfect flushing experience

The toilets come with features like 2-piece or 1-piece models, round bowls vs elongated bowls(for taller people), etc. 

It’s important to do your research before deciding on which one is right for you.

2. It saves water

By releasing 1.28 GPF vs standard 1.6 GPM baskets (Toto AQ4 at 1.28 vs Toto Drake II at 1.6 GPM) you can save you up to 10 gallons more water per day than the Toto Drake, but this can also be adjusted by using a gulper or power-saving flapper for the AQ4 model.

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3. A quieter flush

A bonus is that these toilets are quiet with certain models being especially silent when compared to other leading brands of toilets (keep in mind, people have different perceptions about what's loud and what isn't). 

The stainless steel trip lever(for both soft close seat and tank) creates less noise when compared to plastic levers found in some of the 2 piece models made by American Standard and Kohler (leading brand for toilets).

4. Durability & longer lasting toilets

The toilets are made with stronger materials and will last for more years than other leading brands (for example being Kohler). Toto is also one of the few companies that stock replacement parts for their products (like a trip lever, flapper, etc) as opposed to making owners order a whole new toilet.

When it comes to cleaning a Toto toilet, the process is also quite straightforward.

5. Water Pressure Assist (WPA) technology

Some Toto toilet models have the WPA feature on their 1 piece models which means it will flush with less water than if you had a standard tank, so in case you have low water pressure the Toto AQ4 GPF toilets may be more suitable for your needs as opposed to having two different options in one buying decision. 

Old-timey toilets used to use a lot of water but now you can reduce your consumption while still enjoying flushing power and comfort benefits by installing any of these high-end, ultra-silent, technologically advanced toilet products from Toto.

6. A variety of choices

 For those who want “the best” or “the latest” in toilet technology, these toilets can be found at retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes, etc. This means that you can see the model you want to go for before actually ordering it.

how much does a toto toilet cost?
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7. Guaranteed satisfaction: 3-year warranty

This should be enough said, but it's nice knowing that Toto stands behind their products by providing a 3-year warranty on all of these models – at least peace of mind in case something goes wrong; and customer service is top-notch so no need to worry about getting it fixed or replaced.

8. Gorgeous designs, ready for any bathroom

These toilets look beautiful in any bathroom regardless if you're doing a big renovation or just want something to complement your current design (they come in different colors and are aesthetically pleasing). 

They even do modern designs for people who like contemporary looks as opposed to traditional/classic ones. You can check out more on their website to see what you like or browse through a showroom nearby where they almost always have one of these bathroom accessories for viewing.

Final thoughts on how much a Toto toilet costs

When you need to replace your toilet, consider investing in a quality product that will save you money, provide comfort benefits and last for more years than those offered by leading brands; other beneficial aspects include durability and sound reduction.

Toto is devoted to making products that help improve people's lives through both aesthetics & functionality. Consider checking out this list of the best 5 Toto toilets before making a final decision.

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